Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Green Hero Process Part: 1

Hey all!

During the end of 2012 I decided that Link from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past will be the next cosplay that I will start working on. I wanted to do this version of Link because it's old-school and A Link to the Past is the only Zelda game I have played through and I really loved it. I played it on the Gameboy Advance even if we have the original for Super Nintendo somewhere.

Why just Link from "A Link to the Past"?

I have always liked platform Zelda games better than the 2D and 3D ones that are the nowadays Zelda games. Why? When I was a kid around 5-7 years old I tried both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask at my aunt's place. In Ocarina of Time I started inside a pitch-black building with several floors and when I came to the top floor and went through a door, I saw in the next room well, freaking Ganondorf! I don't know were I was exactly in the game because it was so long ago this happened. Just imagine that scene before you face him when he tries to blow you away or something, with the loud music playing in the background when you're about 5-7 years old and mostly been playing platform games your whole life. It might not sound so bad, but I was scared. Really scared! So scared that I immediately shut down the whole game system! Ever since that experience I haven't dared to play any of the newer Zelda games until Wind Waker was released. I thought of giving it a try when it looked more "fun and cartoon-ish" hence I always played with Tingle which was quite fun. We'll see if I and bro will play through the game one day.

A Link to the Past is also a game I hold close to my heart and which contains a lot of good gaming memories from the past and therefore I wanted to cosplay someone from it, someone who I like and who is male - Link.

Now to the process ~

The Green Hero Process Part: 1

Yesterday (2nd January) I went to the attic -a part of my mom's house- to pick up the fabrics that I will need for the chosen cosplay. Here is the fabrics that I will use:

 and here's what I will sew:

Link from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.
Alright! Once the fabrics were taken to the kitchen -we cut out all the pieces to our costumes in the kitchen- I went to get the patterns that we were going to use for the costume. I have done cosplays in the past with similar shirt designs that are sleeveless so I could just take one I had used before. No need to draw new patterns this time. I put the patterns on the green fabric and drew the lines, adjusted the length for his shirt and cut them out. First time I did this myself, mostly.

Once the shirt pieces (front and back) were cut out, I carried them away from the kitchen and thought about how to do his hat instead. After a while I figured out how to do it because there could obviously only be one way of doing it. Mom also told me to try to figure out the shape by myself because I will need to adjust and draw patterns on my own for future cosplays. I got confused of the head's length because it seemed so big at first on the fabric when I had drawn it. But it was supposed to go all around the head and when I tested and measured half size of the original half I had gotten, it looked way too short. Without further questions or showing it to mom -who often check things before letting me advance, in case I fail which has happened- I cut it out and was hoping it would work. Need to be more self-going and not be too afraid to screw up, like I was before. After that I felt it was enough for the day and I laid the progress to rest. It was getting late and mom was slowly turning into rage!mom so I didn't dare to ask for help either.

Today (3rd January) during evening I continued with the Link cosplay, I was in the mood for it and I wanted to get something done today. So I took the front and back shirt pieces and went to sew them together on the shoulders and the sides. The stitching looked nice but it was very near the edge of the fabric in some areas, where the fabric was uneven. I did a straight stitching right next to all the areas I sewed, to make sure there won't be any holes later. Process after the straight stitching and when the shirt is turned inside-out, like it should be.

You should put the right sides of the fabric against each other before sewing them together but this time neither me or my mom could say which side was the right one on the green fabric. I later found out when I had already sewed the shoulders together... drat. However, there isn't much of a difference and I don't think anyone will even notice it, unless they have really sensitive fingers when touching a fabric, haha. The hat piece that I cut out yesterday, I took a picture of it. To show its shape.

Just think of a fat Triforce and you can't do it wrong!
I tried to sew with mom's overlock machine but the stitching derped and didn't look nice and it has always been derp when I have been sewing with it, for some unknown reason. So mom took the hat sewed it together by placing the right sides next to each other and seconds later it was done. She then took the yellow ribknit-like fabric, cut out an enough long bit of it for my head size and put it on top of the "right turned" hat. Then she started to sew it in place, while stretching it to fit with the green hat fabric. It went well and were done in less than 3 minutes, I also found out what I did wrong with the overlock machine when I saw mom sewing with it. Yeah, so I got something out of it and from now on it should work properly and not derp when I sew, hopefully.

Final results of the hat:

There is no more progress today, so goodnight folks!

Frozen Angel out.


  1. Oh good job so far! You will look very awesome as Link. :D I believe you have a great face for him. Looking forward to seeing your continued progress!

  2. Face censors. XD
    Good luck with this cosplay bro!

  3. Face censors ::D Good job! ^^ Looking forward to this cosplay! Link is just so awesome Q 3 Q ~ Nostalgia <3