Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cold Mercenary - Kratos Aurion Photoshoot!

Welcome back!

Yesterday I and Shiro Samurai had a photoshoot with our lesser photoshooted cosplays. His Hajime Saitō (Hakuōki: Shinsengumi Kitan) and my Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia) cosplay. We had our photoshoot in the nearby area around mom's house. First my bro photoshooted me and then vice versa. When we were done photoshooting -and when I almost had frozen fish sticks to fingers- we finally went inside and spent the rest of the evening watching a movie and eating candy with cosplays on.

Anyway here is some photos! I must say I am rather proud of the most photos taken.

Cosplayer: Frozen Angel (Kratos Aurion)
Photographer & editor: Shiro Samurai

At your service ~
You thought you could get away?...

Bonus Picture!

When daily life moments ruin epic moments.

Frozen Angel out.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Skecon 2012 Cosplay Plans

Helloo ~

As some of you might know, Skecon in Skellefteå (2nd-4th November) here in Sweden will be my last con for this year. I will attend the con together with Shiro Samurai and Sacchan so all our cosplays are group cosplays.

Now to what I will cosplay at Skecon!


Silver (Rival) from Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver.

Keisuke Sannan from Hakuōki: Shinsengumi Kitan.

Yes, I will debut Silver for the first time at Skecon. The costume is yet in-progress and I hope that I can finish it in time. I decided on Silver because I like his personality, design and I think he's really cool for being a Pokémon trainer. His character theme is by far the best character theme in the Pokémon games in my opinion and I think it's about time to do a Pokémon cosplay now. I've loved Pokémon ever since I was a kid. It will be so nostalgic! Silly enough, Silver wasn't originally in my cosplay list but I have at times thought "If I do a Pokémon trainer cosplay, I do Silver" so he wasn't out of the blue either. Keisuke Sannan will be my Saturday cosplay. Yes, we have decided to have a small Hakuōki meet with our trio and one more person who we'll meet at the con.

Because Sunday is the last con day and the day when everyone starts their trip back home and I think that I won't cosplay during Sunday at all. Instead of wearing a cosplay I might just put on my odori kimono and go with that. I would like to wear something comfortable and simple on the trip back home but still keep the con feeling in the clothing.

Frozen Angel out.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kemi's Manga Day 2012 Summary

Hi there!

I will only write about the time during the event and not before it. Alright here goes ~

On my previous post I decided to cosplay as Keisuke Sannan from Hakuōki: Shinsengumi Kitan at Kemi's manga day event. At the event I hung around with Sacchan and Shiro Samurai who also cosplayed from Hakuōki: Shinsengumi Kitan. Sacchan was Yukimura Chizuru and Shiro Samurai was Toshizō Hijikata. It was said that the event was going put more focus on cosplay and cosplayers this time. In my opinion it wasn't any different from their previous events, the amounts of cosplayers was quite few and the cosplay competition felt quite unorganized and just... meh. Yes, I went to watch it with the company I had. I did enjoy the event all in all and it was nice to just hang out and chill. In the event itself there wasn't so much to do so we just walked around, saw some familiar faces and chilled on the second floor's couch. Later during the event we went outside to have a Hakuōki photoshoot and we found a decent place for it as well. Sacchan and Shiro Samurai wanted to be photographed together mostly, so I ended up being the photographer most of the time.

Cosplayers: Frozen Angel (Keisuke Sannan) & Sacchan (Yukimura Chizuru)
Photographer & editor: Shiro Samurai

When I wasn't the photographer I spent my time derping and...

Bonus Pictures!

Photobombing others!
... until we all cracked up! xD
Oh and I won't upload any photos of Chizuru and Hijikata because you can see them at Shiro Samurai's blog here.

Nothing else to say except thanks for the great company! Troll!Sannan kiittää! <3

Frozen Angel out.