Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Animecon X Summary

Hey all!

Our trip to the con started on early Thursday morning when mom drove me, Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki to Kuopio where to con was. We arrived at our hotel (Rauhalahti Spa Hotel) around 14:30 local time, I think? Once at the hotel we all unpacked our stuff and I and mom went to the hotel's restaurant to get something to eat. We were hungry! When done eating and back at the hotel room, I just took it easy, played some PSP and went to sleep.


Saturday came and it was time to change into my Saturday cosplay which was Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia. To put on the cosplay took less time than I had expected it to, I even got in the lenses quite fast! When I was done I just had to wait for the two others and mom drove us to the con. What I wasn't so pleased with, was that I had forgotten my correct shoes for the cosplay, so I had to roll with my new sandals instead. Sure, those were comfortable and so, but I just don't like the thought when the fabric shoe cover is getting dirty and used up when I can avoid that by changing the shoes. Before the con I had told my friend Roll that we should meet each other at the con but I never saw them -my face memory is crap- and I never heard someone shouting "Kratos!" there, which would most truly be them. During the con I attended no activities or panels I just walked around and was with some people I knew like Sacchan, Jäärä and their company. While walking around I took some photos of some cosplayers and of the location. I didn't feel like taking too much photos of cosplayers, there was so many good ones and taking a picture of all the ones I wanted would put me in such a chase around the place! Anyway two location photos:

The Dealer's Hall area. I was at the second floor while taking the picture.
Outside area when you go through the main entrance.
What made me really happy during the day was that I saw other Tales of cosplayers there and these people grew quickly new friends to me. I was thrilled to see  Meredy from Tales of Eternia and Pascal's sister Fourier from Tales of Graces! I tagged along with the Fourier (Wandiery) cosplayer for a while. We chatted and chilled outside until they had to leave as they wanted to watch the cosplay competition. These are the nice Tales of cosplayers! Warm thanks from me for the nice company to both of you!

Meredy from Tales of Eternia.
Pascal's sister Fourier from Tales of Graces.
While we were chilling some persons asked us for photos. Yay! I had been at the Dealer's Hall several times and every time I was there, I was looking at those small Tales of Series Petit Chara Land figurines that one of the sellers sold. I was unsure if I should buy one when there wasn't any figurine that I wanted so much. There was no one from Tales of Symphonia. But at the same time I felt like buying one because it's Tales of merchandise and those are rare here. I would be happy if I get either Leon Magnus (Tales of Destiny) or Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia) because I knew those twos personalities somewhat, especially Leon's because he's in the Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology game that I have for my PSP. At the Dealer's Hall I fetched myself a Groudon (Pokémon) plush hat while thinking about the Tales of figurines. I really enjoyed cosplaying Kratos when there was several people who wanted my picture, even some older persons. There really was Tales of fans out there! I got really positive comments about my costume and some of the fans talked with me for a while about Tales of Symphonia and other Tales of games.

During the day I went with Sacchan, Ri-kun, Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki to Hesburger in town near the con area, to well... eat some burgers. I didn't feel like eating junk food again but here we go. I have nothing else to say about the Saturday, it was a really great day and way more people recognized me than I had expected which was really nice! On the morning I also saw this Ling cosplayer from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. You don't see that guy cosplayed often here, so I just had to snap a photo! Besides Ling took a photo of me too!

Ling from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
Before mom came and picked us up from the con during late evening, I spotted the Meredy cosplayer at the stairs in the outside area and went to chat with them and three other Tales of fans which were right next to Meredy. One of them cosplayed and the others did not. I chatted a bit with them and we talked about our favorite characters, cosplay plans and stuff like that. I noticed that one of them had bought one of those Petit Chara Land figurines that I were interested in. I asked which character they got and wanted and they replied with a silly but disappointed tone "Sain tuon Xillia ämmän!" and for those who don't understand Finnish it's translated to "I got that Xillia hag!" referring to Milla Maxwell and I cracked a bit to that. No offence to those who likes Milla, I like her too! Two of the fans went squeee and said that they both wanted Rutee Katrea (Tales of Destiny). I just nodded, seemed like they both were big Rutee fans. I later asked who Meredy got and wanted, they wanted Luke fon Fabre (Tales of the Abyss) but preferred the long hair version but got Leon instead. I told them that I had been thinking about getting one of those figurines -it is random who you will get- and if I get either Luke or Rutee I could trade or sell with them. I hoped that I get Luke as I wanted Meredy's Leon.

Me (Kratos) talking with Meredy and the others. Photographer: Shiro Samurai.

My cosplay for Sunday was Uryū Ishida from Bleach. When putting on the costume I didn't bother with the face makeup, I just fixed my eyebrows and eyes with my eyeliner. Nothing more. I don't like having makeup on me during long rides and we had a 6 hours car ride to get home to the north again. This day I took the bus to the con and were there earlier than the rest of my company, who got a ride from mom later. When I was at the con on my own I met Jäärä and their gang so I chatted a bit with them and later with Sacchan. When I was getting tired of being outdoors I went indoors to check the Dealer's Hall. While being there I finally decided to buy one of those Tales of figurines, so I did and opened it. I had a feeling that I will get Luke... guess who I got? Aaawyeeah! I got the short hair Luke! Now it was just to find Meredy and do the trade! Now I can get my Leon! So my whole con day went by to search after Meredy. It's really true that you won't find a specific person when you are looking after them the most! I kept walking around the con building countless of times in hope of running into Meredy and while doing this, I picked up my camera to take photos of some cosplayers that caught my interest - be it cool or just downright original costumes/ideas!

Pasila cosplayers! I did "OMG!" when I saw these guys! They were photographed a lot! Kyösti Pöysti (guy with yellow jacket) snatched the gun from another cosplayer.
For those of you who don't know Pasila - Pasila is a Finnish cartoon show about a police team and it's a very hilarious show, I love their comedy! I have laughed my ass off to these guys several times and I bet many other Finns have done that too! I was in awe and cracked totally when I heard the Kyösti Pöysti cosplayer talk... oh holy banana cake! He sounded exactly like the Kyösti from the show! How awesome -and creepy- is that?!

Sengoku Basara cosplayers.
Ikkaku (Bleach) cosplayer with big water pistols were he had written "BANKAI!" on, just so original and awesome!
Ishida felt forever alone at the con compared to Kratos, who were tons of fun! It was a bit boring in a way. I was told that Bleach had already had its peak period. Oh well, the cosplay was comfortable and nice to wear like usual. Before the con closed I went with Sacchan, Ri-kun, Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki the last time to the Dealer's Hall and there I bought a Tropical Pocky from the Japanese candy seller. Shiro Samurai said that they had just been released in Japan and that they were really yummy, so I gave them a go. Like a half hour or so before the con ended I saw Meredy running towards me, they had been searching for me when I had been searching for them! I told them that I had bought one of those Petit Chara Land figurines and that I got Luke. Meredy was fine with "whatever-hair-Luke" as long as it was Luke and would gladly trade their Leon for it! So we traded our figurines quickly and then we said goodbye. Meredy was just about to leave so I was really lucky to have encountered them. Both were satisfied with the trade and I got my Leon and they got their Luke and I went outside afterwards to wait with my gang until mom arrived.

When the clock was about 17:00 mom picked us up from the con and we crammed ourselves inside the car with cosplays on, to take shelter from the horrible rainy weather which was like usual brought to you by Desucon! Paska Desusää, taas meni Ishidan kengät kloridipesulle! Perkele!! xD

Thanks for a great time everyone!


See a photo of yourself in this post? Want it? Just send me a mail and I will send the photo to you in its original size! My mail address is JaatynytxEnkeli@gmail.com. You can also contact me if you took my photo during the con.

Frozen Angel out.


  1. Oh damn I totally didn't see that bankaiwaterpistols!Ikkaku. xD So awesome!
    Also I didn't see those Sengoku Basara cosplayers either.. except that I saw Masamune once from the back walking away from the con area. They were way too far for me to run up to them for a picture. Nyh.

  2. Sorry you didn't get to have your amazing pizza, bro. At least you found something else good to eat!Cool, some Meredy and Fouria cosplayers. I'm really glad that you were popular as Kratos. =D I must say you look boss in that photo of you with Meredy and friends! Congrats on getting the Leon figure you wanted.