Monday, February 11, 2013

Sandshrew Gijinka Ears

What's up folks?

Today I promised myself to do the ears for my Sandshrew (Pokémon) gijinka. I will debut the cosplay during Närcon Vinter. I must do the ears today because I need this week for other stuff like school crap and testing my contact lenses and getting used to them before the con. I will write a post about the loads of cosplay related things I have bought some other time.

For this cosplay I will only do the ears because the gijinka design is kimono inspired and Shiro Samurai already have a kimono that works great for Sandshrew that I can borrow for the con. Here's a picture of Sandshrew for those who don't know this yellow cute monster:

The progress started during daytime. I went to the attic to pick up a mustard yellow fabric, which we put away yesterday because we were cleaning the "fabric room". I took the fabric back inside, in other words. When I prepared the fabric on the kitchen table and when I had drawn the first ear example, mom walked by and noticed that I had done a small fault when placing the fabric. She fixed it right and went back to whatever she was doing, giving a not-so-nice comment to me... meh. Looked okay according to me how I placed it first could be worse, definitely. No, I don't cut in the middle of the fabric, haha. Sure it is the "save as much fabric as possible" thinking here even if we have over 9001 meter fabric in the attic, lol. She said before "It's fine to do faults when we have so much fabric" and when you are about to fail rage!mom suddenly appears... yeah. I understand her though, fabric is expensive and I know that. I have drawn the ear shape again on the fabric -now when it was correctly placed- and cut it out afterwards and I kept repeating the process until I had all the pieces for the ears. I cut out smaller and bigger shapes of ears from white and interfacing black fabric. To make the ears sturdier, you know.

Black interfacing and mustard yellow ears shapes cut out.
All shapes cut out. I realized afterwards that I only needed two of those white ones.
When I was done cutting and drawing I went to zigzag them, piece by piece. Of course such unlucky sewer as I am, the sewing machine trolled and made a fugly stitch directly from the start. But Shiro Samurai told me to just ignore it, he said it's "normal". I just couldn't ignore this thing! It's so fugly!

Just looking at it makes my stomach turn, yuck. Luckily it will not be visible in the end.
I told mom to come and look at it, she came and got it solved. It might have had something to do with the needle. I did restart the machine 2-3 times and checked the other things that could be wrong. Nothing changed the stitching. Mom zigzagged two of the yellow mustard ear pieces to try the stitching when it was fixed. Oh well, the stitching looks better now so I can keep working with my mind at ease... I thought!

Do you see the small troll here?
Yeah, when I started sewing the white fabric on top of the mustard yellow one, the darn white fabric wrinkled itself. Not once, not twice but three times! Three freaking times! Now we're speaking about several wrinkles each time and I had to rip the seams two times halfway around where the wrinkles was. After that I lost my temper and ripped the whole white part off from that ear, to make sure that no more wrinkles showed their ugly faces again. I couldn't find the seam ripper when I searched for it so I had to roll with a needle and scissors instead. I do not recommend this method to anyone until you really have no other choice, it takes freaking forever to do. From this point forward I bow down to the speed of the mighty seam ripper and I'm serious. That thing is a beast! After all the rage Shiro Samurai came to help me with it and asked why I didn't have the seam ripper. Well, I would have used it if I had it, it's not like I choose a needle and scissors on my own will. Anyway, he sewed the white part in place on the first try and the other one as well, thanks bro and I remained puzzled why I always get trolled...

White parts sewed in place by Shiro Samurai.
Ironed afterwards by me.
All unnecessary amounts of interfacing fabric cut off.
There is only left to sew the ears together now. But before we do that we changed the plan that was to fill each ear with cotton when mom found this little funny thing:

Yeah, it's those plastic Halloween devil diadems. She happened to have one left.
I sewed the ears together with the right sides facing each other and then straight stitching to prevent holes and possibly fraying. We then turn them so that we see the right side and poke the top of the ears out with chopsticks.

As said above I won't fill them with cotton, I will just place the ears on top of the devil horns and fasten them to the diadem by sewing the ears together from their bottom by hand. But before I got my hands on one of the ears... someone decided to have fun.

Bro, that's not a shoe cover man! xD
There was no problems when sewing these by hand except that on the first ear (left one) I happened to leave too little open space for it at the bottom. So it derped and didn't position itself correctly at the sides when you sewed in too much. I didn't repeat that mistake so the second ear looked like it should, I ripped the seams I did on the first one and did that one again. No faults this time, yes!

Finally done! Didn't look all that bad in the end, heh.
Of course when you are done with something that you have been working with, you have to take a photo with the finished "product" on yourself. So here's my tired face with the right wig for the cosplay and the new ears!

Thanks for watching... I mean reading! Geez, I surely am tired now so I'm out of here. Good night folks.

Frozen Angel out.


  1. I dunno why you almost always get troll!sewing machine. xD Sure it has trolled for me too but not so much I think.

    The ears turned out alright in the end, even though it took longer than planned.

    Footcovers hihihih... ~

  2. Dude I know the feeling when stuff doesn't go as planned.
    Oh well you got pair of ears in the end out of it and it looks good. =D

  3. Man, those ears were quite troublesome little things. D: But I am really glad they turned out looking good for you in the end! It was a very good idea putting them on the devil horns diadem. :) That is something I would have likely done myself. I hope you can get some rest now and have the rest of the week easy!

    OMG 'twas so silly seeing the ear as a shoe cover!! XD