Saturday, April 27, 2013

First Time Testing Contact Lenses

Hello folks!

Now it's the first time for me to try on contact lenses and my choice of lenses are the Super Pinky Hazel ones from the Super Pinky brand. These lenses are bought from Honeycolor. At first I thought they would be way more uncomfortable for the eye than they were. The left eye lens went pretty smoothly in but the right... gosh, it took some time and my eyelid derped a lot! That is why it looks like I had cried in the last photo. When I finally got in the right lens correctly, my eye immediately answered with a  "dirt in the eye" reflex so I just had to hold on, close my eyes and blink like crazy until it felt better. In the end it felt nice with both lenses on. Hence my sight right now is a little bit blurry but nothing that I would focus too much on. It could also be, that I am somewhat tired. The lenses will be used for my Keisuke Sannan (Hakuōki: Shinsengumi Kitan) and Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia) cosplay. Both are characters that I will cosplay a lot in the future, so getting lenses for them was a good investment.

Here is some photos!

Photographer: Shiro Samurai

Lens in my left eye (right on the picture). Taken in the toilet with camera lighting on.
Both lenses on.
Photo taken outside in sunset light.
Lens review:

Color: 8/10 
Very clear and noticeable brown color. Perfect for cute/young brown eyed characters.
Comfort: 6/10 
I personally don't find the Super Pinky series comfortable because of the big size. I also constantly feel that there is something in the eyes. Even in the long run, annoying.
Design: 5/10
I find Super Pinky lenses having a natural and a clear pattern. Like it.
Enlargement: 9/10
I think I have rather small eyes so these look alien on me, 'kay? 
Naturalness: 2/10 
I guess it's not very natural looking when my mom freaked out when she saw me with these on.... *cough*
Opacity: 8/10
Cover the natural color greatly. 


Curious about other colors from Super Pinky? I have reviewed the following: Blue

Frozen Angel out.

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  1. Those lenses look fabulous! :D Definitely a very good investment. I look forward to seeing them make your Kratos and Sannan cosplays compete ~ <3