Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tracon 7 Cosplay Plans


Lately I have been wondering and wondering who I should cosplay on Saturday at Tracon 7 (8th-9th September, Tampere, Finland). I thought I should do a new costume as I don't feel like cosplaying any of those I already have for different reasons.

My reasons why I'm not going to cosplay anything that I have:

 I don't want to be anyone from Bleach right now because I have cosplayed Bleach pretty much this year and all my new costumes has also been from Bleach. Neither is any of my Finnish con friends gonna roll with Bleach during the con. Not so tempting.

Naraku from Inuyasha I don't feel like going as because that one has felt the most forever alone to wear. In two big cons it has only been taken a photo of once and I don't count the Inuyasha group from Uppcon11. It doesn't feel so fun to cosplay a character from a series you don't really care about. I cosplay him for group and nostalgic reasons if anything.

Tales of Symphonia:
Kratos Aurion is always nice to cosplay because I love the character so much and there is -almost- always someone at the con who is really happy to see someone cosplaying from the Tales of series. It's always a blast more or less even if these recognizing people are quite few. I have cosplayed him the most out of all my cosplays since last year and I plan to take a break until next year's Närcon 2013,  where I and my friends plan to have a Tales of Symphonia group.

So I decided to do a brand new cosplay and below you will see some of the fabrics for that particular cosplay.

Can you guess who it is for?


It's going to be Yamato "Matt" Ishida from Digimon Adventure! Why? Well, yesterday and some hours during today I've been thinking a lot about what to cosplay and I searched all over Internet for something I could do, which wouldn't take me too long. But then all of a sudden Shiro Samurai thought "Why not do a du du Digimon character?" Why didn't that hit my mind earlier? They have quite simple designs, recognizable and nostalgic!

I wanted to do Yamato because he's my favorite character from Digimon (out of all seasons) and I like his personality too. He's silent, caring, yet tough in his own way. Though I like Gomamon better than Gabumon but Gabumon is great too especially its evolutions. Ri-kun is also gonna cosplay as a Digimon "trainer" on Saturday which also got me in the mood too.

Here is my cosplay plans for Tracon 7!


Yamato "Matt" Ishida from Digimon Adventure.

Keisuke Sannan from Hakuōki: Shinsengumi Kitan.

Frozen Angel out.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Repairing My Kratos Aurion Wig

What's up folks?

For some weeks ago I decided to glue the front bangs on my Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia) wig so that they would stay more steadily in place. However, I managed to glue the other side just perfectly but the other one well... failed. It looked like a broad hanging chunk of straight hair with some glue on, just imagine Bleach's Izuru Kira's front hair with no side hair directly next to it. Which was sorta derptastic. So I did what I could to remove so much of the glue as possible before it dried in place. I started to brush the wig -with the wrong comb to start with- and watering it a little too. I did everything I could think of, except cutting it. But I also took off some glue with my bare hands mostly those which was between several hair strands... ugh what a pain. Of course it ended up getting damaged during the progress. Three words: Fluffy bird nest.

Yesterday I picked up the wig from its place and decided that I should get something done today. I went and picked up small scissors and asked Shiro Samurai how to use them when cutting. He told me what to do and how but quite fast so I didn't really get it at all. Anyway I did what I remembered and experimented my way forward.

Here's how it went. Cutting pictures are taken by Shiro Samurai.

Started to cut. Looks less horrible in pictures but it was damaged.
Getting a bit style to it. I know how I want it so let's go from there.
After some minutes of cutting I noticed that I had cut it a little bit shorter than the "right glued" hair on the other side, which wasn't a good thing. What should I do now? Well I looked after a small chunk of hair strands which was in the same length as the "right glued" one's longest strands and not too far away from the one I just cut. Then I just glued it together with the cut one so that it looked better. Here's the results!

The damaged side I cut and repaired (the pointy big hair chunk).
The side which went well on the first try.
I did take some nearby hair strands from the "right glued" side and glued them to the front hair to make it look thicker. I basically did this to make them more identical and here is the final result.

From the front.
It's not bad and I'm quite proud of it. My reason to glue the side hairs to start with, was to make them more visible and to keep them staying in the right place. I guess I managed to fix it and they look quite fine now, steady, thick and almost identical.

The wig was originally styled by Hansku so I just did the "glue work" on it to keep the spikes and the bangs in place.

Thanks for reading and I can't wait for Tracon 7!

Frozen Angel out.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oulu Animeseminaari 2012 Summary

Here is my Oulu Animeseminaari thoughts and experience! Read if interested, here goes ~

So I and Shiro Samurai had decided to attend the seminar at Oulu. We took the commuter train to Oulu which is about 100 km from his home town and we slept over at our aunt's place, who we called and informed in advance before the event. Even though her apartment was quite small it had a really cozy atmosphere around it and it surely was a blast to be there. I enjoyed it a lot. My alarm rang 08:00 local time on Saturday morning and I told my bro to wake up, get some breakfast and change to cosplay. Daily cosplay morning routine, no? Once we both were in cosplay, we took our nerd bags and headed to the seminar. Our aunt ended up walking together with us to the event area because she wanted to see what kind of event it was. She was cool with it, took some photos of us and left afterwards. When we arrived at the seminar area we met Sacchan -someone Shiro Samurai was in touch with before the seminar- who came towards us, welcomed and hugged us. I cosplayed Prison!Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach and Shiro Samurai did an artbook version of Hajime Saitō from Hakuōki: Shinsengumi Kitan. I only cosplayed on Saturday because I didn't see the point to cosplay when no one really cared if you cosplayed or not as the event had this "chill out and hang with your friends" type of meaning. Another reason why I didn't cosplay was because my wig wasn't so comfortable thanks to a load of hair pins under the wig cap. During lunchtime on Saturday I, Sacchan and Shiro Samurai went to Stockmann (shopping center) in the city area that was close to the seminar where we ordered sushi. When we got the sushi I was done for... I didn't get a fork and a spoon to eat with!

This meant that I had to eat with chopsticks which I haven't used in years! I got the idea of how to use them pretty fast. So I put some soya on a small soya plate tested my "almost-forgotten" amazing chopstick skills and grabbed the biggest  sushi on the plate, yum. Of course I felt the pressure from le bro and my hands started to shake like crap. I lifted the sushi from the plate and accidentally dropped it on the soya plate when supposed to dip it! No big harm, so I lifted up the sushi again and tried to take a more solid grip on it but it fell off... again! This time it made a heavier soya splash which reached all the way to my white kimono. So there it was... a big fugly brown-ish stain on my white kimono, just what I wanted and needed. Random trololol afterwards and derps and we ate what was left on our plates. Once done and outside the restaurant I called my aunt and told her that I needed to clean my white kimono fast. She arrived like a rocket near the seminar, picked me up and we went to iron and wash the kimono with chloride right away at her place. Luckily it left no stains after the wash and I was back at the seminar in no time. I could just leave behind the worried thoughts about not being able to cosplay for the rest of the day. Super chloride is just the best! <3

We spent the most of the time during both days with our new friend Sacchan who seemed to like similar -or the same- series like we did which was really cool! When it comes to the seminar I got bored pretty fast as there wasn't much to do and I was sort of expecting something let's say... bigger. It was more of an "hang out with your friends" kind of event like mentioned above so I'm grateful to have had Sacchan to spend my time with. Would have gotten really boring otherwise. Maybe I was expecting too much after getting used to big events like Närcon and Uppcon?

Until next time.

Frozen Angel out.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sode no Shirayuki & Prisoner Band


Yesterday I was sewing a bit on my Prison!Rukia Kuchiki's (Bleach) collar thing-y until I got tired. Except from the collar I also decided to start with her Sode no Shirayuki sword because that sword is cooler than her normal katana. I'm gonna have Sode no Shirayuki when I debut her shinigami version later.

Here is some photos of the sword.

Shiro Samurai drew all the shape lines.

Once the lines were drawn I and Shiro Samurai went outside to ask if our stepdad could cut out the sword. Which he was willing to do, he later took care of it and wanted us to watch how he did it, so that we could do it in the future on our own. Didn't look too hard.

Here is the sword when it was cut out.

He said to make it less flat looking I could add two more wooden pieces to the white end handle part to give it a more 3D-like surface. I just need to sand those pieces then. For the moment the sword is somewhere outside having its glue drying so that the wood pieces will stay in place. I'll keep working on the sword later or some other day and now to her collar - which is the most important part to get done now. Because I will need it for the seminar this weekend. Like I said earlier I started to sew it yesterday but decided to upload all the photos now once -almost- done. More photos less talk.

Zigzaging around it with a more orange-red thread.

I decided on the orange-red thread because I could easily find a lot of it. But the red one I actually wanted at the beginning (which there was little of left) I couldn't find another thread roll of, except those more thick threads... asdasdasd.

Sewed it together. I thought I failed at first but it seemed to be like mom planned it.
Progress went on and here I have marked the holes.
First hole cut out! Took me some time.
Cutting more holes. Things doesn't get more exciting than this...
All holes cut out and placed like it should be when done.
I zigzaged around the holes to prevent them from fraying, sewed the corners to get everything into a single thicker piece, so that the rest of the fabric is under the one with the hole shapes. Like in the picture above. I had to change the sewing machine's needle from 80 to 90 and then finally to 100. The sewing machine started to rage about not going through the thick fabric when I had an 80 needle and went just neat through the thickest part of the fabric with a 90 one... sweet. That was one hell of a thick fabric! But in the end 100 went smoothly through it and I was relieved.

Sewed in place on top of the other half of the fabric. Now with the correct red thread.
Now I only need to know what I want to use to fasten it so that I can wear it around my neck. Mom had two options either some sort of hook system or a push-button. I would maybe prefer the push-button one because we have red ones and that would look better from the back. I need to speak with mom about that so I'll leave it for now. Let's see if I can try on the costume and have a photoshoot with Prison!Rukia before the event.

See ya!

Frozen Angel out.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Oulu Animeseminaari 2012 Cosplay Plans


For some minutes ago Shiro Samurai bought our train tickets to Oulu -I'm gonna pay back my ticket later- where Animeseminaari is held and we both are heading there as our next event. Animeseminaari is not really a con according to their own blog and they call themselves a seminar and not a con. I will just call it an event.

The seminar will be on the 18th-19th August which is during next week. Because this is a small event, I don't plan to cosplay anything that takes a lot of time to put on and this includes makeup.

Here is the character I plan to cosplay there for specific reasons:

Prison!Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach.
Those reasons are:

1. Easy to put on and wear
2. Won't get super warm
3. Fairly recognizable
4. Rare version
5. Doesn't take much place in luggage

I have some black butterfly hair clips that I will use and I need to finish that red collar of hers. The fabric is lying somewhere around my room so I need to pick it up and finish it soon.

To tell you guys the truth, Rukia will be my last Bleach cosplay for this year. I have so many other cosplay plans going on for the coming cons and I don't feel like cosplaying Bleach when neither Shiro Samurai or Ri-kun plans to do it.

That's all and good night folks.

Frozen Angel out.