Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Green Hero Process Part: 2


I woke up around 11:00 today local time to continue sewing on my Link cosplay. The sewing process started off with picking up two fabric pieces which is going to be the both sleeves' inside linings. I had them cut out since last time. I let the pictures explain the process, instead of writing books.

- Bad quality because I used my mobile phone's camera. I didn't have any better for the time being, sorry -

The lining pieces (4 pieces) that I will attach to the sleeves.
Sewed the pieces together at the ends first and then around them.
Linings attached to the sleeves with needles. Right side of the fabric.
Sewed with straight stitching (right side) and lining folded to the inside of the sleeve.
Same process repeated on both sleeves. Before I started to sew the sleeve linings in place, mom took the scissors and fixed the length of the hem, so that it was even both on the back and front side. When she was done I sewed around the hem with the overlock machine.

Hem sewed with the overlock machine, as seen on the seam.
I took a photo when I had done the straight stitching when I folded the overlock seam to the inside, but the thread color was so close to the fabric color and you couldn't see it clearly in the photo -if at all- so I left that photo behind. The last thing I did today was to cut the small v-shaped shirt opening the character has. I started off with cutting it the exact wrong way it should have been cut, so rage!mom happened and I had a change of mind immediately. Even if I had already cut a small, small hole. She said that I should tell her before I start cutting anything but I said twice that "I start cutting!" and waited several minutes for her to show up, but no wild mom appeared so I tried it myself and well, derp. Luckily there was no further problems with the cut I did, it was easy to just adjust when I cut again the way you should do it. Start from above and move downwards. The shape was so-so according to me but I guess I can adjust it later to my liking, I still need the lining for it, that might do it.

The v-shape opening. It's okay.
Zoom in.
Today I finally learned how to sew properly with the overlock machine -all progress made today was like practice with it- so it feels really good to be able to handle both the normal sewing machine and now this one! I thank my mom for the handy advices. This one will come to good use in the future, heh.

That was all for today. Next time I will do the ribbons to his shirt opening the brown sleeves to his shirt, and maybe I start with the boot covers.

See ya folks!

Frozen Angel out.


  1. Looking so good also I am envy of you, you got an overlock machine and they are love <3. Things look so much cleaner when one is in use.

  2. Good progress for today! Lucky you, having an overlock machine. Did I mention I sew all my costumes by hand? *hardcore kills sometimes, haha* XD Well, keep up the good work!

    1. You sure are hardcore and amazing! I can´t get over it that you did your Asch costume entirely by hand!

  3. You're welcome!

    Yes, I sew everything by hand, including ALL of Asch! (I even sewed his cardboard sheath together, then sewed the thick vinyl cover onto it. Also, I put a hole in my finger from sewing all the red vinyl designs and trim onto his tabard. OUCHIES!) xD

    1. You serious man? Daaaaaaamn. xD

    2. LOL!~ xD
      Thank you. It took about a week for it to heal, and another week for the hole to fill back in. x3 Oh, and it happened again when I had made my haori for Saitou. So I just went to the con with a bandage over my finger, which is visible in some of the pics if you look closely. xD