Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Green Hero Process Part: 3

Hello there folks!

Quite some time ago I worked on my Link cosplay a little. Even if it really was a minor progress that time. I decided to shortly write about it now. Before I move on to the progress I will also mention that I have bought the elf ears for Link from Aradani Studios a couple of weeks ago. I love those ears, even if I haven't tested them on yet! I went to get the same green fabric as I have been using for this cosplay. Because mom wasn't home I had to do it all on my own. What I needed to do this time was to re-do the lining thing for his shirt (front side with the cut on). Seemed like both I and mom completely forgot last time that the shirt was supposed to have a v-shaped cut on it. Oh well, you can't remember everything, moving to the progress!

Yeah, you see the v-shaped cut on the shirt.
I took the fabric, placed it on the kitchen table (after cleaning the table) and made sure that I placed it right and afterwards I drew the shape of the lining piece. I tried to figure out a way how to do it by measuring different parts of it over and over again. The first piece I cut out and got in my hands I thought looked all nice and accurate so I was hoping that it would work. But as soon as I placed the lining piece on the shirt I saw the major flaws and thought "How did I think when I made this? No way in hell it would fit!". So I needed to make the cut bigger and especially re-think the shape of the whole thing. At least I was cutting on the hanging leftover pieces of the fabric, those that are the "throw-away-pieces" unless you are doing small stuff, such as linings and details. I re-did the progress and the second time it all looked waay better, I guess I improve through time... sometimes I wonder how the heck I think when dealing with sewing.

 - Bad quality because I used my mobile phone camera again, I didn't have any better for the time being, sorry -

Preparing to cut out the lining piece, using the original piece as a pattern to later adjust.
Cut out the desired shape of the lining. I check its size by placing it on the shirt, where it shall be.
After doing the cut and measuring the exact length of it.
That was all for that progress day. Next time I will do those cross shaped band/ribbon stitches that he has on the v-shaped cut.

Alright! See you all around!

Frozen Angel out.

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  1. Good job on lining the collar of your Link shirt! It is really taking shape now. :) I think those cross shaped things are technically supposed to be a yarn or cord running through the sides of the v-formed cut, to hold it mostly shut. It's similar to how a shoe lace goes through the sides of a shoe. XD