Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cosplay Progress - Silver

Hello peeps!

During the last couple of days I have been working on my Silver cosplay when my bro has been working on his Falkner cosplay. Both characters are from Pokémon.
As you folks might have noticed there hasn't been any in-progress posts of my Silver cosplay. Why? Well, I wanted to do an all-in-one post about the progress from start to finish because the costume is quite basic looking and does not include so much details, if any at all.

On to the progress!

The cosplay I'm going to sew is:

Silver (Rival) from Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver.
The whole cosplay process started on the 9th September and I decided to start off with his pants, which were basic ones. Except for the stitched parts of it. Because we have quite few purple fabrics at mom's place, I had to go with something that we had. Silver's pants are more light purple according to me but I went with a darker purple instead.

Mom cut out the fabric, time to sew them together!
Both front and back parts together.
A piece of white ribknit fabric on top of the pants. Will need it.
That was what I did back at 9th September with some help of mom. Now to what I have been doing more recently. 27th and 28th October I kept sewing the pants to my cosplay until they were finished.

Ribknit sewed in place by mom.
Specific areas stitched by mom... again. I tried but failed and I hate sewing curves!
Stitchings at the knee area (on both knees) I did it.
So that was the pants. Let's head over to his shirt which I started on the 28th October. Silver's shirt is actually dark purple in the reference picture but because I have seen many Silver cosplayers done it black instead I rolled with it too. Besides his old design from Gold/Silver/Crystal has black so it shouldn't be too derp. As usual mom cut out the fabric pieces for the shirt -I will start to do this self soon- and when she gave the pieces to me and told me to start sewing it... well, she ended up sewing it herself instead. This is why I don't have any progress pictures of it. At least the results are great! Before anyone comments on it, yes, I have sewed shirts before so I know how it works but I'm just so damn slow and derp. When the shirt base is done I go and pick up some stuff that I'm going to need for the costume.

The shirt without a collar, a zipper and two satin ribbons of different size.
This was for the 28th day. I leave the progress there and head to sleep. I always sewed during evenings when mom was home and when I could manage on my own, I sewed during daytime too.

I woke up around 10:00 local time the 29th October and started to sew the broad satin ribbons on the shirt's wrists.

Fastened the satin ribbon in place and time to sew.
Sewed with straight stitch around the ribbon's corners and middle part.
Final results. Satisfied.
When I was done with the satin ribbons I had to wait for mom to come home to be able to continue, she wanted to do the collar and place the zipper because those are more tricky to do. I left said task to mom and went to paint a pair of shoes I thought would work for the cosplay.

Before the painting. I do it indoors.
After the painting. Looking good!
When the painting of the shoes was out of the way, I started to style the wig for the cosplay with some help from Shiro Samurai.

Holding up the chunk of hair that's gonna be styled.
Shiro Samurai cut it to the right length.
I only styled the pointy chunk, the rest looks already good as it is.
I used g2b water resistant spiking glue to style it, took a small amount in my fingertips and shaped the spike the way I wanted it. I won't glue it in place though because I might need this wig for future cosplays. Once mom came home during the evening she sewed the collar in place for me. Thanks mom.

The collar in place, now it's starting to look like something!
That's all for that day. The next day (30th) I will do the shirt's ribbon patterns that the character has both at the back and front. I started with starting up my computer and getting up a good reference picture with all the character sprites from the game. I studied the picture when shaping the ribbon pattern. I managed to get the left half of the shirt done fast.

Pattern fastened on the left side of the shirt.
Time to sew it in place, straight stitching.
Left side completed. I like it ~
But when it was time to start forming the pattern on the right side -making it identical to the left- was a pain in the ass, especially the back pattern! I don't know how long I sat there and tried to make it identical! I took the measurements correctly, checked the distance between ribbon A and ribbon B and I sewed it several times but there was always something trolling. I always ended up unstitching the whole crap or at least parts of it or re-doing the pattern until I was all annoyed over it. So my feeling in two words:

There was nothing else to do than leave the process for a while and calm down with some Mario Kart: Double Dash together with Shiro Samurai. When mom came back from work she helped me out and we found out what the problem was! I had cut the ribbon too short, compared to the other side. However, I found a solution to it and I continued sewing. Finally after hours of rage I managed to get it somewhat identical. Guess if I feel pleased?

When the ribbons were sewed in place Shiro Samurai took some photos when I just had the shirt on, to see what it looks like.

The last day (31th) I had the zipper left to sew in place and the rest of the ribbons that goes down the zipper and around the hem. Let's get to work then!

The ribbon fastened with needles. It goes down the zipper and around the hem.
The hardest part here was definitely to get the stitching down through the zipper without hitting the zipper's teeths. I sewed the zipper area at a very slow speed. You need to be very careful when sewing here and sew straight or else you have your needle broken before you know it. I still ended up unstitching this area a few times. I had a hard time to sew completely straight even though I placed the presser straight on the ribbon were I should sew, it still went a bit to the right towards the teeths and derped. But after 2 hours I managed to get done the rest of the ribbon, just exactly when mom arrived home. What a timing! I also enjoy sewing ribbons and edgings on costumes.

Now my Silver costume is done! Yaay! The only thing that's left is a quick photoshoot of the whole costume all together! Also please excuse the blurriness it's the bad lighting that is the reason behind it.

Cosplayer: Frozen Angel (Silver)
Photographer: Shiro Samurai

Oh my... this entry took me forever to write. What have I been sitting here and writing this shit probably at least 3 hours? Huh huh. Well now it's complete so ~

Bonus Picture!

Smell ya all later at Skecon suckers!

Frozen Angel out.


  1. Ur Silver looks great, I like that wig style soooo much^^

  2. It looking good and I love the jacket <3 And the wig.

  3. Must be tricky when you both need the sewing machine! I feel lucky now for not needing to share mine. xD

    Looks really nice! And so much ribbon! I always find it such a pain to attach, but it often looks so good...

    Bwahaha, there always has to be one derpy bonus pic. xD

  4. It looks good and that rage comic is so true story. XD Bonus pics rule!