Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Green Hero Process Part: 4

Yo all!

After two cons and the sewing of a new cosplay, it's time to finally continue on Link. Surely that guy has been up on the shelf waiting for his time to shine again, well now it's the time to pick him up! When I headed for Skecon I thought there was plenty of time to work on Link after the con to get him ready for Närcon - oh brothers... how wrong I had it. I almost did in the pants when I saw the calendar and how close Närcon is!

I already knew at this point that I won't get Link done in time for Närcon but I decided to work on him anyway.

What's left to do on Link:

1. Finish the shirt
2. Boots
3. Sword
4. Shield (commission from Propforge)

The progress started when I picked up my cut-out template for the sword, which I noticed I had to make some adjustments on. I needed to re-draw the handle and make the blade smaller at the edge, instead of the opposite, which I had. I didn't bother with the size because it's only an "example" template and I will need to adjust it anyway when I know the thickness of the blade. When I was done with the templates (had to re-draw them) I went to my stepdad and we talked about how to do the handle. The handle had a rhombus shape just at the end of the blade which made it a bit tricky. Later he went to look after a good wood plank which I could use, meanwhile I went to the attic to pick up a fabric that I will need for the shirt.

Template put in place, now to draw it.
Line drawn in the middle (done on both sides) so that I won't screw up the thickness by accident when starting to plane it.
Adjusting and drawing the handle, this took me quite some time to get it right.
Handle's bottom part done. I figured it out that it be easier to change the bottom shape to circular than keep the old one I had, which would be difficult to sand.
Edge done. Had to be picky with the centimeters when making it smaller at the top and on the handle too.
When I was done with the shape of the sword, I showed it to stepdad and he liked it but he said that we could continue with the sword tomorrow. Alright. There wasn't much to do than to continue with the fabric part of the cosplay - the shirt.

Collar lining sewed together from the sides, to one long lining.
Sewing lining in place, fabric on the right side.
When the lining is in place, I zigzag the other side of it so that it won't fray.
Done with the sewing and zigzaging. Now I must fold the lining over to the "wrong" side of the fabric, where it will stay.
Lining folded and we sew it in place with straight stitching.
Done for today, time for evening supper!
Tomorrow more progress people! Gotta get this guy forward!

Frozen Angel out.

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  1. Good choice of fabric for the shirt - it looks to be of perfect color and texture! Nice start on the sword as well. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product eventually. =D