Monday, July 30, 2012

Närcon 2012 Summary


Four days of awesomeness is behind us - Närcon 2012 has ended for this year. I feel terribly lazy right now but I guess I need to write about the con when everything is still new and fresh. Because I know that my bro has already written about the trip and about our time at the hotel, so I'm just gonna link that topic from his blog here. If you're interested to read about our trip, random hotel derping and of course his con time then go ahead and click on the link. Besides, for me it feels kinda derp to write pretty much the same thing as he already did. I just don't have anything to say about it when he covered it up pretty well. Hope you don't mind bro ~

Now to my con summary.


Thursday was the first con day out of four. I and Shiro Samurai together with our friend Psycho Cat -who booked the hotel and was there with us- changed early to cosplays. It took some time before we all were finally ready to leave the hotel and head to the con. I was cosplaying Keisuke Sannan and Shiro Samurai cosplayed as Isami Kondō both from Hakuōki: Shinsengumi Kitan and Psycho Cat cosplayed different Bleach characters all the days. Thursday was a very warm day and the three of us had to line to get inside the con for some hours. This is common here in Sweden's bigger cons and I was almost literally melting in my cosplay during the lining hours! Imagine two kimonos, one of them being a vintage dark green silk kimono and the other one a basic white kimono. On top of that I had a dark blue haori with a black kimono belt over it to keep my swords in place. I also had black hakamas and under them was a brown kaku obi to keep my green kimono from derping on the ground because of my short height. Warm? You bet! The line started to move quite fast after that the clock had passed 13:37, which was the con's official opening time. So we didn't really line for so long, luckily. But it was still freaking warm outside! I was walking around the con together with Shiro Samurai the most of the daytime in hope of someone recognizing our "so-never-cosplayed-characters".

At one point when I went on my own to Josbaren (milkshake bar) as Sannan one person who cosplayed Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica asked for a picture when they spotted me. It was nice that someone knew who I was! It made my day. If I remember right they also said something about Sannan being one of their favorites so they were really glad to see me cosplaying him. They also recognized me when I wore Uryū Ishida from Bleach (Saturday) and when I didn't cosplay on Friday, they always waved and smiled when they saw me during the con. I don't remember exactly what the clock was but maybe around 17:00 or later? I found this new friend of mine - MangaRINer with whom I had an affair. We only chatted with each other a few times before the con but already back then we had a good connection and understanding towards each other. MangaRINer cosplayed Rin Kagamine along with their friends who also cosplayed from Vocaloid. I hanged around with them for the rest of the evening and the whole Friday when I didn't cosplay.


Like I mentioned at earlier I didn't cosplay on Friday, sorry to those who expected me to be Sannan again on Friday. On Friday I just put on my light blue Uppcon12 t-shirt and styled my bangs and front side hair similar to Kratos Aurion's from Tales of Symphonia. This to make MangaRINer and others recognizing me easier and it worked, lol. I hanged around with MangaRINer and their company like I already mentioned above and I had a really great time with them. I didn't cosplay because I just wanted a break from the super warm Sannan cosplay and most of all - I didn't want to put on the makeup again. It was such a mess to wash away, I really had problems.


My last con day. I didn't attend the con on Sunday because I didn't want to stress myself to death with the packing. Besides my legs and the lower part of my back hurt like hell so a Sunday rest was nice. During Saturday I cosplayed Uryū Ishida from Bleach and attended Närcon's Bleach meet. There was a lot of Bleach cosplayers, yay! A Kenpachi Zaraki cosplayer decided to march through the con's inside area when all of the cosplayers had arrived to the meeting point. When we had marched a short while inside the building I heard one guy saying something like "Here comes the Bleach army!" in the background. It was a really nice march and our final destination was the photo studio. In the studio we managed to make place for all the cosplayers to fit in the picture frame. Some of the cosplayers made some silly-friendly comments to others when they were trying to get their spots. I cracked to some of them. I love to see the photos if anyone have or found them! When the photos were taken we all headed outside to the same outside area where the grill, Josbaren and the swimming pool was. Kenpachi arranged the whole thing. He placed all of us others in small groups and picked then, I think it was four of us, to let these "chosen ones" decide what they wanted to see and take photos of. The whole photo thing was first supposed to be battle shots and scenes from the manga/anime -as I interpreted it- but ended up being mostly yaoi and fanservice of different kinds. I and three other Finnish Bleach cosplayers disliked the pairing ideas. But you kinda have to expect it when many congoers are yaoi/yuri fans. I felt sorry for one of the younger cosplayers who got "picked" and dragged into this kind of thing.

There was this one photo idea that came from a Hitsugaya Tōshirō cosplayer and this Hitsugaya also liked Ishida as a character. The idea was that I -as Ishida- got lifted up and carried by two Ichigo Kurosaki cosplayers as some kind of "Ishida is superior" thing. For this I just made a grumpy "better than you" face that probably Ishida would do too, as he don't really like Ichigo. Some derp photos also happened afterwards and our Mayuri Kurotsuchi made some "come to the lab" jokes too.


The con's last day but I didn't attend the con.

I just wanted to sleep, restore myself both physically and mentally and pack our luggages without stressing like two mad guys. I'm also gonna mention here that I didn't buy any merchandise from the con because well, nothing really caught my interest. It's good to save some cash after the shopping explosion at Uppcon12. The con closed 12:00 or 13:00 so according to me it wasn't really worth the trouble to head there, be there a few hours with luggages and all the bags and then head back with all that stuff. Not cool. Besides when I didn't attend any panels or competitions, there wouldn't be anything for me to see anyway. Yet it would have been nice to say goodbye to my friends there both old and new. But because I have seen what I wanted, done what I wanted I didn't really see the point to go there on Sunday. So no thanks this time, I'm satisfied with three days.

That's all for now. See ya!

Frozen Angel out.


  1. Hey! Awesome post:D it was really nice meeting you and your cosplays were awesome! And yeah, dislike for the yaoi thingy!

    Hoping to see you soon again!

    Your blog btw, is awesome!

    - Momo ( orihime)

  2. Meh, I totally missed that Mayuri lab thingy. XD

  3. Great to hear you had great time!!