Sunday, April 7, 2013

Link Test Preview

Hello hello all!

Today when I woke up I decided to try on my Link cosplay with what I have ready for it and take some preview photos of it. This preview was mostly for testing the ears. Oh and the belt is temporal in the later photos.

Enjoy folks.

Cosplayer: Frozen Angel (Link)
Photographer: Shiro Samurai

Prepare yourself for some CD-i Zelda crap!

Bonus Pictures!

The CD-i Zelda images belongs to their rightful owners and creators.

That was all for today and see you next time!


Frozen Angel out.


  1. Oh god the amount of DERP. xD But seriously those ears are so cool!

    And dat gif, ohmaigerd. xDD

  2. Oh god!! >XD DEM DERPS!!

    I must say this cosplay looks good so far, and those ears looks just great! <3 ^^

    That gif is just pure awesomeness! XD <3

  3. a;sjdfklsaj; Okay, I just gotta say that you make such a fabulous and adorable -pinches your cheeks- Link!! ^o^ Your cosplay is coming together really well. The ears, hat, wig and tunic all look awesome, bro!

    OMG dat Mr. Bean face is so priceless LOL! XD Also loving "Don't EVEN ask..", the shot of you giggling, and dat hilarious gif! <3

    Ohhh~? There were sock photos too, ne? Post 'em! >3 lol