Thursday, August 23, 2012

Repairing My Kratos Aurion Wig

What's up folks?

For some weeks ago I decided to glue the front bangs on my Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia) wig so that they would stay more steadily in place. However, I managed to glue the other side just perfectly but the other one well... failed. It looked like a broad hanging chunk of straight hair with some glue on, just imagine Bleach's Izuru Kira's front hair with no side hair directly next to it. Which was sorta derptastic. So I did what I could to remove so much of the glue as possible before it dried in place. I started to brush the wig -with the wrong comb to start with- and watering it a little too. I did everything I could think of, except cutting it. But I also took off some glue with my bare hands mostly those which was between several hair strands... ugh what a pain. Of course it ended up getting damaged during the progress. Three words: Fluffy bird nest.

Yesterday I picked up the wig from its place and decided that I should get something done today. I went and picked up small scissors and asked Shiro Samurai how to use them when cutting. He told me what to do and how but quite fast so I didn't really get it at all. Anyway I did what I remembered and experimented my way forward.

Here's how it went. Cutting pictures are taken by Shiro Samurai.

Started to cut. Looks less horrible in pictures but it was damaged.
Getting a bit style to it. I know how I want it so let's go from there.
After some minutes of cutting I noticed that I had cut it a little bit shorter than the "right glued" hair on the other side, which wasn't a good thing. What should I do now? Well I looked after a small chunk of hair strands which was in the same length as the "right glued" one's longest strands and not too far away from the one I just cut. Then I just glued it together with the cut one so that it looked better. Here's the results!

The damaged side I cut and repaired (the pointy big hair chunk).
The side which went well on the first try.
I did take some nearby hair strands from the "right glued" side and glued them to the front hair to make it look thicker. I basically did this to make them more identical and here is the final result.

From the front.
It's not bad and I'm quite proud of it. My reason to glue the side hairs to start with, was to make them more visible and to keep them staying in the right place. I guess I managed to fix it and they look quite fine now, steady, thick and almost identical.

The wig was originally styled by Hansku so I just did the "glue work" on it to keep the spikes and the bangs in place.

Thanks for reading and I can't wait for Tracon 7!

Frozen Angel out.

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