Thursday, July 12, 2012

Keisuke Sannan Progress

Hello again!

Today and yesterday I worked on Keisuke Sannan's haori. Mom and Shiro Samurai helped me a lot. I didn't expect myself to be this rusty at sewing! Sewed last time during January. Yeah, it was quite annoying to forget such simple sewing basics that I surely knew before... gah. Well it's finally done and here is some work in-progress pictures of both days. Please excuse the color differences on the haori.

Haori base. There are no fabric pictures.
Ironed the collar trim.
Needled the collar trim in place.
Sewed it in place.
Belt completed.
Yeah, that's pretty nice progress so far even if I derped for help 24/7 and could barely do a shit myself. Now it's time to be a bit self-going so I cut out the ties for the haori, 40 cm was the total length of both ties. According to me they looked fine so I started to sew them. The first one was a bitch to sew because it derped like hurrdurr when I was folding the sides in. I didn't needle or iron it which would make it a bit easier to sew. When it was finally done, I took it in my hand and took a closer look on it. Then it hit me and hard - it was fucking wrinkled, shaped like a banana and the edges were totally fugly! Fffff-

Seam ripper to the rescue!
Yes, I had to take the seam ripper and start all over with it. Mom did the "right ones" later when she arrived home because mine were well... shitty. I left the ties and started with the black bands at the arm edges. The left one went great but when it was time to do the right one... well.

I don't even...
Oh my... this must probably be my biggest fail in sewing history! Don't ask me how I did it! I was so sure that it was the right side before sewing but just look at that! Once again it was the seam ripper to the rescue! It took me around a hour to rip off all the failed seams. Luckily I somewhat enjoy ripping them off, am I the only one?

Hours after countless calls for help and shit loads of seam ripping and derpy comments from mom the haori was finally done. So here is the rage builder!

Don't know if I shall feel pleased or trolled here.
To sum it up, this was surely not my day. Everything that I did failed more or less, I feel so rusty because this haori shouldn't be any problem normally. I mean I have sewed more difficult things like my Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia) cosplay, surely it's embarrassing!

That's all for my Keisuke Sannan cosplay, it will be debuted this weekend in Animecon. Some photos of the whole costume will be up tomorrow so stay tuned folks.

Frozen Angel out.

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  1. lololo Sannan trolls you. XD I can't understand why you kept derping up even the simplest things. :S Oh well, at least it's done now and tomorrow we can take some preview photos and check that everything looks alright before the Animecon debut.