Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tracon 7 Summary

This year's Tracon was my first and it surely were as epic as Shiro Samurai had described it. I enjoyed it and would definitely visit again next year!

We started our trip to Tampere, Finland on Thursday because we went with the same car as some other congoers to the con who lived near us. So Thursday evening to Friday noon we were with these other congoers and slept at the same place as them. They were cool. Friday afternoon we finally checked in at the Omenahotel that I, Shiro Samurai, Ri-kun and Mira-kun were supposed to sleep at during the con. We derped and herped during the evening and slept all in the same big bed... like a boss. No, it's not what you think it is, really. Sadly Mira-kun couldn't really sleep and had been up early in the morning. Ri-kun I guess could sleep somewhat and Shiro Samurai went to the other bed saying that "someone" moved his legs all the time. This "someone" was me. Why? Well... I got almost samurai toes in my mouth!


We all woke up except Mira-kun at 08:00 in the morning local time, had some fast breakfast and changed to our cosplays. I cosplayed as Yamato "Matt" Ishida from Digimon Adventure and Ri-kun joined me as Ken Ichijouji from Digimon Adventure 02. Shiro Samurai went as Hajime Saitō from Hakuōki: Shinsengumi Kitan and Mira-kun decided to cosplay their own original character for the first con day. We spent the most of the day by being with each other. I and Ri-kun had to leave 12:00 to attend the Digimon meet at the con's park area. We went there and saw the other Digimon cosplayers (though some of them didn't arrive). We had some nice chats and took some group photos both inside and outside the con. It was great! After the con we went to Lidl and bought some unhealthy stuff there and afterwards we returned to the hotel to have some more evening derping there.


Saturday was our official Hakuōki group day. Which probably all of us were looking the most forward to and the ramen restaurant Hanabi that didn't exist anymore. We woke up at 09:00 did the normal routine and changed to our Hakuōki cosplays. Mira-kun cosplayed as Western!Okita, Ri-kun as Western!Saitō, Shiro Samurai as Isami Kondō and I as Keisuke Sannan. It was a blast to see all of the Hakuōki people both the old and the new ones at the con! When the whole group was together we went to Välähdys (photo studio) and had two group photos taken. Shiro Samurai and Mira-kun decided to take some photos with just them on. Before the con we had planned to have the "real" Hakuōki photoshoot during 15:00 and that time sadly, happened to be exactly the time when the other congoers we came with, had to leave the con. So I and Shiro Samurai joined in the group's first photos very quickly and afterwards we had to make a speedy farewell. We were late and was therefore in a hurry, the other congoers had been waiting for us. No good.

I'm sad that our leave was so sudden and unexpected. I would love to be with all you peeps longer and in more -drunk gay- group photos! Hopefully we can do this again in a future con when we're not in such a hurry!

Frozen Angel out.


  1. Meijän hieno nukkumis järjestely. <3 <3 (Ja hajosin samurai varpaille. Pahasti. xDDD)

    Ja oli kyl tosi harmi, ku jouduitte lähtemään. Mut sentään koko muu coni oli ihan paras ja eeppinen. Jossain conissa sitte uudestaan.

  2. Samurai varpaat saatana! >8D

    But yeah, Tracon was a nice con. We'll go there next year again bro!