Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cold Mercenary - Kratos Aurion Photoshoot!

Welcome back!

Yesterday I and Shiro Samurai had a photoshoot with our lesser photoshooted cosplays. His Hajime Saitō (Hakuōki: Shinsengumi Kitan) and my Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia) cosplay. We had our photoshoot in the nearby area around mom's house. First my bro photoshooted me and then vice versa. When we were done photoshooting -and when I almost had frozen fish sticks to fingers- we finally went inside and spent the rest of the evening watching a movie and eating candy with cosplays on.

Anyway here is some photos! I must say I am rather proud of the most photos taken.

Cosplayer: Frozen Angel (Kratos Aurion)
Photographer & editor: Shiro Samurai

At your service ~
You thought you could get away?...

Bonus Picture!

When daily life moments ruin epic moments.

Frozen Angel out.


  1. We got some nice shots bro, huehueue~
    That car was derp though, I regret that I didn't watch the driver if he/she looked at us funnily while driving by.. probably did because we were standing so veeeeery visible. XD

  2. Yay Photos it is always nice to see some photos <3
    And they look so good too.

  3. Awesome, just.. awesome <3 Simply great photos!! 8D

    (Sisäinen Kratos-fanityttöni kiljuu xD)

  4. ahahaha bonus picture is like EPIC XD your face is like "I just pretend to be a tree... no one will see me"

    1. Hajosin tolle "I just pretend to be a tree... no one will see me" XDDDD

    2. no eikö se ilme ole just sellainen XDDDDD