Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Desucon Frostbite 2015 Cosplay Plans

Hello, hello!

Desucon Frostbite will be my first con of the year 2015 and it will be held during 13th - 15th February in Lahti, Finland. The train ticket and the convention ticket was bought around the end of December. Oh and the last time I was at Desucon Frostbite was during 2012 so I am very curious to visit the con again and see how it has grown during the past years! And here is what I will cosplay!


Original Casual!Germany from Hetalia.
Ever since I finished watching Hetalia somewhere around the end of 2014 I wanted to cosplay Germany from it as I instantly liked him as a character. However, I won't have time to do his uniform (anime version) yet, so I decided to - once again - start with an original casual version. So I just went through my wardrobe and I found everything that I needed and would fit for him there, including blue contact lenses. The lenses were originally bought with another character in mind but since they have the right color for Germany, I gladly use them for him as well. Yaay! I also made a Hetalia cosplay group at here, if anyone is interested to join, as we hope to get as many cosplayers as possible. I'm so excited!


Original Casual!Luka Crosszeria from The Betrayal Knows My Name.
The Saturday cosplay was for the longest time the blank spot on my cosplay plans list as I had absolutely no idea as who to go as. One thing's for sure, I want something that stands out a bit more than my two other cosplays. I went through all my completed cosplays and later I decided on Luka Crosszeria as my Saturday cosplay. Just felt like cosplaying Luka as I haven't cosplayed him since Tracon 2013 and well, that's quite some time ago. Besides I have some new updates on the costume that I want to try out and see what they look like, so I'm curious now.


Casual!Jean Kirstein from Attack on Titan.
On Sunday my usual con company wanted to cosplay from Attack on Titan because well, we've been hyping the serie for a while now and we want to cosplay from it together and our time is now. In our group, Shiro Samurai will do Suit!Levi so I had to quickly decide for another character that I want to cosplay from the show. However, I have been planning to do another character from the serie besides Levi, as I really like the good, varied cast of characters from Attack on Titan. After some thinking I decided on the hors-- errh, Jean Kirstein because I like him a lot as a character and his hair is cool. Yeah, I picked the horse and it's amazing. So during Sunday you will see me as Casual!Jean Kirstein along with Suit!Levi and Casual!Sasha Blouse.

That's my cosplay plans and see you at Desucon Frostbite!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Store Review - Asakura Japan (Pokémon Plush)!

Hello all!

To start this year I will write a store review about an Ebay seller and this seller is Asakura-Japan. This review is not a sponsored review as I have written it out of my own will and interest as I think the seller really deserves it. That's that and let's get down to the review now, shall we?

So during the end of December I had a nostalgy kick and was browsing Ebay in search of a legendary Pokémon plushie from the 3rd generation of Pokémon, with said generation being my favorite of the franchise ever since I was a kid. I am one of those peeps who's not so keen about bootlegs/fake/pirated goods or whatever you want to call them and well, this is a problem as these bootlegs are more or less everywhere, even in anime conventions. Myself, I buy the majority of my geeky needs at Ebay or any other site that sells anime/game related goods and while doing this, I need to have some kind of knowledge how to tell a bootleg apart from an authentic item because I don't want to waste my cash on bootlegs. At times this can be really hard especially when it comes down to Pokémon plushies, as these tends to be more well-made. I am especially careful about this when it comes to plushies and figurines.

When I asked Shiro Samurai if he knew any seller at Ebay who sells authentic Pokémon plushies I was shown Asakura-Japan's store. I browsed through the store and decided later on a Kyogre plush. Asakura-Japan sells mainly Pokémon and Studio Ghibli goods and they have a big variety of goods ranging from chopsticks to backpacks and much more. They are also Japanese and based in Japan so all of their goods comes straight from Japan. Japan as a country does not allow bootlegs into their own as they are very strict with this, which is awesome if you ask me. Asakura-Japan sends his Pokémon goods straight from one of the Pokémon Centers in Japan, which guarantees an authentic item as Pokémon Center stores are only based within Japan. After only one week after that I placed my order at Asakura-Japan's store which can be found here, I received my plushie. Yeah, one week, one freakin' week from Japan to Sweden which is like, crazy fast! I went to fetch the package the next day I got the information about it arriving in town, opened it and inside the most epic plastic bag ever was my Kyogre plush waiting to be taken out! <3

Kyogre plush from the front. It's about 30 cm wide from fin to fin and 8 cm tall.
From above.
View from the back side.
Zooming in on the tag. It says Pokémon Center.
Here comes the most epic plastic bag ever!

Pokémon Center bag with one side featuring Xerneas and Yveltal.

The other side featuring the generation 6 starters and of course, Pikachu.
I am absolutley satisfied that I bought my plushie from Asakura-Japan as it's one of the best Ebay experiences that I have had so far, if not the best! Asakura-Japan gives you excellent and personal service, something I wish there was more of at Ebay. They are very helpful and kind and sends items incredibly fast. Asakura-Japan is absolutely a pleasure to work with and I will definitely buy from them in the future and I hope that you will check and help them out too! :)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cosplay Year 2014

2014 is soon behind us as 2015 is ready to climb up on the scene. The best thing with a new year is that it means new cons, events, adventures and cosplays!

So how was my 2014 when it comes down to cosplay? 2014 as a year has been a pretty spiced up year as I have discovered two new cons, worked at a con for the first time and experienced both good and less good cons/events. If we take a look at the planned cosplay progress part, this year fell short and flat when almost all my new costumes for the year has been more or less what we Finns call "kaapicossi" aka closet-cosplay. Yeah, I totally feel like a derp when a specific green sucker still lurks somewhere in my cosplay shelf just waiting to be picked up again so that he can strangle me or something, lol. All in all 2014 has been a different, refreshing and enjoyable year despite its less cool surprises in the world of cosplay. I would also like to thank all the friends I have spent my time with at different cons and the people who either read or follows this blog for a great year. Thanks all!

No, I'm totally not thinking about making a promise for new year to finish Link for 2015, haha!

This year I have been to the following cons:

  Kitacon 6 - Kemi, Finland
Skecon 3 - Skellefteå, Sweden
Närcon 2014 - Linköping, Sweden
Oulun Animeseminaari - Oulu, Finland
Nerdcon - Umeå, Sweden
Tracon 9 - Tampere, Finland
Kemi's Manga Day (11/10 - 2014) - Kemi, Finland

Here is what I have cosplayed during the year (only one version of each character shown, even if I might have done more than one version of the particular character):

Upper Row from left to right: Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia), Uryū Ishida (Bleach), Len Kagamine (Vocaloid)

Lower Row from left to right: Yamato "Matt" Ishida (Digimon), Levi (Attack on Titan), Dio (Mad Father), Keisuke Sannan (Hakuōki: Shinsengumi Kitan)

Happy New Year 2015!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Future Cosplays - Anime & Manga Characters!


Happy Independance Day Finland!

Yepp, today is Finland's Independance Day! As the country reached its 97th year of independance, wooohoo! I'm a Finn myself who lives in Sweden and I look forward to enjoy this day to the fullest either alone or with some friends! But it's not written in my scheme of the day to leave you peeps out of the fun! So go fetch your karvalakki and a bottle of Moomin lemonade as I will give you folks a sneak-peek into 6 characters from the realms of anime & manga that I'd love to cosplay someday in the future!

Also does anyone remember this dream cosplay list that I did back in April featuring my top 5 dream cosplays at that time? Well, let's face it. That list was done in April so it has become outdated and old by now and I have no plans on updating it or making new ones. I have during the past months realized as a cosplayer that I just simply can't put a "rank" on a cosplay in my cosplay list. Why? Because I love them all for very different and unique reasons. They're all awesome in their own way. But I must be honest with myself and say that Kratos Aurion's Judgment/Cruxis outfit from the game Tales of Symphonia is still by far my number one dream cosplay, as he's very dear to me as a character. With that said and out of the way, I will continue towards the purpose of this post - the future cosplay sneak-peek!


Because here they come!


Characters that was on the April list won't be re-listed below. Also the characters on this list are in no specific order.


Character: Edward Elric
Serie: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

That's right! I will open this post with Edward Elric the fullmetal alchemist
who lost almost everything important to him due a terrible mistake he made. This little guy has been peeping up behind the taller guys on my cosplay list for a long time now. He has also managed to stay stable on my cosplay list after the several filterings my list has been through, as if he was made out of metal. What made me love this guy - apart from his deep character and story - was the way he handled his enemies. Edward Elric isn't your average anime hero who beats the bad guys to save the day. No, he knows how to save the world by understanding how it works. I have also been very encouraged to cosplay him as some people (both friends and people from the Internet) says that I would make a really good Edward Elric - height accurate to boot! :,D

Character: Kratos Aurion
Version: Judgment / Cruxis
Serie: Tales of Symphonia: The Animation

As a die-hard Kratos Aurion fan, I have it as a goal to cosplay every official outfit of this mercenary available - save for the kimono one that Shiro Samurai wants to do - including the anime version of his Judgment/Cruxis attire. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to bother cosplaying the anime version when I will be doing the game version of said outfit, as they're technically the same. After some thought I decided to add this anime exclusive version to my "Kratos outfits that I want to cosplay someday" list. Why? Just take a look at it and compare it to the game version and you will soon notice that they're actually pretty different. I don't mind cosplaying this version at all, as it would probably be the best preparation experience I can get before starting with the game version. The more versions of Kratos I cosplay, the happier I am!

Character: Levi
Serie: Attack on Titan

Surprised to see Corporal Levi on my cosplay list? No? I thought so. Everyone who likes Attack on Titan and especially Levi as a character, won't have a hard time figuring out why he's on my list. It's simple because he has a personality I really like, is plain awesome, badass and - wait for it - short. Yupp, I am always very happy to find short badass characters to fill my cosplay list with and Levi is far from an exception. Oh and that uniform is like a drug to me. Seriously, half the reason I watched those 25 episodes of the anime's first season was because of dat uniform! Gewd that jacket, boots and belts. Oh and that weapon kicks ass too!

Character: Germany
Serie: Hetalia 

With Hetalia being my most recent anime that I watched it also means that Germany is the newest guy to march straight into my cosplay list. There is several reasons why he ended up there as well. One of those is that as soon as I saw him in the anime's first episode of Axis Powers, I couldn't help taking an instant liking to his character. The more I watched the anime, the more I realized how much we have in common! Germany as a character is pretty much me in a nutshell; but trapped in a historical parody anime!! This gentleman and his fellow allies Japan and Italy managed to put several smiles on my serious and stern face.

Character: Michael
Serie: Angel Sanctuary

Picture from the manga.
Michael is the only character from Angel Sanctuary who's still on my list after that the main character Setsuna Mudō fell out. Since I haven't completed the manga yet, I can't say for sure who is my favorite character as the story is very unpredictable. At this point Uriel stands as my fave but Michael is a close second. However, when it comes down to cosplay, I would easily lean towards cosplaying Michael than Uriel. This is because Michael would fit my height much better than Uriel who's very tall. I also find that outfit of Michael's to be much more appealing than any of the ones that Uriel wears in the show. Last but not least, I also prefer Michael's weapon of choice over Uriel's.

Character: Luka Crosszeria
Serie: The Betrayal Knows My Name

Picture from the manga.
When I'm considering possible future cosplay candidates, there is this one thing that can almost instantly rocketfire a character to my cosplay list and that's the character's design. In other words, what they are wearing. Luka Crosszeria, the handsome badass demon from the Uraboku * serie is a perfect example of just that - a design which gave him an instant ticket to my cosplay list. Just like Angel Sanctuary I haven't completed Uraboku yet. But ever since I saw Luka in the manga for the first time, I had a very strong feeling that he will be my favorite character by far. So far he is. The only problem I had with Luka - when it comes to cosplay - is that I had a surprisingly hard time to decide which one out of his many cool outfits I want to do the most! Trust me, this only becomes an issue if said character pretty much only have designs that you like! Even if he ends up not being my fave at the end of the manga which I don't think will happen I would still have a very good reason for cosplaying him.

* Uraboku is the shortening of the serie's Japanese name "Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru".

That was all for this special day and I hope that you folks enjoyed this post! Because now I'm off to celebrate Finland's Independance Day! See you!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Zeit für Eine Kreuzfahrt!

Hello folks!

It's been a while!
Yeah, I know that my blog has been silent for a month now but this time - as the title says in German - I've been on an extraordinary trip! Namely a cruise trip from Helsinki to Stockholm! So, how was my trip you ask? Well, you'll soon find out if you keep reading! But before I move on, I want to say that this post will be all but serious! ;)

It all started when Shiro Samurai's and my dad called us for quite some time ago and explained that he had LOT of Silja Line points that would expire the coming months and well, he didn't want that. Because he won't be able to use up the points until they expire he asked if we could go on a free cruise. A few days afterwards he fixed everything for the trip (except for me changing the last passenger a few days before the trip). Our original company for the cruise was supposed to be me (duh!), Shiro Samurai, Hasakitsuki and Sairu-Chan but Sairu-Chan later informed me that she couldn't come with us because of her school. With Sairu-Chan out of the gang I had to quickly find someone to take her place before it would be too late. I went on a thought-round thinking of any friend (preferably someone our group somewhat knows too) who wouldn't have it too troublesome to get to Helsinki either. In other words - the more closer this friend lives to Helsinki the better. The first person who crossed my mind who I know lives close to Helsinki - and want to go on a cruise - is SipsiNekku. So she became our forth passenger and we're all set now. Oh and before I forget! Like a day or two before our trio left for the trip towards Helsinki in the south we got a package in the mail that we all been eagerly waiting for. Hence I was the only one who took my "part" of the package with me to the cruise. What this is, well you'll see soon!


Our journey started on the 17th November when I, Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki's got a ride by one of my childhood friends who drove us to Kemi's pain train station. At the train station we had to wait for about 2 hours (I think?) before our train would arrive so we had time to walk to the nearby Lidl to buy some snacks for the train and so. When the train arrived we all knew that ahead of us was a sleep deprived night and so it was. The trip felt like forever but I was happy to have my PSP with me, so that our gang could knark play some Monster Hunter together and rage and sleep those 3 - 4 hours. When we finally reached Helsinki in the south early in the morning (18th November) around 7 am local time, we headed pretty straight to the Olympia Terminal where our ship would arrive at 10.30. I must say that walking through Helsinki's streets felt quite nostalgic for me because I haven't been there for a very long time! At the terminal we just played and derped some more until our ship - Silja Serenade - showed it's beauty in the harbor and until SipsiNekku showed up somewhere around 15.30 or so.

Hello there sweetie! ~
Despite the ship being in the harbor like SOON since 10.30 we couldn't board it before 17.00. Blööööööööööörgh! *insert time machine here*

When the ports were open and it was time to board the ship and walk through that narrow corridor towards the ship I mentally did over 9001 backflips and squeed out of happiness inside. Oh yeah! Before you enter the ship at the very end of the corridor there is this ship environment-ish photostation and when you're about to pass it, some peeps from the ship crew will take your photo and later during the trip you can go and check it out and if you want, buy it as a memory/souvenir. I personally like this idea a lot. Our group thought about making silly faces when passing but we decided to not. Well inside the ship *insert noodle arms here* we headed straight to our cabin that was located on deck 10 to drop off our stuff, take a small break and later change to what we called "fabulous" soon afterwards. My fabulous was a random Attack on Titan soldier (not any specific character) and it was the jacket that had arrived in the mail earlier. When everyone had changed to their fabulous gear it was time to take a look around the ship! So we went to stroll on deck 7 which was the ship's main deck. On deck 7 you would find the bars, night clubs, restaurants and more. The most stuff was there simply. The first thing we went to check was the ship buffet to decide if we wanted to eat there or not and if yes, had to book a table in advance. But after seeing what the ship buffet had to offer this time - mainly consisting of Christmas foods - it had us all go "meh not worth those 40 €" because none of us is really that fond of the kind of Christmas foods that you eat here in Sweden and Finland. The ship buffet had me especially disappointed because half the reason I came aboard was to eat at the buffet when I've been drooling after specific dishes for a couple of years now...*sob* Oh well, at least my wallet will spare me, ahaha.

Here are some photos from the stroll aka deck 7!

- All photos taken by Shiro Samurai -

Inside the Tax Free. CAANDIIEEES ~
Pirate themed money games.
While strolling around we saw those claw crane machines with plushies inside where you play by inserting coins to the machine. I didn't play but Hasakitsuki did because one of the machines had Pacman ghost plushies and she wanted the pink one. After having the machine eating her wallet 30 € + poorer she gave up on the pink one. I was glad to see her fishing up an orange and blue ghost though. SipsiNekku played too, but on the machine next to the Pacman one with random plushies (some from Star Wars <3) though she gave up after about 6 tries.

I feel you bro! ;___;
Game arcade with rally games. Dat batmobile though!
Deck 7 (also known as Promenade deck) view.
I don't remember were but at one point we watched this one dance show that was very nice and entertaining. It was performed at the center of deck 7.

Part of the dance performance.
You guys have no clue how long it took for our group of 4 to decide where to eat! We kept walking back and forth on deck 7 for something that felt like forever before finally deciding on a restaurant called Mundo. But when we were on our way there (from the other end of the deck) we were stopped in our tracks and watched an amazing acrobat performance!

They knew their thing for sure!
Shortly after the acrobat performance our group camped in front of Mundo to decide what to eat and I was happy to receive my food!

Hungry like a titan!
I find it funny that I am the shortest of our group and the only one who managed to eat everything on the plate. Sometimes I wonder if I really have a black hole instead of a stomach because at times I really eat like a Jean horse and I don't even need to be hungry to do that! Hohoho ~

Later with the food somewhere in our stomachs it was time for the next stop. Can you guess where? What's the smartest place to visit after eating, hm? Yeah, the candy store aka Tax Free! Before heading there we decided that we should only buy what we wanted for the evening/night because it would be kinda pointless to stock up on candy already now when we had a second day on the ship. From the store I bought just a few stuff and a kids party drink bottle with Disney's Princess motive. Around this time we where all sort of laggy so we headed towards our cabin in deck 10. Said cabin was a Promenade cabin which meant that we could see the Promenade deck from our window. How about the rest of the evening? Well it went to derping, eating candies making silly faces and talking about hilarious shit! Of course at one point I decided to be a gentle soldier and share my drink!

Inner sharing conflicts! DUN DUN

Okay, I admit. I did share my drink and I did it with spirit!

Wanna try bro?

I totally didn't go on duty the following day! xD

By the way, the drink tasted like a cheap carbonated apple juice with a sort of...puke aftertaste. Yeah...puke.

When it was getting pretty late (if not past midnight) we all changed to night gear and went to sleep. You have no clue how godly a ship bed is after lying sleep deprived almost a full night in the train <3

The morning dawned (19th November) and the ship arrived at Värtahamnen in Stockholm 10.30 local time. Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki didn't wake up as early as I and SipsiNekku because they wanted to stay at the ship meanwhile the two of us went to explore Stockholm. Alright, it was only SipsiNekku who wanted to visit a specific place in Stockholm namely the Royal Armory (Livrustkammaren in Swedish) close to the Royal Castle in Gamla Stan (old historical/king-y part of the city). I just tagged along to give her company and for safety reasons mainly because I speak fluent Swedish and have good local sight. Oh and I just don't want my friend to wander alone in a big city like Stockholm with more or less worrisome stuff happening every now and then. Besides it's always more nice to travel together, right? We went to the ship's entrance in time so that there wouldn't be a rush and it was nice to be on familiar ground again.

We first thought about taking the bus to the city (Värtahamnen is a bit outside of the city) but we ended up walking because we had checked it up that it was only around 4 km to our destination. We bought something to eat from Ica as soon as we got more into the city and kept looking for the Royal Armory and places that looked familiar to us. Despite myself being a lot in Stockholm during my life I can still get very unsure where in the city I am. This is because I have this kind of "Ahaa!" memory of Stockholm and will only recognize specific parts and streets of the city when I am somewhere near them. After walking in the inner city for about 30 minutes and checking for maps close by, we managed to find the way to the Royal Armory and I was surprised by the small amount of maps in the city, dangnabbit! SipsiNekku wanted to visit the Royal Armory because they had for the time being a display about the Game of Thrones saga (which SipsiNekku is a big fan of). She didn't end up going inside to look at the actual display (was sort of expensive) and was satisfied to just sit on the throne from the saga that was near the entrance. The Royal Armory is just behind the corner of the Royal Castle if anyone wants to visit it. When I had snapped some pictures of SipsiNekku looking like a boss and ruling the world of Game of Thrones we started heading back to Värtahamnen because we had nothing more to do at Stockholm.

I didn't take any pictures of Stockholm, I am sorry! I did regret it afterwards though. Ibland vill man ta sig i kragen för kamera-glömskheten, argh!

When we reached Värtahamnen and boarded the ship we headed to our cabin to see if Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki would be there. To our surprise the cabin was empty but we decided to wait for them instead of running across the ship like derps. Meanwhile waiting for the two to return I went to change to my Attack on Titan costume. Luckily we didn't need to wait long before the two others came and then we where finally 4 again. With all of us together, we went downstairs to the Promenade deck to just walk around and spend time on the deck until the ship would leave Värtahamnen.

Ship entrance.
Staircases leading to the upper or lower decks.
At one point we went to check Silja Land (playroom for kids) and we found this one turtle plush that didn't seem to have the best shape ever because more than half of its filling was gone. I bet it has flied all over the place...poor thing.

"Meh, what have they done with you man?"
When the ship finally left the harbor of Stockholm and started to slowly move its way towards Helsinki again, we went back to our cabin and I changed my fabulous Levi (Attack on Titan) t-shirt to the white shirt that many of the soldiers in the show wears. While I was in "proper" costume Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki couldn't resist giving me this one specific bakery that has turned into a well-known Attack on Titan joke in the Finnish fandom...

Pullava salut!
If you want to see how the Finns turned a delicious bakery commercial into a traumatic one just go to youtube and search for "Pullava Attack on Titan" or something like that and hopefully you find it!

Silja Serenade had left the harbor and it meant only one thing to us - you see, when the ship is in the harbor the stores are closed and they open first after the ship leaves the harbor. For us the "ship in the open sea" meant candies! So together we dragged ourselves to the candy part of the Tax Free and stocked up on candies, chocolates or whatever we came to fetch up - this time for real because it was the last day on the ship! Oh and I was really happy to see that the ship had something I never expected to see anywhere in Sweden/Finland namely Christmas marzipan from the German Lübecker Marzipan brand! Yeah, I'm totally a marzipan nut, go figure. Having the candy shopping behind us we took the elevator to deck 10 and here I will introduce you peeps to our glorious ship highlight tradition - the elevator selfies!

Herp derp!
This means that everytime we took the elevator - be it up or down - we pulled silly faces facing the mirror and took le elevator selfie. Yeah I'm totally not kidding when I am saying that this was one of the best things for us on the whole trip! We had fun everytime! With the candies in our cabin we changed the course to the ship's 12th deck - the highest deck where you can go. We visited both the indoor area with the spa and the cold and windy outdoor area to watch the sea.

Cabin corridor. We're on our way to the 11th deck!
And in the elevator...

That was a successful face from my part! Booyah!
At one point near the evening we went to eat in a restaurant called El Capitan (no one of us was so keen to eat at Mundo for the second time in a row) and I could at least have one of my long awaited ship dishes - fillet of beef with garlic potatoes! Thumbs up for the very good dish and surprisingly fast arrival of the food! Totally worth my money!

Our last day on the ship started to slowly draw to a close and during late evening we headed back to our cabin to enjoy the ship beds for one last time on this trip. Man I'm gonna miss them! On the following morning we dragged our tired bodies to Mundo to have a not-so-healthy breakfast (except for SipsiNekku) before the ship would arrive in Helsinki. My breakfast consisted of a donut and 3 macarons, yummy! At least sugar wakes you up, haha! The macarons were better than I had expected them to be generally. As we left the ship and arrived at Helsinki terminal we said our goodbyes to SipsiNekku who took a bus to her hometown and the remaining three of us headed towards Helsinki city to eat at Subway, lag at the train station. I bought some candies to us and some German chocolate to myself that I haven't seen anywhere else so far from one of the train station candy stores. At the train station was this one bubble tea corner and I personally had no clue what the whole thing was - despite it being known worldwide seemingly - so our group went there to give it a try. I mostly tagged along not all that curious about it to be honest. It was more Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki who was curious and into it. It was good I give it that, but I somehow didn't really get the "epic flavor" thing because for me it wasn't really all that good or special. Maybe it was just me having the wrong combination of jellies or something but I just prefered the drink without any jellies or add-ons. I would give it a second try though, don't get me wrong.

We just kept molding in the train station until our train showed up that will take us back to the cold city of Kemi in the north. The feeling when Helsinki don't even have snow when the ground is white in the north! Oh and the only thought in my head when I saw the train arriving on the rail was "Scheiße here comes another almost sleepless night!". I surely had a hard time to sleep that night...oh boy, did I even manage to sleep a hour? Luckily I'm not on the train all that often. I arrived home safe and sound somewhere around 10 (Swedish time) during the 21st November.

That was the end of my journey!


For more hilarious crap and silly faces check out my company buddies ship stories click, click and double click!


What? You're still here waiting for something "extra"? Fine, fine! I get it! :-DD

Begone or...

I'm out of here, tschüss! ~