Friday, September 21, 2018

Germany Photoshoot - Out In the Fields

Good evening people and welcome back.

Lately I've been itching to do something creative or cosplay related and during the past weeks, I've been trying to figure out what I wanted to do more exactly. The idea to have a cosplay photoshoot didn't dawn on me until I remembered, that I still had my Neo Sunflower Aqua lenses lying around the house. I opened them in March and waited for an opportunity to use them, instead of just reviewing and discarding. Now -almost half a year later- I'm happy that I kept the lenses, as I ended up getting more use of them and this meant better photos of my Germany cosplay from Hetalia - a cosplay that haven't had a proper photoshoot since the days of Tracon 2016.

So yeah, you peeps can never guess whose uniform I ended up cramming in my bag before heading towards Shiro Samurai's place, where the photoshoot took place on September the 16th :'D

For this photoshoot, I decided to use additional authentic/repro WW2 gear for the costume, as I wanted to aim for a more "complete" and historical look. Yes, history is one of my passions alongside cosplay and I love to unite the two whenever applicable, character-wise. The changes to the costume are my own and for me, keeping a good taste in my costumes, is a must. So no kinky whips if someone was hoping for that, lol.


I'm aware that the character I cosplay in this post might wear details/symbols that can be offensive or emotionally unpleasant to others. I, as a guy with his heart and morals in the right place, just want to make it clear that I DO NOT support, agree with, believe in or have any other connections to the ideologies/beliefs that the character I'm cosplaying is representing. Readers, please keep in mind that what I'm wearing is JUST A COSTUME and shouldn't be taken as anything more than that. Thank you.

With that being said, I welcome you all to this photoshoot so enjoy! The gun is obviously a toy gun that I borrowed from Shiro Samurai for this photoshoot, as it's so much easier to pose when you have something to pose with. #photoshootproblems

Cosplayer & editor: Frozen Angel (Germany)
Photographer: Shiro Samurai

Nothing can tame my derpiness! These are both unintentional to boot :'D

Bonus Pictures!

It was at this moment he knew... he fucked up.
These photos confirm it to me that I really need to do something about that wig, as it keeps bugging me in every single photoshoot of Germany that I've done so far. The wig is way too cartoon-y and fluffy and that just looks off on a character whose hair is slick af 24/7, lol. Oh well, I guess my options are either to find a way to style it, so that the wig stays in place or else I will have to dye my own hair blond for the next photoshoot. I'm cool with both options and I actually wouldn't mind dying my hair blond, as I happened to be blond as a kid and somehow, I kind of miss it O_o

Well, that's it for this photoshoot and thanks for reading as always. Have a nice evening!

For those who wonder: Yes, the title name is a shoutout to my favorite guitarist Gary Moore, who is no longer with us. Rest in peace :'(

Monday, July 9, 2018

Lens Review: Hana SPC Barbie Circle Black

Hello all.

July has entered and there is still time to enjoy the summer but since the weather is a bit chilly today up here, I thought it would be a good opportunity to relax at home and write the last lens review out of the May batch. The earlier lenses that I've reviewed can be found here and here but this time, I will review an entirely new color that I haven't reviewed before. Let's get this started so say hello to the Hana SPC Barbie Circle Black lenses. Oh and before I forget, these lenses seemingly also go under the name of Hyper Circle Black Lens No.1 at LensVillage but they are still manufactured by the same Hana SPC brand.

Up to this day I am still surprised that I ended up buying a pair of black lenses, a color I never thought I would end up putting in my online shopping cart. But I did and while I lost interest to cosplay the character I originally bought these blackies for, I still decided to review them instead of selling them away. Yes, I am currently selling some of my unopened lenses and if you're curious to see what's up for grabs, then scroll down to the end of this post to see how to contact me. Now back to the review, shall we? :')

Photographer: Shiro Samurai

Lenses in their vials.

The batch of photos below are taken during a warm, sunny day in May with clear skies while being at bro's apartment. I still can't recall at what hour of the day these photos were taken but I know it to be around either noon or afternoon. Anyway, this is what the lenses look like when worn by a person with naturally green-ish gray eyes.

One lens in. Notice enlargement.
Natural roomlight, indoors.
Facing window, sunny.
Yellow apartment light.
Bathroom light.
Flash photo.
Facing sun, outdoors.
Back against sun, outdoors.
Black is an interesting and unusual lens color so of course I planned my "outfit of the day" accordingly. I wanted to go for something that would be cute yet, in a way, scary so I reached out with my hand towards the dark corners of my wardrobe and this is what I grabbed and pulled out:

Distance photo feat. my dead sexy Khezu hoodie :'D
Lens review:

Color: 8/10
A black color that shows well but is also soft at the same time. A great choice for those who want a soft but not too creepy/intensively black lens for their costume-y needs.
Comfort: 9/10
This one is on par with the most comfortable lenses I've reviewed so far. Another one of those that I didn't feel at all in my eyes and I can't help but love these lenses whenever they show up. Superb is the word here.
Design: 7/10
A simple design with a soft shade of black blending towards the wearer's natural eye color. The more I look at these, the more I like them.
Enlargement: 6/10
It's noticeable, at least if you have small eyes. Thankfully these doesn't go all creepy pasta edition on my eyes. Phew.
Naturalness: 4/10
When it comes to natural eye colors, black is clearly off the charts along with other colors such as red and gold. Despite this, these get some "Hey I can look natural too!" points for having such a soft shade of black that, hopefully, won't make the stranger next to you turn his head too many times to face you.
Opacity: 8/10
The opacity and coverage in these are great and took me by surprise! They definitely get the job done if you want a black lens with a softer tone to it. But if are looking for something with a more intensive color, then you might want to keep on looking as these might be too light for you.


Those of you who are interested to see what lenses I'm currently selling can reach out and contact me at Keep in mind that I will list prices only in Swedish crowns (SEK) and euros (€) but I do send items worldwide and accept payment through PayPal, as long as the buyer shoulders the PayPal fee. Thanks for your interest and please no spam or anything out of topic when contacting me.

Ah, right. Before I end this post I want to show you guys how much fun I had in my Khezu hoodie before heading to town with bro that day.

Bonus Picture!

Khezu is love, Khezu is life. Poor wyvern-thing needs more love! ;__;
Now with the last lens review of the May batch done, it's time for me to skedaddle my way before I have an army of triggered Monster Hunter fans chasing me with burning pitchforks for being a Khezu lover, lolololol xDD

Anyway, see you guys around and thanks for reading!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Lens Review: Neo Sunflower Aqua

Hello everyone.

Summer is here and with it came my first official holiday off my job, the Scandinavian Midsummer. With some precious time on my hands, I decided to do something useful with it (even here on my blog) so today, I will be sharing my next lens review with you guys! This time, the spotlight will shine on one of the more prettier lenses that I own, enter the Neo Sunflower Aqua lenses. Alrighty, let's get this review started and happy Midsummer/Solstice everyone!

Photographer: Shiro Samurai

Lenses in their vial bottles.

Just like before I jumped on my bike and biked my way to Shiro Samurai's place during a clear and warm day in May. A perfect weather for lens reviews. Hence the reason why I pulled 3 reviews in succession that day and this was to save plenty of time and planning with bro. Yes, this is the 2nd review out of 3 and the last one will show up soon enough. Now, let's see what these beauties look like when worn.

One lens in. Notice enlargement.
Natural roomlight, indoors.
Facing window, sunny.
Yellow apartment light.
Bathroom light.
Flash photo.
Facing sun, outdoors.
Back against sun, outdoors.
And here goes the distance photo for these eye babies, enjoy!

Lens review:

Color: 7/10
They color shows up clearly but it's not an intense one. I personally dig the turquose shade in these.
Comfort: 9/10
One of the most comfortable pairs I've reviewed. Period. I barely felt them in my eyes which is always a big plus and I bet I wouldn't have issues wearing these during a full con day either.
Design: 7/10
I like the subtle, flower inspired pattern in them. Simply and pretty is all I have to say.
Enlargement: 4/10
The enlargement in these is fairly small. My small eyes approves.
Naturalness: 6/10
They look both natural and not-so-natural at the same time. The lenses have an interesting, bright color that certainly won't pass for those who knows what to look after. But their more subtle design might fool some from a distance though. After all, there are people out there with naturally bright eye colors. I've run into a few myself and damn, those shades really catches your eye!
Opacity: 8/10
Great color coverage and it was much better than I expected it to be at first, that's for sure. These cover my natural eye color well but I think persons with darker eye colors might find their real color peeping through the pattern more than mine did. But yeah, I'm just making a wild guess here.

Alright. Now there is only one more lens review to go from the May batch and after that, I can start posting about other stuff again, whatever that will be. I frankly have no idea right now as my nerd plans got drastically changed recently. Until then, have a nice day and don't forget to bask yourself in the summer feeling while it's still around. Stay cool!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Lens Review: ICK Adora Blue

Hello all.

I finally managed to find a gap in my very busy working schedule! *le gasp*

Yes, I have finally landed a full-time job next to my other two smaller jobs (one of them I should be able to complete within this month) and this basically means that -with such a busy schedule- I simply just won't have the time to write here as often as I'd like to. Don't worry though, I will keep on writing and posting here whenever something nerdy is coming my way but -from now on, as to be expected- my posts are going to be a bit more delayed than usual since a big chunk of my time goes to work and resting, obviously. I will, however, do my best to get posts out within a reasonable timeframe since the event/photoshoot etc. took place. So with that said and done, welcome to this year's first lens review and that will be the ICK Adora Blue.

This pair of lenses have been waiting for a review since I wore them for my updated Original Casual!Germany photoshoot back in February. If you want to see how these lenses look on an actual cosplay then by all means check that photoshoot out.

Alright. Let's start this review.

Photographer: Shiro Samurai

Lenses in their vials.

The photos below are taken during a sunny day in May with clear skies and plenty of warmth for us vikings, lol. I can't remember the time of the day when these photos were taken but I want to recall that it was either noon or afternoon.

One lens in. Notice enlargement.
Natural roomlight, indoors.
Facing window, sunny.
Yellow apartment light.
Bathroom light.
Flash photo.
Facing sun, outdoors.
Back against sun, outdoors.
Here comes the distance photo.

Lens review:

Color: 9/10
Very clear and intense color. Great for cosplay.
Comfort: 5/10
I kept feeling them in my eyes constantly and not in a comfortable way. They were a bit stingy and even when I took them off, I felt like they were still in my eyes! UGH! But I could endure them for a few hours, if I had to. Maybe I just got an unlucky pair, who knows? But I'm not buying these again.
Design: 7/10
I like them. There is not too much going on and they're not boring either. I like that black outer ring and shade of color.
Enlargement: 5/10
There is an enlargement but it's not anything big. If you have small eyes, like me, it should look alright on you.
Naturalness: 4/10
Despite blue being a natural eye color these lenses just don't look natural to me, color-wise. Just look at that intense, deep shade of blue. I mean, how many humans out there has such an eye color? You tell me.
Opacity: 9/10
I don't need to repeat myself, do I? These are really opaque and it shows, even from a distance.

That's it for today and stay tuned for more lens reviews to come in the near future!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Kummacon 2018 Summary

Hey every geek out there!

Yesterday I came home from my first con since Kitacon 8 back in 2016. As you guys know, I haven't visited any convention during 2017 as I needed a break from this fancy hobby. I originally didn't have plans to visit Kummacon but had mildly considered it, if the chance would occur and it did. A few weeks before the con, I came across mom and stepdad during a mid-day walk and they told me that the family is going to Oulu at one of the days when Kummacon is being held. I was taken by surprise! This because mom and stepdad also had business in Oulu. They drove us all to Oulu and while they did their business in the city, I and Shiro Samurai spent said time at Kummacon instead.

Our car hit the con building's parking lot somewhere around 11:30 (Finnish time) if I recall correctly and from there, I and bro walked to the front of the con building. My first impression was neutral until I stepped inside and explored the place. After the first look around, I must say that the peeps who organized this event did a really good job. Kummacon got its stuff done right and the good atmosphere was there too! It was a notably better event this time around than it was back in 2016 (in my opinion) when it was held at the Pohjankartano building. This year the con was held in the city's international school (kansainvälinen koulu) from 28th to 29th April and there was no entrance fee. If you ask me, a free entrance is always appreciated at small cons ^w^

A short summary about the con itself can be found at the end of this post. Now, let's see what my con day was like!

All photos taken by Shiro Samurai.

Part of the con building's front.
Omake's table near the entrance.
Kummacon's schedule booklet. The con's theme was Cosmos.
With said theme, we all could expext to see our favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away scattered all around the place.
First floor.
This trooper was standing next to Omake's table.
When we got inside, we headed straight towards the Dealer's Hall as Shiro Samurai said that there might be a seller selling Pokémon TCG singles there. Since I was looking for specific cards myself, I decided to tag along with my fingers crossed. Luck was on our side and we quickly located this one seller who was selling varied Pokémon cards, ranging from the very first Base Set to the newer sets. They also sold these non-playable Pokémon "picture cards" with just the mon against a background featuring colors of its typing. I have no idea if these cards go under a specific name though. Anyway, after checking through the collection of cards she had for sale, I ended up buying 5 holofoil cards. One of them was Base Set Nidoking. A card I've been wanting to hold in my hands at least the past 10 years, after trading it away as a child and regretting it. Hard. This particular card has a lot of emotional value to me as it was one of the very first holofoil cards that I pulled as a child and man, I treasured it so much. It was one of those finest memories in my TCG childhood... until I pulled Base Set holofoil Blastoise! :D

Yeah, I was that kid who pulled holofoil cards out of my ass -almost- every single time I got a booster in my hands and, sadly, I was dumb enough to not realize their value and did some really bad trades as well. I still regret one of them deeply.

With the cards in our hands, we headed towards Urumi's table and from there, we grabbed more Pokémon merchandise, this time in the shape of keychains. I hesitated to buy at first because I wasn't sure if Urumi was selling official goods or not, but my worry vanished when bro confirmed me that they only sell legit stuff.

Part of Urumi's table.

Pocky stand. No con without Pocky, I guess.

Next to Urumi's table was this seller who was selling mostly beverages and bakeries. They also had some Harry Potter items for sale. The Slytherin scarf tempted me but not the price, lol. I might just as well sew my own, we'll see.

Bakeries and beverages.
Colorful yummyness.
The seller's mini Harry Potter corner.
When we had seen everything the Dealer's Hall had to offer, it was time to change the course and take a peek to see what lies upstairs. So we headed there. Upstairs we were met by a big Artist's Alley that took almost the entire floor! The sight of this made me smile. We checked the sellers through and several of them had really pretty stuff for sale! But I personally would have liked to see more magnets and creative, self-made stuff and crafts such as scarfs, pillow covers, bracelets and rings for example. It didn't take long before I and Shiro Samurai was standing in front of Waittiz and Sysirauta's creative table of awesomeness. Everytime I spot these two talented peeps table at a con, I can't help but marvel at their beautiful creations! I hope they start selling magnets in the near future, as I'd be a customer for sure! Be it original or fanart. Sadly, I didn't end up buying anything from their table this time but I ended up buying this small, sticker-like dragon magnet from SaQe-Art's table. I love dragons and the magnet I bought reminded me of Fatalis from the Monster Hunter series so I just had to get it, haha.

Second floor.
Part of the Artist's Alley on the second floor.
Waittiz and Sysirauta's table.
Aside from the Artist's Alley, the second floor also had the big scene where Kummacon's cosplay date, cosplay competition and other activites would take place, or so I assumed. As per usual, I didn't attend any panels or the like as I barely knew what was going on during the con days. I know I could easily figure it out by looking at their schedule for example, but I just couldn't be bothered since very few activites even catch my interest to begin with. The second floor was also where the con's free water point was for those thirsty among us. I always greatly appreciate it when a con has a water point located somewhere in the building because then you don't have to scout the -often- unfamiliar town/city for the nearest supermarket or kiosk to fetch a drink or two. Once done checking through the big Artist's Alley upstairs, we decided to head downstairs again to check out what more Kummacon had to offer. It didn't take long before the two of us found our way to the board game room, the anime karaoke and last but not least, the fleamarket.

Best supervision sign I've seen at a con *thumbs up*
A table with various board games from the board game room, duh.
Since I have no interest in board games I just took a quick peek around to see what's hip and happening and afterwards the two of us hit the fleamarket. We went to see what was being sold there just for fun and so my journey towards the best deal of the con began. What I found in the fleamarket was a copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Nintendo 3DS. The price? A measly 10 euros for an amazing, legit good game! Guess twice who bought that game in a heartbeat ;)

You see, I'm a big fan of Monster Hunter since the days of Freedom Unite for PSP and I also own 4 Ultimate. For a while now, I have been thinking about adding 3 Ultimate to my MonHun collection as many of my friends own it too, but what was holding me back all this time, was the game's underwater mechanics and a dumb fear of fighting Gobul. I have read much opinions, many negative, about the underwater fights/mechanics and it just didn't reel me in (pun intended). Despite all the opinions and reviews I read about the game, I was still curious about it and so I ended up saying to myself "If I can find 3 Ultimate for a really good price, I will get it" and this is exactly what happened at Kummacon's fleamarket. A great game for a great price. According to my friends who own the game, they enjoy it greatly and say that it's pretty different from 4 Ultimate and that it has this nice, tropical/paradise feel to it. A paradise that is -in disguise- filled with waay too many quest bombing pickles :'DD

To say the least, I was really happy to find a copy of 3 Ultimate. With the game in my hand the rest of the con hours was spent on laughing silently at memes and funny pictures placed around the con building and to play some Pokémon Go upstairs. I was hoping to get that Shiny Wailmer or Magikarp but I had no luck this time. Yeah, there was this statue at the con's front yard and said statue was a PokéStop. The best part was that someone was burning lures on it during Kummacon's opening hours (at least during Saturday, I wasn't at the con on Sunday) so it was free lures for everybody.

Kummacon's Cosmos theme wasn't limited to just Star Wars.
Outdoor area, not the main entrance.
In the main area there was two Daleks standing. They were well-made and in front of them -as far as I know- stood at least 1 or 2 people kinda guarding them. Close, behind them, on the window, this hilarious picture:
It says "Don't annoy the Daleks!".
 That one was easily the funniest picture in Kummacon, in my opinion. Man, I got the day's laughs from it. Thank you Kummacon for this beauty! xD

During the con day, there was one thing that surprised me and that was the lack of cosplayers. Sure, it's a small con and all but it felt there was less than usual, even in small con standards. This actually made me happy that I didn't cosplay. Because if I did, I would have needed to get up at flippin' 05:00 (Swedish time) to put on my Galen Erso (Star Wars) costume, as this was my original plan. Yeah, we left fairly early towards Oulu. This is also why there was no cosplay plans post before this summary, as I went to the con as a filthy casual feat. my Hetalia t-shirt. No regrets. I'm not keen at all to get up very early to spend hours on makeup when neither I nor Shiro Samurai knew about the location the con would be in, in other words; if there would be a good photoshoot location nearby or not.

Mom and stepdad came to pick the us up like a hour or so before Kummacon ended for Saturday. With everyone crammed in the car, we started driving homewards. All went well and it was a nice little family trip. All in all, I was more satisfied and happy with Kummacon this year and I'm very likely to visit Kummacon in the future, if my job/life situation allows for it. End comment: Totally worth it.

Kummacon 2018 Summary (only for Saturday the 28th April):

So what made Kummacon good? I would say a good, correctly-sized location (despite kinda crammed at times with congoers) for the event's size and helpful and friendly personnel. The con also had plenty of activities for the visitors to take part of. At least, people didn't seem to get quickly bored. Myself, I was only missing a video game room but luckily I had Pokémon Go and my Nintendo 3DS with me, that I didn't end up playing, lol. This must have been the first small con where I didn't feel that time was standing still. Kummacon's Dealer's Hall was rather small and crammed but I was happy that they got at least Urumi's store there, as they are known for selling legit goods and that Pokémon TCG seller who also sold geeky/alternative clothing. I was perfectly content with that. I'm not a shopaholic and I'm also very specific and critical towards con merch nowadays. The selection was small-ish but there was a decent variety of goods that the stores sold. A big plus goes to Kummacon's Artist's Alley. The peeps there got -almost- the entire second floor to them and that was much needed, as there was surprisingly many sellers this time around. Great job, well done! *pats con personnel and crew on their shoulders*

The building was also easy to navigate in and I just really enjoyed the feeling and overall atmosphere of Kummacon. The memes and those random funny pictures placed around the con surely did their job. All in all, Kummacon was a small con with a laid-back feel to it but it also had enough life in it to keep me interested to stay there for a few hours. For being a small con with free entrance it was surprisingly good and easily one of the better local/nearby cons I've been to, if not the best. When it comes to the con's activities, I can't speak for that as I didn't attend anything. Overall the con seemed to be well-organized and it was nice and thoughtful of them to add English translations to their activity/location signs for those -possible- non-Finnish visitors. Oh and that water point upstairs was a great add now when the weather is getting warmer up here in the north, thanks! I don't think Kummacon was located in the heart of Oulu though (as I didn't recognize the area) but it was alright for my part, as I just came for a "few hours visit". I left Kummacon with a good feeling and this is always a great thing.

Before I end this post, this is what came with me back to Sweden. Photo is taken by me.

Looking forward to get into MH3U.
Thank you Kummacon and everyone reading this shit. Now I'm out.