Friday, June 21, 2013

Pre-Game!Kratos Aurion Progress - Shirt


Yesterday mom drove me and Shiro Samurai to her house in Finland because we needed to work on our planned cosplays for the coming con-summer. Today I started to work on my Skecon Sunday cosplay - Pre-Game!Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia. Before we're getting anywhere I will show some reference pictures of the outfit that I will start sewing. So this is an official picture from the Tales of Symphonia animation showing Kratos Aurion in his "Pre-Game" outfit, it doesn't have any official name but I will call it "Pre-Game":

Yes, that's the one I will start with now. But I will go more after this color scheme (screencap from the animation):

Tales of Symphonia the animation belongs to its creators and owners.
Notice that his shirt is a bit lighter than in the previous image.

Last but not least I will have my sword hanging the same way as he has in the manga, except that I will just use a normal belt and hang my sword on it, instead of making one that looks like the one he has in the image below.

Image from the Tales of Symphonia manga by Hitoshi Ichimura.
Yes, this means that I will do a hybrid mix of the anime and manga version. Now to the progress!

During the morning mom had been asking me what I wanted to sew and later I went to get my laptop to show her. As soon as I mentioned that it was a version of Kratos, she immediately thought that it was his Judgment/Cruxis outfit, well... I'd love to do it someday -it's one of my dream cosplay- but no way that I do it right now, it's faaar beyond my current skill level. When I got up the reference pictures that I had of Pre-Game!Kratos (both anime and manga ones) she went like "That? That's so booring and siimple, can't you do anything more interesting or detailed?" I told her that it was supposed to be a Sunday cosplay and it should be simple. Besides, a big Kratos fan can't resist to do Pre-Game!Kratos with a Lloyd plushie. It's just too adorable, asdfdsfdsfd! <3

When we looked at the manga together she took it from me and browsed until she saw the first colored page with the whole Symphonia cast in color. While taking a closer look at the characters she soon pointed at Raine, Genis and Sheena and said that she liked their design. Mom also asked why I don't do any of them? I told her that I have no interest to do any of those characters and I pointed at Lloyd and Presea instead and said that if I do anyone else except Kratos, it will be them (mostly Lloyd though, because he's a guy). Then she got interested in Presea and started to talk about how to do her coat. I just tried to change the topic back to the cosplay that I originally planned to do but her "what the fuck" reaction was fun when I mentioned that Presea had a huge axe as a weapon. We eventually got back to Pre-Game!Kratos and after some talk about it, we went to the attic to get the fabrics for it. Luckily, we had all the fabrics needed for it at home and it seems like that I will do a hybrid version of it (mix both anime and manga versions). The sewing progress itself went not-so-smoothly forward today, I was rather tired and had the "pee in the brain" mood the whole day -been tired since yesterday- so I could barely think or focus on the sewing. Wherever I could fail, I failed. Mom got somewhat annoyed that I couldn't do a shit on my own and I admit that I suck at thinking fabric. Even if I understand well when others show me. With plenty of help I started to get things done. Heck I waited way too long and didn't advance at cutting out the pants out of the fabric because I was so damn afraid to screw things up. I know how scary mom is when you cut something wrong. I was told that I could sew the shirt meanwhile and I didn't think of that at all... *shrugs*

Oh well, here are some in-progress photos and I also started to feel a bit better during the day.

Shirt front and sleeves cut out by mom.
Pant back side placed on the fabric.
Pant front side placed on fabric and marked to be cut out by me. I waited so long with this, when it for once was done the right way.
Shoulder seams done with the overlock machine.
One sleeve sewed in place, was a bit tricky to get it right. But I managed on the second try.
The other sleeve put in place. Good, now I know how to do this in the future.
Sewing from the sleeve top straight down to the hem with no stops.
Both left and right side done. I'm satisfied.
Sewing the sleeves openings to prevent them from fraying.
Me showing what the shirt looks like right now when it's turned inside-out, the right way. Photographer: Shiro Samurai.
I cut out 10 cm from the hem, it was too long and sewed around it to prevent fraying.
Sleeve. I sewed straight on the overlock seam which I folded in about 1 cm. But I forgot that I had black bobbin thread and not gray. Oh well, I don't mind it too much, I actually like the contrasts.
Folding and sewing on the overlock seam. Picture of hem progress.
Both sleeves done. I love the fabric, it's so soft!
Sleeves and hem done.
I got everything done on the shirt today except the collar, which I won't be dealing with on my own. They can be a bitch so let's wait until mom is home from her vacation trip. I will continue with the pants tomorrow.

Frozen Angel out.


  1. AnonymousJune 24, 2013

    Nice progress on the shirt!! Is it a knit type fabric? look great and soft too.


    1. Thank you. No, it´s not knit type fabric at all, I don´t actually know myself what it is, but it´s very soft and the back side of the fabric is a bit like leather.

  2. Ohh, excellent progress on the shirt! I was just going to ask what type of fabric that is too. XD It looks sort of like the type I used for Asch the Bloody's tabard. Though yours looks much shinier on the inside! So is it comfy to wear?