Saturday, April 12, 2014

I´m Just A Dreamer - Top 5 Dream Cosplays!


 Dream cosplays, huh?...

I believe that the most cosplayers out there have that special character (or several for that matter) who they´ve been just dying to cosplay for a long time, some have been waiting for months to make that particular costume while others could have been waiting for years. But that doesn´t matter in the end because they all have the very same goal, which is to make their cosplay dream come true and to feel the happiness of cosplaying that particular character. I believe that many dream cosplays consists of characters that a person either loves to pieces, characters that really made an important impact on them somehow, character that they can really understand or the character who had that mind-blowing design that they really fell in love with. Whatever the reason is, there is a reason we hold the character dear and that´s why many of us call it a dream cosplay. To reach this faraway dream of ours, cosplayers keep it in their hearts and minds, holds on to it and during the years they improve their skills in different areas and some even change their bodies (the best they can) and improve their confidence to make that dream come true and so that they can feel satisfied with their creation, both mentally and physically. We don´t want to rush something that we really care about and want to make as perfect as we can, am I right? There are cosplayers with dream cosplays out there and I´m definitely one of them! Welcome guys and gals to my Top 5 Dream Cosplay post!

Through my life as a nerd cosplayer I have come across many different characters from just as different series. Several of them were there to be remembered during the plot, others to serve as comic reliefs, some were admirable but still lacking something and even more characters just to be forgotten in the midst of time. But there were these very few characters - who became so much more than just a fictional character to me - who teached me important and great things about life, served as an icon of strenght during hard times or just had that lovely design with a memorable personality to match that reminded me of the series greatness. I grew to love these characters who shaped me to the person I am today, more or less.

I will start from the bottom of my Dream Cosplay list and write my way through to the top.

Dream Cosplay #5

Character: Yuda / Judas
Serie: Saint Beast

If you never seen the character or heard about the serie, I´m not surprised because it is very obscure and many people don´t even know about it. Yuda (or Judas in English) spoke to me as a character from the very beginning of the anime and it lasted to the very end of it. I believe that one of the strongest points that he made it to this list is because he is very similar to my all time favourite character and Yuda does even resemble that character by look. Woah! We have lost anime twins here! There is an anime of the serie and a Drama CD (Japanese only) which I believe tells the story much better than the anime did, because the anime feels very rushed. The anime has low scores at the site and you can read there that people complain about the show´s big plot holes and for it being confusing with no "real end". I think that the end is what partly made this show good since it gives you the entire freedom to self decide who actually was the "bad" and the "good" guys in the end and I loved to have that freedom myself, for once. If you want to watch this show, don´t expect anything breath-taking, just watch it with an open mind. But if you´re the kind of person who looks for deeper meanings/relations between characters and can forgive plot holes or just loves to have the freedom to create your own "what happened then" events in your head, you might have come across a show for you. I watched it in a perspective that made me forgive and understand the shows deeper truths better. 

Dream Cosplay #4

Character: Troubadour
Serie: Ah! My Goddess

Oh boy, what to say about this pretty-ish musician? Well, one thing´s for sure! He´s the only character who ended up on this list simply because he´s just so bad and I really mean it, so BAD that he´s down-right amazingly entertaining! I can´t remember for my life when I laughed so much what I did to this guy in the manga when he showed up. Sure, he might have the least attractive personality of the entire Ah! My Goddess cast, because well, simply put he´s an asshole but I can´t remember any other asshole entertain me so damn good that I almost laughed my ass off! And almost rolled down from the bed too. So Troubadour deserves this spot not only for being an amazingly fun character, nostalgic but also because his design was an instant click for me and I just have a thing for characters who are musicians, hehe.

Dream Cosplay #3

Character: Ky Kiske
Version: King Ky
Serie: Guilty Gear

Guilty Gear is a serie that I originally learned to know thanks to my good friend Mighty who came with the hook and dragged me into the Guilty Gear universe and I certainly don´t regret it! For being a fighting-based game the characters and their stories are surprisingly deep and I´m really fond of the designs too and not to mention the rock ´n´ roll themed music that you head-bang to during the fights. Just looking at this version of Ky Kiske is a reason enough for cosplaying him and putting him in the third place on this list. The design of the Guilty Gear characters has been for me the most appealing designs ever since I came across Tales of Symphonia back in 2005. So it was a very amazing and unique design is you ask me, totally my taste! Ky Kiske is also on the list because I really like his personality and story as a character. I bought my first Guilty Gear game for the PSP not that long ago and I look forward to get even more into the serie!

Dream Cosplay #2

Character: Edward Chris von Muir
Serie: Final Fantasy

Ever since I started up Final Fantasy IV on my Nintendo DS for the first time and watched the intro and when I saw the scene with Edward playing on his mandolin in the forest I just wanted to know what kind of character he is and what kind of story he had. After playing through the game I really fell for him as a character. He really had a heart of gold and were so tragic that I just wanted to jump inside the game and give him a big hug! His story was easiest the most touching one to me and his story cut-scenes gave me dem feels. I just don´t get it why many people dislike him and says that he´s pretty much useless in the game, while I had absolutely no problems with him (I´ve seen a MUCH worser character in another game) and frankly, he did save my team back in the beginning of the game. I just wish that you could keep him a bit longer in your team because I really liked him, mostly as a character but also because I think he said very deep and meaningful things during his short time in the team. I´d love to hear more from this musician with clothes as beautiful as his soul. Even if many people hates you Edward and thinks that you´re shit I love you spoony and will always do! Yeah, this guy is the origin of the famous "spoony bard" meme and went down in meme history.

Dream Cosplay #1

Character: Kratos Aurion
Version: Judgment / Cruxis
Serie: Tales of Symphonia

Skärpdöden here I come! ~
The friends of mine who really knows me as a person, knows how much I love this character. For those who don´t, well, I could write kilometers of text explaining every tiny detail why I love this character so much and what he means to me but I´m pretty darn sure that no one wants to read a text with a lenght like that. So let´s make it short: Ever since 2005 when I started to play the video game Tales of Symphonia for the Nintendo GameCube and the second I saw Kratos Aurion in the intro of the game I just KNEW that he was going to be something very dear to me and so it was. He has been and is still, my absolute favourite character of all time now for an amazingly 9 years in a row. 9 damn years in a row! With no other character even coming close to what he is to me. This character just means so incredibly much for me. He gave me strenght in life, a reason to hold on and even changed my life to the better later on. I have learned so much from this character and there ain´t a single thing that I dislike about him. Tales of Symphonia is an amazing game, it´s really worth playing and easily the best game I ever laid my geeky hands on. It can teach you so much, like it did with me.

The reason why that outfit is my dream costume is because I really, really love the symbolism in it and I think it fits his character so damn well and because I already did his default one, hihi <3

That´s for my Cosplay Dreams and hope you enjoyed this post because I had tons of fun sharing and writing it!

See you folks!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Levi Make-Up Test

After recently seeing and reading Sairu-Chan´s Mikasa Ackerman make-up post, I got reminded that I also have a character from Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin that I want to cosplay and whose make-up I should try out and write a post about. My character of choice is - as some of my friends and readers already know - Levi. To be honest, I didn´t really like him in the beginning but started to like him more and more as the story progressed in the anime and now he´s my favourite character. The reason why I picked him mostly - apart from actually liking the character myself - started when I asked two of my close friends that, if I cosplay from Attack on Titan, who should I cosplay? Both of them said immediately Levi and that I should really do him. This ignited the start of the cosplay spark for the character. Levi gets even more cosplay points from me when I noticed that he´s a short badass character, which means that I can cosplay him with the height I have, at ease.

Now when you guys and gals got some background information why I picked the character, so let´s move on to the pictures!

Cosplayer: Jäätynyt Enkeli (Levi)
Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai

First off, this is what my make-up looks like. I´m pretty satisfied with it for being my first try, hence I´m a bit meh about the eyebrows. Gonna practice more before debuting the cosplay for sure. Oh and I decided to wear army-ish clothes to match the serie theme better (not like I mind it at all) and having it look more "acceptable" on the character as well. I don´t imagine Levi in a pink pyjama directly...

Eyes open.
Eyes closed.

The second I took a cleaning mop in my hand I became a different person...


My trusty pals.
I clean the shit out of you!
I saw that dirt you tried to hide!
Offer your hearts to...Ajax? xD
I had a hard time keeping a serious face during those photos. Really.

Me (to photographer): You just can´t keep a serious face when you pick up cleaning articles with this character and try to look soldier-serious with them! The second I finished that very sentence my face looked like this:

Perfect. Now who would take me seriously with that face? xD
When the actual "photoshoot" was over I wanted to have my weapons, err...those things.

Levi gusta.
Before I leave I have a gif!


Mind if I clean your shoes before you leave? ~

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kitacon 6 Summary

With Kitacon 6 behind us including my mini con-lag, I think it´s a good time to write the actual con summary now.

Kitacon 6 was held the 1-2 March in Kemi, Finland for those who didn´t know and I slept the nights at my mom´s place together with Hasakitsuki and Valkoinen Samurai and well, there is not much more to say about the time when we stayed at my mom´s place.


The con opened its doors 10.00 (Finnish time) but the programs started at 11.00 I think, but our cosplay trio arrived later at the con since Valkoinen Samurai had some rage-edition with his Keisuke Sannan (Hakuōki: Shinsengumi Kitan) make-up. After that everyone was done and had their full cosplays on, mom drove us to Kemi. Once at the con we decided to do our normal "con tour" and walk around the building and see what there is to see and while being in the Dealer´s Hall I noticed that it was both a Dealers Hall and an Artist Alley since many artists sold their stuff there, to my surprise. Our group kept looking around and later we meet our dear friend Sairu-Chan cosplaying as Shiemi Moriyama (Blue Exorcist) and this same awesome guy who I´m gonna call Wolf from here on, who we met at Chibicon in Oulu last year. It was a positive surprise to see him again since I had no clue that he´ll be at Kitacon!

During the day we didn´t really do anything interesting, we couldn´t even have a decent photoshoot outside because well, we were in the middle of central Kemi which means no good photoshoot locations unless you want to pose in front of a building window and have car reflections photobombing your pictures 24/7. Pfft, how about no? Neither did any of us attend any panels during the day. Hence I gotta say that this one person recognized me as Pre-Game!Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia) which pretty much made my day! We had a chat about the upcoming Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles game for PS3 and about our plushies from the serie.

Wait, wut? Symphonia plushies...seriously?! Did I read that right? YES! YES YOU DID!!

For those of you who don´t get the thing, there is no official Tales of Symphonia plushies released, so far. So, if you want one you have to commission it from someone who can make plushies. They had plushies from the serie as I did but the best thing (which makes me the most happy) was that they also had a Kratos one! Which I´d love to see the next time! Along with a few others from the main cast. But their plushies were of a bigger size than mine. I hope that I will run into them in a future con, because I forgot to ask for their contact information. Why? Well, I suck at asking things like that in general and I thought for some reason that they were a friend of Sairu-Chan (who has friends who knows Tales of Symphonia in the north) but lolnope.

Two random pictures of the main area:


Sunday was our Bleach day and the more "active day" once again our trio put their costumes on and we headed for the con, the same way like we did on Saturday with mom driving us to the con. It didn´t take long once we were at the con, before we saw our group´s Rangiku Matsumoto, Sairu-Chan again. With the all of us united once again with me being Uryū Ishida, Valkoinen Samurai as Gin Ichimaru and finally Hasakitsuki as Rukia Kuchiki it was a perfect time for a photoshoot outside!

What photoshoot do you mean? I only see der-!
Me: Ssssh! You ruining the point *turns on hilarious music*


All photos from this point and further are taken by Valkoinen Samurai

Cosplayers: Jäätynyt Enkeli (Uryū Ishida) and Hasakitsuki (Rukia Kuchiki)
Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai

Rukia: First picture of the day, lets be serious about it. 
Ishida: Serious what´s that?~

The best thing was that Hasakitsuki didn´t even know that I were derping xD

Rukia: I´m going to punch you...!
Ishida: Lolnope ~

Is this even supposed to be a photo?...
No, because it´s the best photocrash in my life! <3


Trying to be serious again, lolnope!
I wonder if it was good enough this time?

Okay, I hope you folks didn´t die of laughter or derp-overload (Derpday hoho ~) because I´m gonna continue this summary seriously now, so I want you all to stay alive ~ >8D

After that we were done photoshooting, err derpshooting we headed indoors again and at 13.00 our group went to watch the FFFight in the second floor since Wolf was going to be there and we were bored anyway. To my surprise the FFFight turned out to be much more entertaining than I had expected it to be at first, so it was a positive surprise for me at least. The "fights" were entirely improvised by the participants (this time) and some of the people who participated were just hilarious. So it was totally worth the time! I got a good laughter from it, heh. I´d love to participate in this kind of thing in the future if I only have a fitting cosplay for it, who I can do nice attacks with.

Fight scene with Hanji Zoe from Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin against one gentleman called Albert (I think it was Albert) who´s "attacking" Hanji during his turn by making her smell his not-so-nice-smelling-shoe. Hey Albert! That´s not so gentleman-ish of you, you know! xD

During the day we also (while being in the first floor) saw this "con-train" (or whatever you folks call it) were one people is leading the "train" and the rest behind them is holding the shoulders of the person who is in front of them. I didn´t join it, I´m too serious for that kind of thing. Really.

They had the "What is Love" song playing meanwhile walking around the Dealer´s Hall area with more and more congoers joining them each round. When the clock started to reach 17.00 it was time for everyone to leave the con, most people already left around 15-16 and so did we. Before they took away the con merchandise Hasakitsuki bought this one super surprise bag from one of the stores and got this flower hairpin thing and meanwhile our gang were sitting near the con entrance she put it on Valkoinen Samurai´s wig and mine. Uh, I didn´t really like it, so I demostrate it my way:

While we are sitting at the entrance we say goodbye to some friends who we met at the con like Wolf and CissyDella. Before Sairu-Chan had to leave (she went with CissyDella and her friend) we did our little "signal" thing that we two always do with my Kratos´ plushies when we´re at my place or when I have at least one of my Kratos plushies with me, which I did take with me to the con. Because well, one does not simply leave that cute thing at home (I can´t simple leave two smiling Kratos´ alone at home! Feels so cruel </3) and suffers from one hell of a withdrawal syndrome afterwards xD

That´s our "signal" and how you do it without having the other Kratos plushie! xD
Oh! By the way folks! I didn´t buy anything during the con and neither did I run into Thaki and his bro there (so far as I would recognize them). Oh well, next time!

That´s all for this con! And see you folks next time at Närcon!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Kitacon 6 Cosplay Plans


This year I will attend Kitacon in Kemi, Finland which is held the 1-2 March. Kitacon is one of the few cons that I will attend this year. I plan to hit the con together with my usual cosplay company which is: Sairu-Chan, Valkoinen Samurai and Hasakitsuki.

Since Kitacon is a small local con held in Kemi the size of the event is well, small. Hence I pray for a good photoshoot location and possibilites since I´ve heard that the building isn´t the same as it was last year. We´ll see about this once we are at the con! Oh and I look forward to meet Thaki and his brother there!

I´m done talking so lets head over to what I will actually cosplay there!


Pre-Game!Kratos Aurion (right) from Tales of Symphonia.

Uryū Ishida from Bleach.
Our little group of four decided to cosplay whatever we feel like for Saturday and we all agreed to go as characters from  Bleach on Sunday so that we can have a mini Bleach group and experience some nostalgia.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Stuff For Sale!

I have some stuff lying around in my room that I no longer need or want, so I´ve been thinking about selling these stuff to someone else out there who hopefully needs/wants them more than I do. Lets go!


- ONLY serious buyers please!
- I ship the item(s) as soon as I see your payment on my account.
- I have only ONE of each item, since it´s from my personal collection.
- I can hold item(s) for a maximum of 30 days.
- Shipping price are NOT included in the listed price.
- I can ship from both Sweden and Finland to save shipping costs, depending on buyer´s location.
- Prices will be listed in Euros (€) and in Swedish Kronor (SEK).
- I won´t lower my prices.


- Finnish & Swedish buyers: Bank transfer.
-  Other buyers: PayPal.

If you want to buy something, have further questions or just want more pictures of a specific item then please send a mail to: Thank you!

- I will update this post with new items whenever I feel like it -



Serie: Naruto
Number: 3 - 7
Language: Swedish
Condition: Good
Price: 70 SEK | 7 €

Serie: Fullmetal Alchemist
Number: 1
Language: Swedish
Condition: Good
Price: FREE!

Serie: DragonBall
Number: 30
Language: Finnish
Condition: Good
Price: FREE!


Serie: Bleach
Character: Sōsuke Aizen
Condition: Like new
Price: 70 SEK | 7 €

Gift´s authentic Heisuke plush! Ultra rare!
Serie: Hakuōki: Shinsengumi Kitan
Character: Tōdō Heisuke
Condition: Like new
Price: Send me a mail and we will discuss about the price.


Game: Final Fantasy - Dissidia Duodecim 012
Platform: PSP
Language: English
Version: EU, bought from Sweden
Condition: Very good
Price: 100 SEK | 10 €

Game: Hakuouki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi
Platform: PSP
Language: English
Version: US, bought from
Condition: Very good
Price: 100 SEK | 10 €

Game: Mario Kart Super Circuit
Language: English
Version: EU, bought from Sweden
Condition: Good
Price: 120 SEK | 12 €


Colour: Silver-gray
Lenght: Past shoulders
Quality: Very good, heat resistant
Original Store:
Model: Dionysus - 24" Straight Long
Condition: Like new, unstyled
Price: 250 SEK | 25 €

Serie: Tales of Symphonia
Pairing: Kratos Aurion x Zelos Wilder
Class: Soft yaoi, hugging & touching only.
Language: Japanese
Condition: Like new
Price: 60 SEK | 6 €

Serie: Pokémon
Character: Cranidos
Condition: Very good
Price: FREE!

Serie: Pokémon
Character: Piplup
Condition: Like new
Price: 10 SEK | 1 €

 Serie: Naruto
Character: Sasuke Uchiha

Condition: Good
Price: 3 € | 30 SEK

Serie: Pokémon
Character: Pikachu
Condition: Good
Price: 1 € | 10 SEK

Serie: Naruto
Sign: Konoha
Condition: Very good
Price: 4 € | 40 SEK

That´s all and thank you for reading! ~