Monday, June 18, 2012

Uppcon12 Summary


As probably some of the readers already know, this year was the last year when Uppcon was held here in Sweden and I'm definitely gonna miss it a lot. Here comes my con summary!


Friday was the "lining up to get inside the con" day, which is part of the con experience. I and Shiro Samurai waited in the line with some friends and we both cosplayed from Bleach on Friday. I cosplayed Izuru Kira and Shiro Samurai Gin Ichimaru. Later we decided to go and check how long the line was for the time being. A bit behind us in the line we saw Psycho Cat who was cosplaying as Rangiku Matsumoto from Bleach as well. We chatted a bit and told her to search for us once inside the con area because we had planned to hang around with each other as a small group during the day. After the chat with Psycho Cat we kept exploring the line looking after more familiar faces, we also met Pantzar who was crossplaying as Jupiter from Sailor Moon and we had a nice chat with him as well. Luckily we didn't need to wait in the line for too long and later we got inside the con area. I'm happy about that as my shinigami costume was quite warm even though the fabric is quite thin. Friday was the first con day, which ended up being the day when you start off by exploring the con area. I spend quite some time on my lonesome inside the huge merchandise tent (Dealer's Hall) to see what they had for sale. To my surprise they actually had a quite good variety of series available this time in the Dealer's Hall! Uppcon had a poor choice of series last year so, yeah. I could actually spot something else than just Naruto, Black Butler, Hatsune Miku, Bleach, Pokémon (mostly 5th generation), Gloomy Bear and random Japanese kawaii stuff, which I'm tired of seeing and not interested in. So it was really pleasant to see a larger variety of series available this time! I even spotted Hakuōki: Shingengumi Kitan stuff, Ah! My Goddess figurines, Fire Emblem figurines and Tales of Symphonia game soundtracks! Items I didn't expect to see at sale here! Because of the good variation this year, I ended up buying stuffs for over 900 SEK... whoopsie! I even found some goods that I have been looking for! I was happy but not my wallet, haha!

Friday was a very relaxing day and I must admit that the hakama were quite comfortable to wear. I and Shiro Samurai also ate at Burger King together with Psycho Cat at one point during the day. During the con day I didn't attend any panels because no one had me interested, sadly. On Friday, a guy who wore a long, black cloak alike costume with golden lining came to see me and my friend who was cosplaying as Zelos Wilder from Tales of Symphonia. We were at the cafeteria when this person spotted us. It was pretty funny because he came up to our table and went down on his knees, had his hands in a praising position and said to my friend something like "Ooh, are you Zelos from Tales of Symphonia?" his eyes were so "Please say yes!" and well, my friend was. This made this guy very, very happy so he hugged my friend. But before he left I told them that I will be cosplaying Kratos tomorrow and that we will have a small Tales of Symphonia group on that day. Now he was more excited than ever and said something like "Ooh, I must find you all! <3" and then left. This person must surely have been a big fan! I spend the remaining day with different people.


Saturday was the main day but also the day for our small Tales of Symphonia group. This was also the only day when my non-biological sibling tagged along, they couldn't come on Friday and needed to rest on Sunday. So on Saturday I cosplayed Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia and I got my photo taken a few times but there were some friends who recognized me from last year and wanted a hug. Which was sweet. I walked a lot on my own as Kratos because Shiro Samurai didn't cosplay from the same series as I did. I spent almost the whole con day by hanging out with the people from our Tales of Symphonia group. Our group was together during a short time but we all went to different places when we felt like it, so I just tagged along with those who was going where I wanted to go. That guy from Friday found me early on Saturday and gave me a very tight hug and went all "Kratooos I found you!" aaaw man! It was so nice to see that guy so happy! It must have been very nice for him to see Tales of Symphonia cosplayers. I, Shiro Samurai who cosplayed Toshizō Hijikata from Hakuōki: Shinsengumi Kitan and my non-biological sibling who was Wonderland!Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler, ate on Saturday in a Thai restaurant near the con area. We had buffet and the food was delicious! When I cosplayed Kratos I didn't have my sword with me as it were in Finland. In our Tales of Symphonia group we had Raine Sage, Zelos Wilder and Emil Castagnier from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.


It was raining on both Saturday and Sunday so on those days I stayed mostly indoors. Sunday was the last day of Uppcon history and oh boy, that was a sad day. I didn't buy anything on Sunday because I wanted to save up some cash and what I had in my debit card was almost used up, it was quite a scary sight for me. At Sunday I cosplayed Uryū Ishida from Bleach and my shoe-sock boot covers were done for when I walked around in the rain. Bleh. I was just walking around outside saying hello and changing a few words with some con friends until it was time to watch the ending ceremony "Avslutningen" from the big screen outside. It was touching stories that the Uppcon crew shared with us on the screen and it was a pleasure to listen to them too. When the Avslutningen had come to an end the outdoor area were soon filled with tearful cosplayers and congoers. Seeing all these sad people made the con hype die in an instant and I felt sad within too. Someone told me that inside there was a funeral-like atmosphere which I could totally imagine. I also joined a big group hug once (there was several outside) and I also hugged some random cosplayers that were weary. Before the clock stroke 16:00 I said goodbye to those friends I could find and once it was time, I and Shiro Samurai went home (dad drove us there) and we had a photoshoot near my dad's house.


Uppcon10 was my first real con and my portal to the Japanese culture and the ticket to the cosplay world. Without Uppcon I would never be where I am today and I'm very grateful to have been at and experienced Uppcon12 in Uppsala, Sweden for the last time in history. I'm so glad that the Uppcon crew and organizers made this Uppcon special and a memory for us to remember with the beautiful and touching Avslutningen. I will never forget Uppcon and all the wonderful moments and memories that this convention has given to me. A BIG and warm thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the wonderful visitors, cosplayers, crew and organizers of Uppcon12!

Thank you for being there! <3

Frozen Angel out.

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  1. Last Uppcon was really good although I think Uppcon XI will stay as my best Uppcon. So sad to see it come to an end, all good things do, but at least we got to experience 3 years of Uppcon and bid farewell to the last one.

    Oh, and Kenpachi. ;_; </3