Saturday, May 5, 2012

Temporal Keisuke Sannan Swords

Hey ~

During this week I got a mail document from a shipping company saying that my 3 decorative katana swords had arrived in town. I ordered the katana swords from Tradera - a Swedish counterpart of eBay. However, according to the document the swords wasn't in the area where you usually pick up bigger packages in town. They were somewhere else and the location didn't seem familiar to me at first. The next day I asked about the location and one person told me were it was. I had been in the location before it seems like, the place was a kiosk near my high school area. After school I went there to pick up my package. Once home I immediately opened the package to check if there was any kind of damage from the shipping. There wasn't luckily, all the swords looked new and unharmed in their plastic coverings. But when it was time to have a closer look at the swords I had ordered, I quickly noticed that everything wasn't as it should. After pulling out all the swords from their scabbards I discovered faults on all the items that had not been mentioned anywhere on the item page. The seller didn't inform about this either. When I was testing and holding one of the swords at different angles, I heard that something fell off when I had the blade pointing upward. It was the metallic top part of the shaft that came off. Two of the three swords had this fault.

 I'm not sure if decorative swords use to have the top part loose or not and if two loose top parts wasn't enough then the longest katana had one more surprise for me.

I took out the metallic part, because it looked like that when it fell off.
Like I needed that...
The longest katana looked like that when I pulled it out. It was definitely trolling. As you can see the metallic part followed up with the shaft part when I pulled out the blade, instead of staying on the glued spot were it should be. I wonder if it's possible to glue into place.

How it should look like. Same sword.
It was possible to hold the metallic part in place when pulling out the blade, but it shouldn't be like that anyway. If you look closer at the blade you can see that it looks like it has been dipped in some sort of liquid and that liquid looks like it has dried on the blade's surface. That was all the unmentioned faults I could find and rather live without. I hope all those loose parts are fixable and that the liquid stain is washable. Except those small faults the swords looked great and realistic. The faults wasn't that big of a problem but of course it was annoying when nothing was mentioned earlier about it. The swords wasn't expensive either. But now to the good news!

Below I will upload a picture with the swords total length.

All the three swords.
As you can see they all are in different lengths. One short one normal length and one long. The longest one is more than half of my total length -I'm 156 cm- so I don't think it would look so good on me if I cosplay Keisuke Sannan (Hakuōki: Shinsengumi Kitan). Maybe it could work in the future if I decide to cosplay one character that has a long katana, compared to his own length? Oh and all the scabbards look the same.

Here is some close up on the shaft and on the blade.

All the three swords.
On the other side of the blade I could spot Chinese signs. I have no clue what it says though.

Please excuse the quality.
The shaft looks like that. It's not exactly like Sannan's shaft should be but...

Will do for now.
Keisuke Sannan is supposed to be one of my Närcon 2012 cosplays if anyone was curious about that.

Frozen Angel out.


  1. Hum... the part that went with the sword when you draw it will go well at just gluing it back, it just look like it was badly glue too me from the start. Also you can hopefully glue the top part too if you whant.
    On real a thing I belive it is a lose part I may be very wrong on that part.

    But this seem interesting too my plans was thinking of buying some cheap katanas my self really from Tradera.

    Also it is good for the cosplay too as you say colse enough.

  2. Well, considering the price that was ridiculously cheap (300 SEK for all three?) and that nothing was mentioned on the description about blade material etc it's kinda obviously decoration swords and those often have some errors. I think you could pretty easily glue that top part into place because it seems it comes off but you can put it back on again. (I think one of Hitsu's cheapo swords had that same problem)

    That other problem seems like it was badly glued to me too. Is it possible to hold it at its right place when drawing the sword or will it automatically follow with the blade itself? If you can try to get it off the blade part (where it shouldn't be) and try to reattach it with glue on the scabbard I think you'll be fine.

    And since those are decoration swords I think you'll be fine just taking some water and a soft cloth (fine surface) and rub on those 'liquid' parts, they should come off. The swords probably are of some stainless steel of whatnot for easy care so I don't think some water would damage them beyond repair anyway.. At least when I bought my swords from Thailand they had some dirt too on the blades but those where gone after some water and gently rubbing on the stains.