Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Närcon 2014 Cosplay Plans


Alright folks, I´ll be coming to Närcon the 24th - 27th July in Linköping, Sweden this year, even though my economy is not at its peak but I´m coming. I already bought everything needed so there is no "Regret" button to press anymore. My main reasons to go to Närcon this year is to visit my close friends, spend time with them and to take care of some affairs on the same run. What are we waiting for? Let´s move over to my cosplay plans!

This year only my dear friend Sairu-Chan will accompany me on the expensive trip to Närcon in southern Sweden and we decided to roll with pair cosplays all the days long!

3, 2, 1 ...

Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger!


Suit!Levi from Attack on Titan.
Here goes, I´ve been dying to cosplay from Attack on Titan ever since I watched the anime and now it´s the time! Both of us had originally planned to have our Sunday cosplays as our Thursday cosplays but we ended up swapping them because everybody wants to kill titans with a mop during a train trip! The mop is SO coming with me. Yeah we will most likely have our cosplays on during the journey to south and we just thought it be nicer to cosplay from a more popular serie while waiting in the line at the con to get the con band. Sure, I´m gonna toast as Levi if the weather decides to be warm but Sairu-Chan will have it easier as Mikasa Ackerman than her Sunday cosplay. All the sweat and tears for my Mikasa <3 xD 


Pre-Game!Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia.
I´ve been longing for the day ever since I made this version of Kratos, when I could cosplay together with someone cosplaying as Anna (his wife) and I died of joy when Sairu-Chan wanted to cosplay her. Of course I´ll be taking my Lloyd Irving plush with me! WE.NEED.PHOTOSHOOT.REALLY <3


Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia.
Alright, so I heard from Yuri and Raven that there will be a Tales of Gathering again just like last year during the Hideo Baba event on Saturday at 12.00 so there is no better day to cosplay Kratos than this day. Let´s re-experience the joy with the other Tales of cosplayers again! Oh also I can´t wait to see Lloyd (my best friend) again and spend my time with them <3


Dio from Mad Father.
Since the Attack on Titan characters were more of "my wish" to cosplay Sairu-Chan wanted to cosplay from Mad Father during one the days and I would gladly join her as Dio.

See you at Närcon!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Skecon 3 Summary

Last weekend during the 4th - 6th July was Skecon held in Skellefteå here in north Sweden and I attended the con despite not originally planning to. Did I enjoy Skecon this time? Hell yeah!

At the 3rd of July Sairu-Chan came to my place one day before Skecon departure to make it a bit easier for her and during that very same day I was fighting with my luggage that I originally planned to take with me to the con. Why was I fighting with my luggage? Well, you see, my luggage is one of those barrells where you have this 3 number code system to lock and open it and after a long time of use with a specific code it will change this without you knowing. So I spent a good chunk of minutes to go through all the 999 possible number combinations to open the sucker but lolnope it didn´t react to a single code even if I tried to see if it budges or not on every single code. I guess I just have to try again another day. This means that I will need to take another luggage (a much smaller one) and that luggage can only fit 2 - casual - cosplays at a maximum so I have to say bye bye to one of my cosplays. I decided to drop Luka Crosszeria (The Betrayal Knows My Name) because I still need to repair the jacket and there was no way I could take that big-ass sword with me with the amount of stuff I had to carry anyway.


The two of us left for the bus station around 07.40 and dragged our crap load of stuff in pouring rain there and we took the bus to Skellefteå once it arrived.

At Skellefteå bus station I saw blackcat69 a good friend of mine who I had been talking with before Skecon and texting during the bus trip and she had kindly offered us a ride to the con area. This was super sweet because it was still raining cats and dogs even in Skellefteå. We were very grateful for the offer because no one of us can really navigate in Skellefteå...yet. When we came to the con we took out our umbrellas and waited in the small line there was to get the con bands inside, it didn´t take too long. Inside the con building we walked around, checked the Dealers Hall, ate the leftovers off my candies from the bus trip, checked the con scheme and I got excited when I saw that they had a Mario Kart: Double Dash 2 vs 2 tournament today at 19.00 and I had to tell Valkoinen Samurai about this once he and Hasakitsuki arrives. They both took a later bus than us and arrived around 15.00 or so, if I remember right. I also decided to do a cosplay swap so that I cosplay Yamato "Matt" Ishida (Digimon) on Sunday instead of Friday and go casual feat. Groudon (Pokémon) hat on Friday because I didn´t feel like putting on a cosplay. Have a con band and random Dealers Hall picture:

Once Valkoinen Samurai and Hasakitsuki arrived I showed them the con scheme and Valkoinen Samurai got interested in the Mario Kart tournament as well so we went to register us in the information desk right away, just for the hell of it. We decided that he will drive all the courses and I will be the one sitting in the back and throwing items etc because this is how we used to play and he´s just better at driving and vice versa. So we rolled with this and headed to the Game Room a little bit before the tournament started to be there in time. Before heading into the Game Room we came across this glass shelf with a few anime figurines inside it and one of them was Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan.

When it was my and Valkoinen Samurai turn to play against our opponents I was SO FUCKING NERVOUS! LIKE REALLY! This is way more worse than any school concert I ever played at! It felt like my heart were in my throat 24/7 and my legs including my whole body shacked even during the waiting time! It was a miracle that I could even play properly in the back. Sometimes I got so nervous that I threw some items too late or too early, sorry for this bro. We´ve been playing good and we had won all our rounds so far and the closer to the Final we got the more nervous and tense I became. This tournament really was a challenge because I and Valkoinen Samurai had barely played against human players before so we had no clue what to expect or what tactic to use, neither did we know how good we really were against other players yeah computers are too easy and predictable even in the hardest mode.


Semi Final course Yoshi Circuit starting with both teams at 1 - 1. SO NERVOUS!

I and bro are on the left side of the whiteboard. AAAAAAAAH FINAAAAAAL!
Second round on the Final going on. Things are heating up here! We´re leading!
I was super relieved that the guys who played against us in the Final were super nice and let us choose if we wanted to be the 1st and 2nd player and have the upper screen or the 3rd and 4th player and have the lower screen, we wanted to have the upper screen because we´re more used to it and they were super chill with it. It were also really nice that these guys were not of the "Screw you, I´m gonna win!" type of gamers or as people call them "bad losers". They were really polite and gave nice feedback/praise when you had a good timing with an item or had a good set trap etc. I felt very flattered by their comments like "You two have not come this far only because you were lucky" and "Damn, we have no chance these peeps are really good!". It´s really heart-warming to hear that from other good players, really! If you guys ever read this post who played against us in the Mario Kart: Double Dash 2 vs 2 Final on Skecon 2014 you both have my deepest respect as gamers for being both amazing opponents and super kind players despite losing 3 - 0 to us. It was a pleasure to play against you two, thank you! Respect.

ER MAH GLERB WE WON THIS WHOLE TOURNAMENT! I CAN`T BELIEVEI IT! AAAAAWYEEAAAAAAAAH! Alright, I admit I had a scratching in my ass that we might win this all before we went to register us to the tournament. We calmed down from all the nervous-ness and tension, had our ego-boosts inflate to sky levels and bro took a random picture (this can have been taken before the tournament as well, I don´t remember anymore) of what I looked like on Friday:

Fab hat is fab.
At one point during the day the rest of my company went to have a photoshoot with their Hakuōki: Shinsengumi Kitan cosplays so I went to shoot them as the photographer. While taking their pictures I noticed the bouncy castle HOPPBORG!! That Skecon planned to have this year.

Afterwards we went inside and walked around, checked the merchandise and generally enjoyed the con.

Taken from the second floor in the main area of the con.
Later around 02.00 the all of us were tired from the trip to Skellefteå so we headed to the accomodation place to have some sleep. It was very cold in the accomodation place (it was the same class room just like last year) and I was freezing when I tried to sleep, luckily I could sleep somewhat and I tell you peeps an air matress is way better than a fitness matress. Period. Note to self: Next time take a warm-ish blanket with me (if I have space in the luggage, this time I didn´t).


I got up around 8 - 9 in the morning and lagged together with Sairu-Chan before we headed to the toilet that use to have less waiting line to change to our Vocaloid cosplays. I was cosplaying as an original casual version of Len Kagamine and Sairu-Chan was rolling as the "Am I Human?" robotic/doll version of Luka Megurine. I got on my cosplay on pretty fast despite the right lens derping a bit and that I seemingly had put it in my eye reversed without noticing any kind of annoyance...yet. I went "lazy edition" and skipped the make-up powder and just used everything else because I couldn´t be bothered. When we were ready we headed to the con building and waited for the two others to arrive and change to cosplay. Inside the con I was surprised that a few people recognized me as Len even if I did an original version. It was pretty nice. Valkoinen Samurai and Hasakitsuki came towards us with their Vocaloid cosplays on much later with Hasakitsuki as an original Schoolgirl!Meiko and Valkoinen Samurai as an original Kimono!Gakupo Kamui. United finally, we just walked around and waited for the Vocaloid concert to start at 20.00 and around 16.00 Valkoinen Samurai went to take part in the martial arts display that was held outside near the con building. I and Sairu-Chan waited for what felt like forever and decided to later go to Coop (food store) that we found out weren´t that far away from our accomodation place area to buy something to eat while waiting for the other two to be done with the martial arts thingy. A little bit before the Vocaloid concert would start we were finally inside the con again and since we had a little time left before the concert we went to check the Dealers Hall again. I found myself a Levi (Attack on Titan) screen cleaning thing that could be handy when I´m cosplaying characters that wear glasses and for cleaning the screen on my hand-held game consoles. The Vocaloid concert started soon after we came out from the Dealers Hall so we headed for the main area with the big screen and planted our butts somewhere.

During the concert this one person from the con crew gave everyone in the audience glow sticks so the sight was pretty nice with lots of glowing sticks waving around and in front of us (we were quite in the back). I were really surprised that our group was pretty much the only Vocaloid cosplayers during the day except for this one Len Kagamine and Miku Hatsune cosplayer that I saw. I mean, I sort of expected way more Vocaloid cosplayers during this day. But oh well, I don´t complain. I was a bit "meh" with not hearing any song from Kaito during the whole concert since he´s my 3rd favorite Vocaloid. My favourite song from the entire concert was the one performed by the Kagamines - surprise! - but I only recognized the songs "Senbonzakura" (sung by Miku) and "Just Be Friends" (sung by Luka). Overall, despite not really being a fan of Miku (who sang the majority of the songs) I must say that the concert was an AMAZING experience in itself and I´d love to see it in future Skecons!

Me during the Vocaloid concert feat. Kratos´ plushies.
After the concert our group got their Vocaloid hype bubbling inside more or less so we headed out to photoshoot our cosplays before it would get too late. I and Hasakitsuki ran to the HOPPBORG!! at one point during the photoshoot only to see random kids jumping there who didn´t have the con band! Of course the HOPPBORG!! was only for the Skecon peeps or people who had the ticket but during this time there was no sign on the HOPPBORG!! to state this. We went rage edition inside and I went to inform one of the con staff members who happened to be outside near us about this and after that we returned with sadistic smiles to the rest of our group to tell them about this. Our photoshoot continued and later it was my time to be "on stage".

Cosplayer: Jäätynyt Enkeli (Original Casual!Len Kagamine)
Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai

We were pretty tired after the photoshoot but didn´t go to the HOPPBORG!! that day and decided to go there tomorrow. Around late evening we were hungry and decided to head to the cafeteria to have a toast with tea as our evening supper and this is not your everyday toast. It´s the legendary Skecon tradition that I brought to life in our group, it´s the "TOAST.NOW" toast!

Original TOAST.NOW from Skecon 2013.
 ...and the tradition continues!

TOAST.NOW Len edition!
Ordering my toast and tea. Notice the epic maid guy at the cafeteria <3
We had our toasts and afterwards we lagged our way to the accomodation place when the clock was around 02.00 again. This night I slept much better than the previous night when I slept with my normal clothes rather than with the night gear on. During the day (or was it Friday?) at one point I bought 3 Attack on Titan pins one with Levi for myself so that I could put it on my "everyday" bag to make it geeky. The other 2 pins I bought for two friends. I plan to make a Con-Summer Merchandise post again this year with all the merchandise after my summer cons are past.


Sunday came and I got up and put on my Yamato "Matt" Ishida (Digimon) cosplay even if I had forgotten the gloves at home. The con ended during 16.00 or so and early during the day I went to the Dealers Hall just for fun and to see if they might have gotten new stuff but they don´t and there was this one seller who shouted "Yamato!" when I left the Dealers Hall Valkoinen Samurai told me. I went back inside and hit a longer chat with this person and we talked about Digimon (duh!) and how dark it is for being a childrens show and the seller also told me that she´s currently working and soon done with her Sora Takenouchi (Season 1) cosplay! I could clearly see on her that she was very happy to share the interest and to see someone else cosplay from Digimon. After the chat I returned to my group and we went outside to have a photoshoot. Okay, I was being the photographer again since the rest of my group cosplayed from Hakuōki again but I did not. With the photoshoot behind us we heard from a friend of ours that there had been an awards giving inside the con and that I and Valkoinen Samurai had won something. We hurried inside and informed the information desk that we are now here and that we weren´t on the actual scene when the awards were given to the winners (I regret this for not being on the stage, really! ;__; ) and we told them that we had won the Mario Kart: Double Dash tournament. I and Valkoinen Samurai thought that we didn´t win anything else except the honor because there was nothing mentioned during or after the tournament and we took for granted that it was the cosplay competition awards that was been given out to the winners so that´s why we went to photoshoot our costumes instead (we saw the "Awards Giving" on the scheme though). When we saw the two guys from the Skecon crew coming up to us with muthafucking trophies I literally died of joy! They told us how awesome it was to watch us play and that the Final was amazing with a crushing 3 - 0 win to us and we thanked them from the bottom of our gamer hearts and told them how awesome Skecon is! After receiving the trophies and checking the present cards that we also won to the game store Game we headed outside like little boys and hyped to our friends what we had won and of course we needed picture proof!

I was a bit happy so my smile looks derp, okay? xD
Just had to take this picture <3
During the trophy pictures I poked at Valkoinen Samurai´s shoulder and pointed at the HOPPBORG!! he turned around and this was what we saw:

Okay, I was pissed. You see, during the early day when Valkoinen Samurai and the rest was changing to their Hakuōki (Sweet School Life) cosplays I were sitting outside near the HOPPBORG!! sort of "guarding it" from guests that were not Skecon visitors since they weren´t allowed to jump in the HOPPBORG!! because well, it was a part of Skecon, no paying no jumping simply. So, meanwhile I were waiting for my friends to return outside I had to politely explain and kindly tell around 4 - 6 kid families that they were not allowed to jump in the HOPPBORG!! because it was a part of Skecon and you needed the con band (and pay for it, obviously) to be allowed to jump in the HOPPBORG!!. I don´t like to "dismiss" people at all because I like children generally but it was a rule and I got pissed when some of the parents let their kids jump even when there was this "Only for Skecon visitors" sign clearly on the HOPPBORG!! Felt like I couldn´t leave the HOPPBORG!! for a minute because when I did, there was some random kids jumping there. AAAARGH! We, Skecon visitors had PAYED for the HOPPBORG!! and then the random kids just go and jump there WITHOUT paying RIGHT BEFORE US and think it´s all theirs just because it happens to be near them. I mean, c´mon they can be in ANY HOPPBORG!! outside of Skecon we - the majority of the congoers - simply CAN`T because of #%)!"#@ age limits! The worst thing that the HOPPBORG!! was one of the main things we ALL been looking forward to before the con!

I so had to do a rage gif about this during Saturday. Enjoy and rage with me!

The clock started to reach 16.00 and it was time to leave Skecon for this year. We all dragged our stuff outside and we really wanted a ride to town because we had SO much to carry. I called blackcat69 again and asked kindly if she could be so kind and give us a ride to town and yes, she could. Blackcat69 arrived after a short while and we were in the Skellefteå bus station soon afterwards, we thanked her for everything and I told her that I could send her something as a thanks later. I went to check when the next bus left that goes to our hometown and we had plenty of waiting time so we headed over to the same Chinese restaurant that we ate in last year because the food there was really nice and not too expensive either. We ordered our food.

On nom nom ~
We decided to take one food portion for two people, so I and Sairu-Chan shared the food (to make it cheaper for us and because we knew there was pretty much on the plate) so that we could also fit the dessert afterwards. Oh yeah, I want the deep-fried pineapple guys! I´ve been waiting for it since last year you know! After the food we jumped on the buss that left 18.35 and got safely home.


Skecon without derps is no Skecon at all! So hold your hats because here comes the derp tradition in 3, 2, 1 ...

Bonus Pictures!

Hasakitsuki: "REVEEEEENGE! >8D" since my derping at Kitacon this year xD
I had fun with my glow stick and started to dance.

Oh yeah, alright! ~
Hey! You really don´t have more derps this time? ;__;

Me: Oh please, who do you think you´re talking to? I saved the best for the last of course! So leave now or have your night sleep ruined! Mwahahaha! Because here it comes ...

What do you mean I´m scary? xD
I leave now before my face gives you all nightmares! See you all! And I who planned to have this summary short,I should stop lying about writing short summary posts because that´s not gonna happen! xD

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Green Hero Process Part: 7

The last days I´ve been having this cosplay hype going on and it´s all thanks to Skecon that is during next weekend I can´t wait! and this hype has brought new life to my inspiration-somewhere-I-don´t-know that gave me the kick needed in my ass to finally start working on Link again and get him done this year, seriously. Since the weather has been super nice the whole day today I took my bike and biked my way to mom´s place in Finland and started to work on Link´s sword there.

At first stepdad showed me how to use the main tool that I was going to use (I´ve used these before but I had one of a bigger size during mandatory school´s woodwork classes) and then I tried it. I did it a bit wrong at first and stepdad returned and told me how to hold and use it properly (with very good examples and explanation) so after that I got it and started to work on my own. It´s all about the how to use something and getting used to how it works for the best results.

Stepdad milled one side quickly as a demostration and I continued on the other side on my own. First side of the blade.

Later when I´m more satisfied with my grinding (still the same side of the blade).
I took a small break and went to have some tea and bakery outside together with mom and stepdad. After that I went to continue working on the other side of the blade until it was time to eat proper food and after that pancakes. I can´t remember when I´ve had pancakes the last time! Yum ~

After having one pancake (at first) I took a food break and went to work with the sword again. This time I started to grind the handle (I was done with grinding the blade) so that it would have more of a round-ish shape. I don´t want it completely round though, I just want it so that the handle is comfortable to hold.

I did it faster than expected. One side done.
I repeated the process on the other side of the handle and the bottom part of it, when I was done for today I went indoors changed out of my working clothes and took a picture of the entire sword from today´s progress.

Both sides of the blade are milled and the handle is as well. Next time I will sand and paint it.
I can´t believe that almost a year has passed since the last Link progress post! TIME Y U NO SLOW DOWN?!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Original Casual!Len Kagamine Preview

On Tuesday this week I went to pick up my Len Kagamine (Vocaloid) wig which arrived in town and directly after that I went to fetch the rest of the cosplay stuff from home and then I headed to Valkoinen Samurai and Hasakitsuki´s place to have a preview before Skecon. I thought it be smart to get the preview out of the way because the coming days and week I need to focus on other stuff and Valkoinen Samurai and Hasakitsuki have their previews to fix as well.

So I arrived at their place, changed to cosplay and battled to get the almost-too-small wig on my head and after that it was preview time. Also, I have no contact lenses or make-up on me this time because I simply didn´t want to bother with it.

Cosplayer: Jäätynyt Enkeli
Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai

Seriously, do you really think that I´d let you leave this post derp-less? As if!

Bonus Picture!

It´s itching, okay?
See you all at Skecon!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Skecon 3 Cosplay Plans

Remember when I said that Närcon will be my next con? Well...

Despite saying to my friends that I won´t attend Skecon this year I changed my plans for not all that many weeks ago and quite recently bought myself the Skecon ticket too. So why am I coming to Skecon? Well, that´s easy. Skecon plans to put up quite an unusual show this year namely a Vocaloid concert! I wouldn´t call myself a Vocaloid fan directly because I´m not so much into it but there is songs that I really like especially from the Kagamines (my favourite Vocaloid is Len) and I just don´t want this concert to simply pass me by! To be honest I am actually very curious about how they will even do it technically and besides this is the first time something like this will happen in Scandinavia and that it will happen just in Skecon - a small con in northern Sweden of all the possible places and cons in Sweden. Skecon has my respect - they know how to put their ribbons up high and how to do it well.

So guess what? I am coming to Skecon that will be held the 4th - 6th July in Skellefteå, Sweden and here are my cosplay plans!


Yamato "Matt" Ishida from Digimon.

Original Casual!Len Kagamine from Vocaloid.
I went and speed bought everything that I would need for this cosplay during the past weeks and I just really want to cosplay a Vocaloid during the Vocaloid concert! I know, the most original idea ever! So I decided to roll with an original version of Len because the most peeps of my company will be doing casual versions of their Vocaloid characters too and just I needed something very quick to put together for this.


Original Casual!Luka Crosszeria from The Betrayal Knows My Name.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Backpack Scouting!

Once again I told Valkoinen Samurai and Hasakitsuki to look for things that I might be interested in when they left for Desucon (6th - 8th June) last weekend in Lahti, Finland. Just like the last time when they were in Cosvision they didn´t found any of the keychains that I were looking for, but they did found something better - much better! Oh and I actually told them to look after what they found this time but I didn´t expect it to be that awesome! As the title suggests yes, they went on a backpack search scouting and returned with this:

I think I died, dat Levi backpack! <3
What it looks like inside.
Main pocket opened. It says Mofancy on the inside fabric.
Backpack tag that came with it. I believe it being original going after the quality and price of it.
I think all of my readers already know that I´m currently into and hyping about Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin and Levi is easily my favorite character from the serie - so far and believe will stay - and it feels great to finally have a proper bag featuring a character you really like that you can carry around with you to cons. I will use this bag only as a con bag and yeah, I gave my Hakuōki: Shinsengumi Kitan bag that I bought from Närcon last year to Sairu-Chan and wanted a new and bigger one with a character and show more dear to me.

So yesterday Valkoinen Samurai and Hasakitsuki returned home from the con so I went to fetch the Levi backpack up from them along with some Japanese candies that they also bought for me that I wanted. They told me to search the bag to find the candies so I did. I found them.

Japansese green tea & toffee candies. Normally I don´t like green tea stuff at all but these were nice!
But I kept checking the backpack´s pockets and noticed a surprise inside one of the pockets and I think I died at how fabulous Japanese candy bags can be!

Jean Kirstein on the front cover.
So all-in-all this is what I got this time:

For those who wonder what the price for the Levi bag was, it was 49 € and it´s totally worth it! If you love Levi, the design of the bag (as I do, I love how clean it is!) and Attack on Titan. Levi leviää kaikkialla eiku xD