Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pre-Game!Kratos Aurion Progress - Pants

What's up?

Remember that I said in the previous progress post that I will work on the pants the next day? Well...

I lied!
No worries, I did start working on the pants yesterday and continued today until I was done with them. I started to sew the pants today after that I was done with some computer stuff. But first, let's look at yesterday's progress:

Sewing the front seams together.
Front seams done on both sides.
Starting to sew the side seams.
Side seams done.
I will sew the inside seams all around, so I put them together with needles.
Pants done, now it's only the waistband left.
The progress went well -and I had to think on my own- but I was quite tired so I quit the progress during 20:00-21:00 and did other stuff. I had to sew quite slowly with the overlock machine because it makes those not-so-fun noises. Today I finished what I left yesterday and here's the progress:

Waistband cut out, I did this the same day when I cut out the pants but I forgot about it.
One seam done, it's supposed to look like a tube.
Folded over and both seams sewed.
Waistband put in place.
Sewing waistband in place.
Wait... it wasn't supposed to look like that! FFFFUUUU -

I guess there is not much more to do than to separate the waistband from the pants and start all over again. Oh and I need to cut out a new and better waistband piece too.

Waistband separated from pants with scissors.
I cut "not-so-straight" so I have to mark with a pen and cut them again.
I accidentally cut on the waistband. Oh well, it sucked anyway.
Moving on to...

Re-doing Progress:

Placed the waistband pattern on fabric and cut it out. Make sure it stretches to the right direction!
Cut out, not bad or good...
Sewed the seam it had and folded over.
Placed on pants. Curses if it isn't right this time!
Sewing the waistband in place. It looks correct now.
Good job boy, way to go!
I had to take in some fabric on the left side because there was too much of it (pant fabric). I picked the left side as the seam won't be visible when my belt and sword will be there to cover it.

Now it's only to sew the pants "foot hems" or whatever they are called...
Le pantalon done! Yeah!
The re-doing wasn't all that bad in the end because my first waistband had more seams than needed and it had more wrinkles too... bleh. So I'm actually kinda glad that I screwed that one up, ahahah! Next up is the collar and then I'm done!

See ya folks!

Frozen Angel out.

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  1. Really nice work on those pants - they look fantastic! If failed the first time, the second time's the charm. :) Good luck on the collar!