Monday, July 16, 2012

Animecon IX Summary

Hello hello!

During daytime on Friday mom drove me and Shiro Samurai to Kuopio where we stayed at Rauhalahti Spa Hotel which wasn't too far away from the con area. When we arrived at the hotel we had some lunch and mom went to the pool area. I and Shiro Samurai derped meanwhile in the hotel room and talked about the coming con - Animecon IX.


On Saturday we woke up early around 08:00 in the morning local time and changed to our cosplays after the breakfast (which was included in the hotel price). Once at the con we met some friends (mostly Shiro Samurai's friends) and I later met one of my friends who I had an affair with, which went smoothly and both of us were satisfied. I cosplayed Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia but a few people recognized me. The con had around 2000 visitors according to the amount of tickets sold. But it was worth to cosplay him because everyone who recognized me there were really happy to see someone cosplaying from the Tales of series. Almost all of them shouted "Kratos!" from behind when they saw me and asked kindly for a picture and wanted a hug afterwards. It was really sweet, indeed. I was pleased. I just love the feeling when you cosplay a character that is not so much cosplayed and then someone recognizes you! It just makes you both so happy! This -at least for me- makes it worth to cosplay those characters, because the few who recognizes are often really, really happy to see a cosplayer from that game/anime/series or whatever.

During Saturday I spent most of my con time with two new friends - Creams and Roll (I had contact with Creams before the con) so I switched between them when I lost track of the other. Both of them took several pictures of me and tried to kindly offer me food of different kinds. I refused kindly and said that I had decided to eat together with Shiro Samurai and mom at the hotel. Later I think it was around 16:00-17:00? I accompanied Roll during the con and we went to Hesburger (hamburger restaurant) because they wanted to eat there. Together with Roll and their two other friends we walked -I was the only one in cosplay- to Hesburger which was a bit away from the con area. I didn't order anything there so I just gave them company meanwhile and enjoyed the silence myself at the restaurant. I had a minor headache because the con was pretty noisy so it was nice with a change of atmosphere. When we were at Hesburger Creams sent me a text message and said that they saw a Colette Brunel cosplayer at the con. I also heard that there was a Sheena Fujibayashi cosplayer too during the first con hours but I never saw Sheena. Now our next goal was to find this Colette cosplayer. I was excited that there was another Tales of Symphonia cosplayer! Tales of cosplays are really rare here in Scandinavia, just to add.

Almost at the end of the con day (ended 19:00) I found this Colette cosplayer together with Creams who sent me the text message earlier. One of them took some photos of me and Colette together and there came more people who took photos of us. Before I left for the day I took a photo of Colette myself. I didn't really buy anything on Saturday except a Japanese Doraemon candy container. It contained different colored bean shaped candies and those were really delicious! Gotta buy some more on Sunday!


Sunday started off like Saturday with breakfast before changing to cosplays. My cosplay for Sunday was Keisuke Sannan from Hakuōki: Shinsengumi Kitan. I and Shiro Samurai together with other friends at the con had decided to do a Hakuōki group at Animecon IX. The day went well and I was only photographed in group photos. Underrated character go go! When we had the group together we had everyone except Shinpachi of the shinsengumis, but we had double Saitō and double Okita. We went to a bigger outdoor area and took crap loads of crack photos and some silly drunk/pairing ones. Oh my I want to see them! To tell the truth... I did some rape faces in some of the pictures because well, it fits the character somewhat. Do it like a boss *trollface*

Picture of some members from our Hakuōki group. Shiro Samurai as photographer.
Our members were:

Shiro Samurai as Hajime Saitō
Zkitsu as Sanosuke Harada
Jäärä as Yukimura Chizuru
Ri-kun as Hajime Saitō
Jozo-Dono as Toshizō Hijikata
Mira-kun as Western!Sōji Okita (not seen in picture)
Papupoika as Heisuke Tōdō (not seen in picture)
Chooichi as Sōji Okita
Myself as Keisuke Sannan

Or group was really nice and I, Shiro Samurai and Mira-kun got a photo taken by that Japanese candy seller who I bought the Doraemon candy container from. I only bought an Uryū Ishida (Bleach) art hang-thingy from the Artist's Alley, one more candy container and the A Link to the Past Zelda manga.

Gonna miss the Hakuōki group! You peeps are great! I enjoyed every damn second of trolling! That was my Animecon IX.

Thank you and see you all at Tracon 7!

Frozen Angel out.


  1. Hakuouki group was the best. 8D Photoshoot derp! XD

  2. Oh god, I so want to see those pics too. The photo shoot was just so randomly awesome and herpderp.

    Nice to know you had fun with your Tales of -friends too. ^_^