Monday, July 8, 2013

Skecon 2013 Summary


I will try to avoid making a text-wall this time to make this con summary more short but expect lots of photos instead. I will only tell about the most important things and experiences at the con, both the good and the bad ones. Why it's being this way is because Animecon is already this weekend and I'm so stressed about it and the con-summer as a whole. So let's have a look at my Skecon weekend!


The trip to Skecon started on Friday 08:25 local time when we jumped on our bus which took us to Skellefteå. Just like last year my company this year was also Sacchan and Shiro Samurai. I decided to be nerdy on the bus so I wore my Waluigi cap and Bowser (Super Mario) t-shirt and on my bag hanged a Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia) keychain. During the bus trip I started to think what my luggage really contained and I thought about my cosplays at first... and it didn't take long before I did a mental facepalm because I had forgotten Ishida's pants! THE PANTS! THE FUCKING PANTS!! However, the rest of the costume was in my luggage together with my two other costumes, luckily. This put a short end to my competition plans and forced me to change my cosplay plans later. I also forgot my payama and some other less important stuff. The bus trip was rather hard for me as my leg had suddenly started to hurt during Thursday evening, so it was rough to sit and try to endure the pain for 4 hours. I couldn't really stand still, sit or hold my legs in a straight position without dealing with the pain. Walking was no problem though. Once at Skellefteå the three of us were all lost and we asked almost every person who came at our way where the con area was. During our walk to the con my Emo Kakuna (read: sleeping bag) was so tired of its life so it tried to do an almost successful suicide! xD

All photos on this summary post except one, is taken by Shiro Samurai.

Sacchan to the left and myself to the right on our way to the con.
Me trying to get Emo Kakuna back to its bag.
Finally we reached the con after some tiresome walking. Goodness that place was hard to find! We had during the bus trip decided to roll with the Hakuōki cosplays on Saturday instead of Friday because all of us were too tired to put on some kilo makeup. I went as Pre-Game!Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia) the first day. Quite early during the day we decided to have a photoshoot at the con's outside area. It was beautiful.

Cosplayer: Frozen Angel (Pre-Game!Kratos Aurion)
Photographer & editor: Shiro Samurai

One picture of me and Sacchan just chilling.

The con day went by walking around the building, playing some Mario Bros. 3 in the game room, enjoying the photoshoots and my company, getting toasted by the weather and having some toasts too! Yeah so prepare for toast pictures!

Drinking some water and trying to not look derp.
We didn't really do much during Friday, we just did what you would normally do at a con the first day. When I got separated from the group I went to the activity room to draw something because I felt like it. Went there, prepared the paper and stuff and as soon as I started to draw I noticed my focus just wasn't there. The pain from Thursday was just getting worse and all my concentration and focus was on the pain instead of the creativity. Because the pain was rough it dragged me down to a more annoyed and sad mood during the whole weekend, sadly. When it was getting late and when we all were tired, we went to our accommodation place to sleep and my company prepared their Metapods and I prepared my Emo Kakuna. I tried to sleep and endure the pain the best I could during the night and I used my Emo Kakuna as a blanket instead of going inside it. Every minute felt like forever and I so wished that I could just sleep! But I couldn't, I was awake hour after hour enduring that pain which was slowly driving me insane. Around 02:00 in the night I got enough of it and hurried to the building's entrance with one single thought in my head which was "Help me with this pain, I can't stand it!" and I asked the con staff there if they could get a con nurse to the building, fast. The staff did what they could and after a while one of the con nurses finally came. I told them how I felt and stuff like that and after some talk I decided to return to my bed and get a somewhat okay position so that I could sleep. Specific positions just hurt like hell and others were less painful. I didn't take any painkillers and if things would get more worse I would inform them right away. The pain did ease up a bit later and I finally fell asleep.


Our main Hakuōki day. I changed to Keisuke Sannan after having a toast on the morning which was my breakfast. This day my pain was a bit better but it was still bothering me somewhat and my mood remained a bit sad and annoyed. I bet my company noticed this during the photoshoots because I wasn't so interested to be the photographer. As the photographer you have to take pictures from different angles and my legs didn't like that, it just hurt more than I wanted it to! Besides, I was hungry. We had some photoshoots outside anyway as the surroundings were nice.

Cosplayer: Frozen Angel (Keisuke Sannan) & Sacchan (Yukimura Chizuru)
Photographer & editor: Shiro Samurai

Later after being the photographer for over 9001 minutes, I started to get really hungry and I was damn serious about it so...

 We went inside to get some toast.


But there was no toast!
Comment: Fuck this!

No toast meant that we headed for Korvgubben which was near the con area to get something to eat.

Food picture!

I do not like being photographed during lunch! I was telling Shiro Samurai that!
After the food we returned to the con to watch Tezya and Akeboshi's live concert, which was the day's highlights. Tezya was good but wasn't really my taste of music, sadly. But I liked his clothing though! Akeboshi was more my kind of music, I enjoyed it a lot and it was calming and pleasant to listen to them. I could for a moment forget my pain when I listened to it. I wanted to buy an album from them after the concert but they were sold out when I reached the merchandise table (you had to line up if you wanted to buy something). So instead of an album I bought a small towel with the text "Akeboshi" on it and got some kind of logo card as a gift that you could for example get a signature on. I went to the other line straight away to get a signature on it. Of course I wanted a signature! These guys are amazing and this was the first time they played live in Europe! So the signature is freaking fabulous at this point! Once I had gotten it, I told them my experience of their music and they were grateful to hear that. When the both artists had performed and when our group had done the shopping, we headed outside again to have more photoshoots.

Cosplayer: Frozen Angel (Keisuke Sannan)
Photographer & editor: Shiro Samurai

When we had done what we wanted to do for the day, we all headed for the bean bed chairs like last year, just to chill. I went on my own to buy mango Pocky for me and Shiro Samurai and they were so good!

Om nom nom! Photo taken by me.
We headed to the accommodation place afterwards and went to sleep. It was easier for me to fall asleep this time but the pain was still there. I just had to endure it once again. This time I went inside Emo Kakuna and it was more comfortable than using it as a blanket. During the night one congoer tripped on me by accident and said "Is there a person here?" I, who just woke up thanks to her clumsiness answered "Yes..." and she went all "I'm so sorry!" I didn't care about her apologies, I just wanted to have my damn sleep! When I, for once could sleep at the con somewhat properly. It did sorta piss me off and this was around 04:00 or 05:00 in the night! It always took me at least 3 hours to fall asleep again... gah! I slept maximum 8 hours on the whole convention.


The last con day. I was glad when I woke up and noticed that I could move my legs straight and bend them without feeling the pain! I changed to Pre-Game!Kratos again as it was my most casual looking cosplay and my hair was not a nice sight, so I preferred to wear a wig on the way back home. When the three of us arrived at the con area we noticed that there were lots of markets outside the con building. While being there we just looked around what they sold and one of the markets had this mega size, perfect, ochimizu shaped glass bottle! My company told me to ask what the price for it was, I thought it's probably around 100 SEK at least. Lolnope so wrong I was, it was only a mere 10 SEK! It was an instant buy! I had no coins on me for the time being so Sacchan gave me 10 SEK and said it was no big deal when I told her that I pay it back. Oh well, Sannan-san gusta very mucho!


Sannan-san's troll level increased by 100%!
We were at the con until the other congoers started to leave then we left too. Luckily we got a ride to town from one of the con staff members and we were so grateful for the kind offer! It would have been a pain in the butt to drag our luggages and shit all the way to the town, so a car ride was more than awesome and welcome!

So tired but we were grateful for the offer!
At town we ate at a Chinese restaurant like we did on Friday and the food was delicious there. We will definitely eat there in the future too. Besides, it was really close to the bus station. When we were waiting for the bus we met two LARP persons and both of them chatted a bit with us. Shiro Samurai took a picture of the one who gave us company during the bus trip. He was really nice and I talked a lot with this guy during the bus trip back home!

Dat awesome LARP guy!
A picture of me and Sacchan waiting for the bus. 

Random talking feat. crap loads of stuff.
When we were on the bus which took us to the con town, we made a promise to top the last year's derps and so we did! Horrible derps are coming through! Enjoy or leave! You have been warned! xD

Bonus Pictures!

Kratos derps!

I think it's coming... !
No, I'm not scratching my ass!
Damn shirt keep your place!
My son!... WHY Y U SO SMALL?
Sannan derps!

Draw me like one of your French girls, plz?
U mad Chizuru?
When you're done here...

Moving on to the next con - Animecon!

Frozen Angel out.


  1. I love all your photos! =D You look so strong and manly as Kratos. <3 Aaw I'm sorry you forgot Ishida´s pants. :'( Well it looks like neither you nor I had any luck with cosplay competitions lately. Hope for the best next time. ^^ omg I love that Kratoast pic, the TOAST. NOW. pic and all the bonus derp pics! XD That ochimizu bottle was a fantastic find! Hope the pain in your feet is all gone now, bro. Rest up for the next con ~

    1. Adsfsdfsdf thanks bro! *tears of proudness* ;__; <3

      Yeah, none of us had any luck about the competition and thanks for enjoying the derps (even if I at times wonder why I do those derps xD). That ochimizu bottle is so coming to use! Thanks for your concern.

  2. Aghaghs Skecon was so much fun! Gotta love all the derps, especially "TOAST. NOW" deserves a special mention of fabulousness. XD Also the megasize Ochimizu bottle was such a great find!

    I have no idea what was with your feet but random pains during con weekends suck major balls. At least it's better now right? Would be uncool if it returned to Animecon..