Monday, November 16, 2015

Kitacon 7 Summary

Hello everyone!

I'm back from Kitacon 7 also known as coming back from my last con of the year, which makes me a bit sad. Oh well, I enjoyed this year's Kitacon way more than the previous year and I had a great time at the con. Now to the con summary ~

Kitacon was a small con held at the heart of Kemi inside the same building as last year, aka Sauvotalo. The con was held during 14th November and this year's event lasted only for a day instead of the usual 2 days. A day before the con during late evening of Friday the 13th, Sacchan came to my place and the following morning she drove me, Shiro Samurai and Kiivi (an old friend of mine and Shiro Samurai's) to Kemi.

All photos taken by Shiro Samurai.

Once we arrived in Kemi and stepped out of the car, we were met by this thing and my con-mood was already up for the day:

Yupp, Kitacon detected and found!
Kitacon 7 poster with activities on it.
With everyone getting familiar with the surroundings and after a small chat and with Shiro Samurai explaining the activities to Kiivi (who doesn't know Finnish) we all headed towards the con's entrance. Well inside, the amount of people had me surprised. There seemed to be more attendants than last year and at times while I walked around the main area it even felt crammed. This is surely a positive thing and made the con feel more livelier and less empty in my opinion. Every now and then, when I picked up my New Nintendo 3DS to play some StreetPass games; I noticed that several Mii characters that I played with, came from the central and southern parts of Finland and some even from the Swedish side, like myself. Wow! It's not often you have congoers from the south traveling all the way up to the cold north only for a small con. The opposite on the other hand, is fairly common, because we northmen just don't have a choice when all the big cons are -often- in the southern parts of the country. I was happy to receive at least 20+ Mii characters at the con and I'm totally taking my 3DS with me to every con I attend from now on. 

Kitacon entrance.
The part of the Dealer's Hall you see when you enter. First floor.
Pocky galore!
Part of the Fantasiapelit table, who focus on manga and art books.
I have an interest to buy the Hetalia manga but I didn't buy it from Fantasiapelit's table as it was really expensive in my opinion. The price -per manga- was even twice as much than I was personally willing to pay for it. Damn. Nothing more to say than to keep looking for the manga elsewhere and hope that I will find it for a more reasonable price. Here are some more Dealer's Hall photos from the con's first floor!

Dealer's Hall table selling mostly small merchandise such as keychains, wallets, prints, random nerdy accessories etc.
The same seller also had posters.
Another seller called Wannabe selling geeky, colorful clothing.
The Wannabe seller was a new seller that -I at least- haven't seen before at Kitacon and their stuff was like a splash of color in the otherwise not-so-bright-colored environment. I took a small interest in their Gengar (Pokémon) parka respectively their Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon) parka and hat. In the end, I didn't buy any of these as the interest wasn't strong enough to open my wallet, lol. I thought about maybe buying the Toothless hat some other day but I don't know. Maybe, maybe not. When I was done checking the Dealer's Hall on the first floor I headed towards the second floor to check what it had to offer this time. On the second floor I found the cafeteria, some second-hand sellers selling their manga collections, video games etc and the Artist's Alley inside the main hall of the building where the con's activities took place.

A second-hand seller with a big manga collection.
The hall where Kitacon had their main activities. Artist Alley was also located here near the entrance.
One artist's table with self-made goods such as gloves, pillows and cosplays parts like old-school Link's hat and Cubone's skull.
During daytime, I and Shiro Samurai kept looking for Ronja, a friend of Shiro Samurai's who had recently bought Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and wanted to play together with us. We were all excited to hunt together and this was -at least- my highlight of the event. We found Ronja at the Artist's Alley but she -just like my company- planned to go to town to eat, so we all went as a group to Subway. I was the only one who didn't feel like ordering anything, as I ate at Subway just a few days before the con. Once back at Kitacon, our gamer group of 3 searched for a calm place to start hunting at. Sadly, in the middle of a hunt -where no Pause buttons exist- our friend Karri showed up and wanted to, of course, spend time with me, Shiro Samurai and Sacchan. I don't know how long Karri had been at the con but I saw him first during the later half of the event. I personally felt kinda bad playing with bro and Ronja, while Karri kept waiting and wanted to hang out with us. But at the same time, I didn't want to leave Ronja alone, as we had kinda promised her that we will play together at Kitacon. I felt pretty torn to say the least, I wanted to be with both of them at the same time! I also hope that Karri didn't feel too bad about this. He dubbed us the "sosiaalikerho" (social club) at one point because well, we were focused on not getting ourselves killed by large monsters in the game. I must also say that Karri's idea to travel to next year's Desucon Frostbite in a house wagon together -so far I listened- with me and my company sounded way too awesome. I hope this will happen and that my school will give me permission to go.

All in all, I had a really fun Kitacon this year and I didn't have time to get bored even once. I spent my con time hanging around with my friends, checking out the merchandise and playing together with Ronja during the later half of the day. I didn't attend any activities as none really caught my interest, as per usual. Our group arrived at Kitacon somewhere around 10 Finnish time and we left -I think- somewhere around 18.00 aka around 2 hours earlier than the con would close its doors which was at 20.30. Oh and I didn't cosplay since the weather was crappy and not-so promising, I just rolled with gray pants and my dead sexy Khezu hoodie from the Monster Hunter series. Kitacon was for me a very successful con and I enjoyed it more than I thought, so thumbs up for Kitacon and I hope they keep it up!

That's all for this time and Gute Nacht.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Kitacon 7 Cosplay Plans


Kitacon 7 in Kemi, Finland will be my next but also my last con for the year. Last year's Kitacon was a 2-day event but this year -sadly- it will only last for a day. This is because the money support that Kitacon got in during the year, was only enough to host an one day event with. I don't mind this as I'm just happy knowing that Kitacon will happen after the long, silent wait.

Kitacon will be held during next week's Saturday, namely the 14th November. What I will go as, will really depend on the weather. If I cosplay it will most likely be:

Original Casual!Germany from Hetalia.
I wanted something easy for Kitacon and after re-watching 5 seasons of Hetalia together with Shiro Samurai (he watched for the first time) we both felt like doing an easy pair cosplay for the con. He namely ended up taking a liking towards Japan (man, I SO saw this coming) and wanted to debut something new for a change. I was definitely up for a photoshoot and that's why I decided upon Casual Original!Germany for Kitacon. If the weather turns out to be peeing on me during the con day, I will just dress up extra geeky for the day and call it.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Lens Review: Kimchi Kiss Gold

Yo all!

Now when Halloween is slowly getting around the corner, I thought it be a nice surprise to throw up a lens review on the table for a change! This time I will review the Kimchi Kiss Gold! Ready? Let's go!

Photographer: Shiro Samurai

Lenses in their vials.

Man, I dig this pattern.
All the photos were taken during sunset on October. The sun sets early here in the north at this time of the year.

One lens in.
Standing on balcony, facing sun.
Standing on balcony, back against sun.
Bathroom light.
Flash photo.
My room, facing window (natural light).
Still in my room but close to the lamp.
Living room, lights on.
Distance picture. I was chewing on a candy so that's why my jaw looks weird.
Lens review:

Color: 7/10 
I was expecting the color to be more vibrant but it's still nice. Shows as yellow/gold.
Comfort: 9/10
They were way more comfortable than I thought at first! Thumbs up! No itching, crying eyes or other issues with them. I even had them on for over 7 hours!
Design: 10/10
These are easily my coolest lenses so far! I just love the fantasy/unnatural look they give!
Enlargement: 8/10
These are notably on the bigger side of my reviewed lenses so far. Usually I avoid big lenses like the plague because they just look downright creepy on me. I was happy to find out that these looked okay but I think the design played a big part here too, as it doesn't look as natural design-wise as, let's say, Super Pinky lenses for example.
Naturalness: 5/10 
The pattern is not even near realistic but these don't jump at you either; they blend smoothly into your eyes and remain discreet until you get fairly close to the wearer.
Opacity: 7/10 
These will change your eye color and it will look unnatural but it's not enough to make your granny next door faint.


Bonus Picture!

Guess what guys? I have finally gone and made it... I became mainstream and took my first selfie! *le gasp*

Goodbye happy dreams!
See you later!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Future Cosplays - Game Characters!

Happy National Day Germany!

Today is another special day and this time it's Germany's National Day, also known as German Unity Day or Tag der Deutschen Einheit. The National Day is celebrated on 3rd October since 1990. Even though I don't have any blood ties to Germany it's still a very important country to me and I'm gonna celebrate this day - my way. But know what? I won't leave you guys out of the fun just like that! So go grab yourself a glass of beer and a tasty brezel, while I give you all a sneak-peek into 3 characters from the world of video, respectively online games, that I really want to cosplay!



Characters that was on the previous lists (here and here) won't be re-listed below. Also the characters on this list are in no specific order.


Character: Nikolai
Series: Luminous Arc

Alright, this colorful guy has been on my cosplay list for years and is still hanging on. He's not the kind of character whose personality would normally fall in line with my usual character preferences. Honestly, some of his traits would instantly make me fire him out of my cosplay list, but he is forgiven for having a more fleshed out story and one with darker elements to boot, in my opinion. The first impression you get of him is that he is a mix between a comic relief and a womanizer; he's hard to take seriously at first but he's actually very cunning. Nikolai was one of the few characters in the game who I couldn't predict and I like characters that takes you by surprise, surprisingly much. Despite having a personality that is 50-50 to me the selling point in him was definitely the design, it clicked many of my boxes.

Character: Lloyd Irving
Series: Tales of Symphonia

Seriously, who saw this one coming? No one? Naah, just kidding ~

Lloyd Irving is the main character from my favorite game Tales of Symphonia and he is my second favorite character after Kratos Aurion. I simply love this guy for many of his traits and what he stands and fights for; even his occasional stupidity has its own charm. Even though he is of rather generic main character material, this young swordsman goes through a shitlot and grows along the way to become an ambitious hero with a heart of gold. Lloyd might seem cliché but he is easy to project yourself into.
His design is not really tickling my fancy but I don't dislike it either; the hair, his dual wielding and his flying flappy things lärpäkkeet <3 makes it up for me. Oh and I really love some of his lines, they made a big impact on me.

Character: Prinz Eugen
Series: Kantai Collection


Alright, who fell off the chair now? Myself, definitely........ when I saw the design.
Anyone who remembers those days when I said that I'm never gonna crossplay again? Well, fuck that - said decision went to the wall the instant I saw this ship babe. I very recently got introduced to the world of SHIPS OF MASS DESTRUCTION Kantai Collection through random chance. My first impression of KanColle was something along the lines of "Okay, so girls got handsome boys in Touken Ranbu and boys got ship waifus in Kantai Collection. Alright, I guess it has to be fair, lol".
In case you didn't know, Kantai Collection is an online browser game with the characters being humanified versions of WWII battleships. I don't really plan to play the game but a couple characters were just too cool to pass up on. I have a big interest in history so it's always nice when I can mix my passions up.


This was all for this time and please don't jump to any conclusions regarding the third candidate. I'm aware that probably a big chunk of KanColle's fanbase are into it because of fanservice/lewdness (no offense to those that are) but I'm honestly more fascinated by the historical aspects and how the different ships have been turned into human designs. I also know that the character design might stir up some unpleasant emotions (because of WWII era and the Iron Cross) and I sincerely apologize for it. I've done my research about the matter and I'm gonna be respectful when I wear this cosplay in public.

Regarding the previous Future Cosplay post I decided to drop the anime version of Kratos' Judgment outfit. I did this mainly because I don't feel like wasting time and money on a costume that is fairly similar to the game version, which is the one I prefer anyway. Yupp, I gave this decision some serious thought.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Original Casual!Germany Photoshoot

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to check if my New Adult Blue lenses are still wearable as I've had them now for as long as 6 months, which is the maximum time I keep a pair of lenses before telling them goodbye. I got the lenses in without further problems but I noticed a small comfort drop in them, which told me that it's time to tell these lenses goodbye after the photoshoot. As the New Adult Blue lenses were the only ones I still had opened, I had to choose a character with blue eyes for this photoshoot and the only one I could wear -who didn't need any changes to the costume- was my Original Casual!Germany from Hetalia. I put on the cosplay when it became sunset and with everything on, I and Shiro Samurai set out towards centrum and the beach area near my apartment to photoshoot said cosplay.

Sorry for the blurrier than usual pictures, this is because we had no tripod with us and there was a lack of good light sources at the photoshoot locations we were at.

Cosplayer: Jäätynyt Enkeli (Original Casual!Germany)
Photographer & editor: Shiro Samurai

The tile building in the background of the first photos is actually the town's water tower.

While we were photoshooting in the beach area the sky changed quickly from sunset to night sky and with luck on our side, we even had a rare and beautiful visitor <3

Yupp, the northern lights/aurora borealis is legit, no photoshop here bro! Oh and Shiro Samurai had quite some trouble getting a sharp photo because the camera derped and didn't want to put focus on the right spot; this is why there's so few photos with the northern lights, even though we took a bunch of them.

To lighten up the mood, here are some hilarious crap!

Bonus Pictures!

I just tried to be sugoi but I'm not sugoi enough...
Face plz.
Lastly have a seriously serious gif ~

Show me what you've got!
Auf Wiedersehen!

Jäätynyt Enkeli out.