Monday, August 13, 2012

Sode no Shirayuki & Prisoner Band


Yesterday I was sewing a bit on my Prison!Rukia Kuchiki's (Bleach) collar thing-y until I got tired. Except from the collar I also decided to start with her Sode no Shirayuki sword because that sword is cooler than her normal katana. I'm gonna have Sode no Shirayuki when I debut her shinigami version later.

Here is some photos of the sword.

Shiro Samurai drew all the shape lines.

Once the lines were drawn I and Shiro Samurai went outside to ask if our stepdad could cut out the sword. Which he was willing to do, he later took care of it and wanted us to watch how he did it, so that we could do it in the future on our own. Didn't look too hard.

Here is the sword when it was cut out.

He said to make it less flat looking I could add two more wooden pieces to the white end handle part to give it a more 3D-like surface. I just need to sand those pieces then. For the moment the sword is somewhere outside having its glue drying so that the wood pieces will stay in place. I'll keep working on the sword later or some other day and now to her collar - which is the most important part to get done now. Because I will need it for the seminar this weekend. Like I said earlier I started to sew it yesterday but decided to upload all the photos now once -almost- done. More photos less talk.

Zigzaging around it with a more orange-red thread.

I decided on the orange-red thread because I could easily find a lot of it. But the red one I actually wanted at the beginning (which there was little of left) I couldn't find another thread roll of, except those more thick threads... asdasdasd.

Sewed it together. I thought I failed at first but it seemed to be like mom planned it.
Progress went on and here I have marked the holes.
First hole cut out! Took me some time.
Cutting more holes. Things doesn't get more exciting than this...
All holes cut out and placed like it should be when done.
I zigzaged around the holes to prevent them from fraying, sewed the corners to get everything into a single thicker piece, so that the rest of the fabric is under the one with the hole shapes. Like in the picture above. I had to change the sewing machine's needle from 80 to 90 and then finally to 100. The sewing machine started to rage about not going through the thick fabric when I had an 80 needle and went just neat through the thickest part of the fabric with a 90 one... sweet. That was one hell of a thick fabric! But in the end 100 went smoothly through it and I was relieved.

Sewed in place on top of the other half of the fabric. Now with the correct red thread.
Now I only need to know what I want to use to fasten it so that I can wear it around my neck. Mom had two options either some sort of hook system or a push-button. I would maybe prefer the push-button one because we have red ones and that would look better from the back. I need to speak with mom about that so I'll leave it for now. Let's see if I can try on the costume and have a photoshoot with Prison!Rukia before the event.

See ya!

Frozen Angel out.

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