Saturday, July 20, 2019

Warships and Badass Chicks - Female Characters I Want to Cosplay!

Hello my fellow soldiers!

It's time for a post that might surprise some of you peeps but heck, I got the balls now so let's do this! That's right, I got some shipgirls females that I really want to cosplay thanks to my big interest in history and WW2 naval combat. The inspiration to write this post came like a massive wave when I read my good friend Firith's post about females he want to cosplay. Seriously, I owe you one bro for giving me such an inspiration and motivation to look into more series with designs I like and oh boy, did I find some more awesome gurls to do :')

Alrighty, I'm ready to step out of my mighty fine comfort zone and show you what chicks I'm ready to broaden my horizons and cosplay experience with. Let's do this!


I'm aware that the characters in this in post might wear details/symbols that can be offensive or emotionally unpleasant to others. I, as a guy with his heart and morals in the right place, just want to make it clear that I DO NOT support, agree with, believe in or have any other connections to the ideologies/beliefs that the characters in this post is representing. Thank you for your understanding.


Character: Z1 (Leberecht Maass)
Series: Kantai Collection

Let's start this list with the character that I'm most likely to start this entire crossplay adventure with namely Z1 or Leberecht Maass, if you prefer that. When I saw Z1 for the first time, I thought it was a boy like many other fans from the KanColle fandom but nope, it's a girl. Yes, that's a girl you're looking at. Well, it makes sense because all boats/ships throughout the course of history has always been referred to as a "she" (aside from one shipgirl on this list, which I will get to later) so yeah, Lebe-chan is indeed a girl while often mistaken for a boy. Either way, I love this trippy trap and she will be the only character that I will do the warship armors for, as it won't cripple my mobility while in costume. Yes, cosplay comfort and mobility will always be one step ahead of costume accuracy for me. Oh and yeah, I will need to make that shirt a little bit longer because heck, I'm not that keen on showing my butt for the entire world to see! At least I got some warship armor censors in my favor... and an antenna sticking out of my butt, yikes! x'D

Character: Gangut
Series: Kantai Collection

Enter Gangut, the only non-German shipgirl on this list because I felt that I needed some kind of variation in my fleet selection and hey, gotta love thy enemy! When I found out about Kantai Collection back in 2015, I wanted to crossplay as Prinz Eugen as I really liked her design and thought she would be a great challenge for me to pull off... this was all nice and dandy until Gangut was released later on and oh boy, does that design speak to me! <3

From all the girls on this list I would say that Gangut might have the most appealing and comfortable design, in my opinion. While that is a really good thing when it comes down to cosplay and picking your candidates, the purpose of this post is the opposite - namely breaking habits, showing some balls (not literally xD) and challenging yourself! But at least I have to admit that it feels really good to put her on this list (along with Z1) as then I have a candidate that I would surely feel comfortable in (both physically and mentally). So whenever I want to crossplay but still feel the need to be in a "safe harbor" I got my girl for the job, so to say.

Character: Bismarck
Version: Drei
Series: Kantai Collection

Oh boy here we go folks, this is where the real challenge begins. Bismarck is a character I took a strong liking towards ever since I saw her back in 2015 together with Prinz Eugen in the series ship list. I, as you peeps know by now, went for Prinz Eugen as I found her design to be more comfortable to wear since she covers more than Bismarck does. However,  Bismarck was always my first pick out of these two ladies, as I just loved her design and personality more. But most importantly, the Bismarck itself as a battleship has been fascinating me since the age of 16 and even before I knew any events of WW2! Up to this day, 10 years later, I'm still eagery reading articles and facts about the Bismarck. Today, I'm ready to steer my ship into the thick fog and face my insecurities regarding personal comfort and bloody crossplay Bismarck. This shipgirl has grown on me so much in the past years and was the reason that sparked my passion for history (especially in naval and aerial combat) in the first place. It would be such a shame to not crossplay her at this point. I've spent 3 years chickening away from this character because of comfort insecurities and I've finally grown balls to tackle this challenge. So it's time to take the wheel and steer my course towards the foggy Atlantic and face the terrifying Bismarck, who has been waiting for my realization the past 3 years. In other words; it's high time to face my old fears, free myself of my self-implied limits to realize my potentional as a cosplayer and human being.

 The part that scares me the most about this crossplay however is the (possible) fake tits. Like I'm not even kidding, it's terrifying if I have to get those! I need to find a way to make it work somehow.

Historical note: In German history and documents the Bismarck, unlike other ships before and after it, has been referred to as a "he" so "der Bismarck" in German. This is because the commander/captain of the ship, Ernst Lindemann, insisted on calling it a "he" during his service on said ship. As a big fan of the Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton, it baffled me that in their single "Bismarck" the ship is referred to as "king of the ocean" and I was like "What the hell? Ships have feminine pronouns throughout the course of history" when I heard the song for the first time. Knowing Sabaton they do stick to historical accuracy, so they had to have a reason for calling it a "he". I looked it up and read several pages of Bismarck's history on the web to find out why. So yes, Bismarck is indeed referred to as a "he" in German history despite being a "she" elsewhere in the world which might cause confusion.

With the Kantai Collection shipgirls out of the way, it's time for the Azur Lane fleet to hit the seas. I came across Azur Lane some months ago by "accident" while searching for info about the game World of Warships (which I downloaded for my PS4 btw) and back then, I didn't give Azur Lane that much thought except noticing it also had shipgirls like Kantai Collection. These two games are really similar to each other and the fandoms wage war with each other, pun intended. Both games are loved by the fans and in the end, it's really a matter of personal preference and game style which one you'll end up playing. I personally prefer Kantai Collection as I value historical accuracy (KanColle keeps that in mind with character lines, designs, weaponry etc.) and I overall find the KanColle designs more appealing and accurate to the battleships they're based on. While browsing through Azur Lane's character list, I found a few that I actually really enjoyed design-wise and would consider crossplaying solely for the design but ugh, the character designs of this game is just not for me. I can sum them up in 4 categories; lolis, furries, maids and massive tits. But yeah, to each their own and I'll be turning my boat back to the safe harbors of Kantai Collection but before I do that, here are the Azur Lane chicks I fell for and legit want to crossplay.

Character: Admiral Hipper
Series: Azur Lane

Ever since I set Prinz Eugen free to roam the seas outside of my cosplay list, I've had some moments of regretti spaghetti and so I wanted to find a character to take Prinz Eugen's spot on my list. I knew I wanted something with a similar design/feel to it but with *eherm* less boobs and possibly more armor, I guess? I was browsing through Azur Lane's massive character list until I eventually decided to take a closer look at the character "Admiral Hipper". I clicked on her only because I thought "Hey, I could use Bismarck's wig for her!" and boom, I found the chick I've been looking for. Her design is really nice and honestly, I gotta say that I like her design even more than I liked Prinz Eugen's in the first place, damn girl! :'D

Sadly I haven't found any information about her personality but I'd say her cool design and the fact that she was the leading heavy cruiser ship of the Kriegsmarine during WW2 is swag reasons enough for me to crossplay her.

Character: Tirpitz
Series: Azur Lane

Despite not playing Kantai Collection myself (I will, if they release an English version), I'd love to see them adding Tirpitz along with more German ships such as the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau to the ever-growing list of shipgirls in the game. For the time being, Kantai Collection has only 6 ships (not counting upgrades to them) from the Kriegsmarine and that's pretty disappointing in my opinion, considering that the game has a massive cast of characters. While browsing through the enormous character list of Azur Lane crammed with lolis, booby ladies and furries I don't care about, I came to notice something that I -indeed- really came to appreciate in this game. The variety of non-Japanese ships a.k.a western ships! As an european myself, I'm overall more interested in european history and I was happy to see more French, English and German ships etc. making it to the game. Gotta give Azure Lane some deserved credit and respect for this add and for putting one of my all time favorite battleships in their game - the Tirpitz. I will crossplay her for the same reasons I'm doing Bismarck, albeit her design is more in line with my taste, which gives her a spot in my "safe harbor fleet" along with Z1 and Gangut. Her outfit won't be as challenging to wear as KanColle's Bismarck's but she'll be just as badass and hey, I finally found a character with a -hopefully- non-triggering flag that I can bring with me! Booyah!

Historical note: When it comes down to the Bismarck and the Tirpitz, Bismarck is definitely the more well-known one out of the two from the Kriegsmarine during the WW2 era. While Bismarck was a really powerful and a very terrifying ship at the sea to behold, there are some Germans (whose stories I've read from that time) claiming that Tirpitz was even more terrifying than Bismarck was. It's said that the sheer presence of Tirpitz at sea was chilling enough to make Allied Forces battleships turn their course away from Tirpitz, just at the sight of her! That's pretty dang terrifying, if you ask me. These are of course stories I've read at the Internet, so they might or might not be true and everyone is entitled to their own belief and opinions. I just wanted to share this one with those who, like me, are interested in naval combat/WW2 era. Personally I find this one very intriguing and I hope to find out more about the Tirpitz.


Alright, we're now reaching the end of this post and before I leave my ship at the dock for dinner, I just want to say that I'm really motivated and pumped to do these shipgirls now! I've never felt this excited to crossplay before (hence the genderbends) but I think it's time for me to finally take that big step and try something new and daring. Yeah, I love challenges and I want to experience and learn as a human being and that's also why I still cosplay. With my long time passion for history and all things marine, it feels natural to cram this list with shipgirls of mass destruction. I'm also pretty hellbent on the fact that I will do at least some of these characters (aiming for all, as I love them so much hnngh! <3) and I'm ready to start the next chapter in my cosplay journey... even if that means to literally go to (comfort) hell and back. Pun intended :'D

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this post interesting as I wasted 7 hours of my life writing this shit but oh boy, did I have fun with it! :')

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Summer 2019 Give-away!

- Please read everything before commenting! -

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since my last give-away which took place during Christmas 2016 and I thought "It would be nice to hold a give-away this summer" and here I am, doing just that :'D

The prize that I will dish out this time for you guys to take home will be a pair of crazy lenses. Yes, crazy lenses! The lenses are character specific Darth Maul/Sith lenses from the Star Wars universe made by the Funcle brand and now you have a chance to grab them for free! Not into Star Wars? Don't worry! These crazy lenses will be a good add to other fantasy/sci-fi inspired costumes etc. as well and they'll definitely take that alternative style or yours to the next level!

The lenses are authentic, unopened and bought from a reputable and trustworthy online lens store. These pair of lenses are yearly ones (I recommend 6 months) and comes in plano prescription. A random cutie animal lens case will also be included.

The rules to participate in this give-away will be different from the previous ones. To participate in this give-away, you have to be a follower of this blog and leave a comment with your e-mail address (so that I can contact you if you won) and answer one of the following questions:

1) What do you enjoy the most here at my blog?

2) Is there anything you'd like to see more of? Like photoshoots, derps, non-cosplay posts etc.

3) Any type of content that I haven't done yet that you'd like to see? For example opinion posts about something cosplay related.

The winner will be decided by pure luck with the help of a random number generator, just like in the previous give-aways. Every participant who comments will get a number from me, depending on the order they commented. The first person will get number 1, the next one number 2 and so on.

Since I'm the one paying the shipping cost for the item, there will be country restrictions and I'm sorry about this. This time participants from the following countries can join the give-away:

~ Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Austria and France ~

Before I hit the start button for this give-away, I want to say that the winner will be contacted through e-mail (so don't forget to add it in your comment!) and if they haven't replied within 2 weeks the prize will go to someone else. The give-away is running from 1st June to 31th July. Winner will be announced at 1st August.

With everything being said, I wish all participants the best of luck! Feel free to spread the word to your friends and people you know, who might be interested! Want to help spread the word through your social media page? Contact me at for my permission before you publish.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Kummacon 2019 Summary

Good afternoon everyone.

This year's Kummacon is over and it was a refreshing and fun experience once again! Just like last year, I went there with Shiro Samurai and our stepdad gave us the ride to the con. The con was held in Oulu's Kastelli monitoimitalo during 11th-12th May and I'm happy to say that Kummacon climbs up the ladder and improves each year since I was there first time back in 2016. Most likely, I will keep attending Kummacon in the future if they keep going in the right direction.

There isn't that much to say about the con itself as it's a small one and once you've been there a few hours, you've seen it all. They had all the essentials such as the Dealer's Hall, anime karaoke, creative corner, diverse competitions, the well-known Artist's Alley and the visitors second-hand room etc. Something I personally missed from the selection was the video game room, or at least a proper one. There was a PlayStation 4 corner hidden at the library (part of the con building) but that one only came with games such as FIFA and Lego ones; in other words, games I have no interest in. I was only at the con during the Saturday as it was a day trip for me and my bro, so I will obviously only write about the con's first day even if it lasted over the weekend. I arrived there somewhere between 11-12 local time and left the building soon after 17.00 or was it 18.00? Dunno. But now, let's roll the summary out.

All photos taken by Shiro Samurai.

Con entrance and part of the building.
Kummacon info poster at the front door. The theme was "Adventure" this year.
First floor, near the entrance.
Part of Urumi's table.

I'm glad to see that Urumi makes it to many different cons up here, as they are one of those few merchandise sellers who only sell authentic and official products. This way, buyers can feel safe knowing that they are supporting the real deal. While exploring the first floor in our Jedi robes, we also ran into more cool stuff and interesting sellers when we kept going the route towards right and circulated said area until we eventually came back to the information desk; in other words, where the con starts.

A seller focusing more on western comics and stuff. Nice!
Part of Pelimies's table, a company who imports all things game related from Japan for all your weeb-y needs, lol. Interesting part is that a majority of it came from a single guy's collection.
Main area, still first floor.
Main area, next to Urumi's table.
Last but not least, we found the building's cafeteria just next to the stairs leading to the second floor. They served mostly vegan stuff (including tofu burgers and veggie wraps etc.) but they also carried the usual sugary stuff that congoers appreciate like Hello Panda cookies, Pocky and cupcakes in all of rainbows colors.

Part of the building's cafeteria sortiment.
After some time had passed, I and Shiro Samurai ended up eating burgers at said cafeteria as we came to the conclusion that it's a better option to eat at the con instead of venturing out towards the big and not-so-familiar part of Oulu city. Would've been awkward if stepdad suddenly called us and we got lost or something along the way, lol.

Once done checking the first half of the con building, we took the other route that set us towards the "calmer" part of the con. In said area we located the second-hand room and a chill area. We went straight to the second-hand area to see what was up for grabs there.

Part of the manga collection at the second-hand area.
As to be expected, a big chunk of the second-hand room consisted of pre-owned bundles of manga pockets, as it tends to be what congoers want to get rid off, lol. I can understand that, as they take up plenty of space and people fall out of fandoms. I also saw pre-owned cosplay costumes for sale and I think there was also some small stuff like figurines and such. I didn't buy anything from there but to my amusement and (kind of) surprise, I saw that someone was selling doujinshis. The one up-front had Germany x Italy (Hetalia) on it and since I don't ship anything or anyone (even if I might find some couples cute) I didn't check it out, as I just don't want to risk my eyes to see something I wish I never saw. If I would ever run into a doujinshi seller who sells stuff that's not just 18+ material, I might want to see if I can find the types of doujins that I'm actually interested in. However, I know that I'll be pushing my luck through the roof (unless someone has thought of the very same idea that I have) as the vast majority of all doujinshis out there are about, you know, that. Gotta keep on looking, I guess :/

Once done checking out the second-hand room, we took an u-turn and headed towards the main area again and from there, we went upstairs. Upstairs we found the Artist's Alley, which took almost the entire second floor! In other words, it was a really BIG Artist's Alley compared to the con's size. My thoughts? Freakin' amazing! Artist's Alley tends to be one of the first places I check out at cons, as I appreciate self-made stuff a lot and want to support artists I like. There was also a chill corner upstairs and we chilled there for a while once done exploring the con while waiting for Karri to show up, as he was on his way to the con as well.

Part of Artist's Alley.
Chill corner.
When Karri made it to the con, we went to greet him at the entrance and re-explored the con once more with him tagging along. Karri sadly couldn't stay that long and had to leave in just one hour or so and shortly after that, the two of us left as well. Thanks for the company sir!

No summer con without a water station! There were like 3-4 scattered throughout the con building. Much appreciated, as it was a warm day.
Random fun stuff decorating the con. They were made out of cardboard.
Panthers Tear Forge (located in Oulu) was the con's Guest of Honor. I've seen them holding a lecture about cosplay at my former school. Cool guys, cooler costumes ;)
Creative direction signs just at the entrance.
Oulun Miekkailuseura had their medieval inspired table just outside the con's main entrance. You were free to try out their stuff and they gladly told you about their company and passion. Friendly peeps!
All in all, I spent the con by checking out what it had to offer both indoors and outdoors and once feeling content, I casually played some Pokémon Go outside with le bro (as there was an event going on at that time) and with the help of my bro and some random congoers, we took down a legendary raid boss in a nearby gym just before stepdad picked us up. It was nice. I'm also really happy that I ended up putting my Jedi robe on and bringing my lightsaber (life saver) with me to the con, as cosplaying a Jedi was a lot of fun and made the con experience so much more mermorable. I headed towards Kummacon with a mindset of "Pretty much not worth putting on a costume, as hardly anyone asks for photos at a small con" and oh boy, I was proven wrong this time. Mine and Shiro Samurai's random Jedi duo got a surprising amount of nice comments and photos taken (compared to the con's size) by both visitors and the con crew (whaat?!) and it felt really nice to know that our last minute, almost no-effort costumes (without makeup) were well-received, haha :'D

Man, if people only knew that I pulled it from (mostly) my own wardrobe the evening before the con as a last minute cosplay decision, then it sure was a good one. This entire funny yet ironic situation just reminds me of that a costume doesn't need to be that super-complicated-mega-armor-with-insane-weapon to be overall appreciated by the congoers (even if that super armor is super cool though!). Sometimes it's just enough dressing up as that relatively simple, well-known character from that universally loved series to bring joy to fan's hearts. To say the least, it was a nice reminder to my losing-the-cosplay-hype-self and with this nice experience behind, I seriously might start doing more video game/western characters in the future. They've been speaking more to me of late as well. With that being said, I'm totally jumping in those leatherpants again (I swear I didn't have much of a choice xD) and putting on that oversized Jedi robe of mine because heck, I had so much fun and want to re-live that blast of being a Jedi knight again! <3

There's your cosplay proof, sir.
At this point, we're reaching the end of this summary and I've said what I wanted to say unless I'm forgetting something, haha. Anyway, I enjoyed the con and I'm definitely returning to it whenever my situation allows me to, if they keep doing stuff as nicely as they have done so far. Big thanks to everyone who made Kummacon possible and despite not attending any panels or programs this time either, there were some that had my interest... I just forgot about the time and I kinda regret it now afterwards. Oh well, no can do. But yes, that wraps it up for this time and before I officially close this post, here's my con purchases:

Pokémon cards and an owl magnet. The cards have been taken out of their plastic sleeves (as I've sorted them already in my folders). Yes, it got a bit pricey but was well worth it. Photographer: Frozen Angel.
That was my Kummacon 2019 experience and thanks for reading. May the Force be with you.

Frozen Angel out.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Kummacon 2019 Cosplay Plans

Hello all.

As the title says I'll be heading towards Kummacon again this year, something I've actually been looking forward to. I'll be going there with my brother Shiro Samurai just like last year and our stepdad was really sweet to give us a ride to the con. While the two of us geek out at Kummacon, he wants to check some stores in Oulu so it's a win-win. Kummacon is held in Kastelli monitoimitalo in Oulu, Finland, during the 11th-12th of May and yes, I'm totally writing my cosplay plans the day before the con... oops! :'D

If anyone wonders why I'm so blasted late with the cosplay plans this time, the reason is simple and straight-forward; I had no plans to cosplay at first but then I got inspired by Shiro Samurai (who is doing a Star Wars cosplay) just recently, to well, do the same.

Random Jedi/Sith from Star Wars.
I picked a random Jedi/Sith from Star Wars for the following reasons:

1) Star Wars fits the con's theme which is "Adventure" perfectly.

2) I want something that's comfortable, easy to put on and requires no wig or makeup. It's a small con after all and I'll just be there for a few hours on Saturday.

3) I want something that is not an anime/manga character for the time being.

4) May the 4th was kinda recently and I have never worn a Star Wars character to a convention "officially" yet, so this is gonna be both new and fresh!

Alright, there you have it geeks. Now I'm off to do other stuff so may the Force be with you.

Frozen Angel out.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Lens Review: ICK Garnet Blue

Hello my landcrabs!

It's time for another lens review here at my blog and this time, I'll be reviewing the ICK Garnet Blue lenses. A pair I almost completely forgot about and remembered to open on the last day before they would have expired, ooops.

Anyway, let's get this review rolling!

Photograhper: Shiro Samurai

Lenses in their vial bottles.

The following batch of photos are taken during a sunny yet semi-cloudy January day. Yes, these eye babies were reviewed during the same day as the previously reviewed EOS New Adult Violet lenses. It's just so much smoother and easier to do multiple reviews in one go while the weather is promising and well, I take this opportunity on whenever possible.

One lens in. Notice enlargement.
Natural roomlight, indoors.
Facing window, sunny.
Yellow apartment light.
Bad apartment light.
Flash photo.
Facing sun, outdoors.
Back against sun, outdoors.
My outfit for the blue babies? Ha harr! Easy pick an arr-some pirate of course my ol' silly mate! Yeah, I'm one of those fellas who would pick pirates over ninjas any day of the year and I've been fascinated by the sea and everything related to it since I was a wee tyke; be it the epic, mythical Kraken or that I-can-only-walk-sideways snip snip.

What shall we do with the drunken sailor? ♪
Lens review:

Color: 8/10
A visible and intense color that definitely gets the job done.
Comfort: 9/10
Man, these had me surprised and in a good way! They are really thin and soft so my eyes got used to them super fast. Great stuff!
Design: 7/10
A realistic and simple design, I like the shade of color.
Enlargement: 7/10
Medium enlargement that doesn't look too freaky on my small eyes.
Naturalness: 5/10
Too costume-y despite blue being a natural color and these having a natural-ish pattern. The size of these won't help them either.
Opacity: 8/10
Definitely a solid and covering color while also being very opaque. The pupil ring seems bigger than what the average lens has but maybe that's just me getting too used to small lenses and hehe... these are medium :'D