Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Green Hero Process Part: 5

Like I promised yesterday, I kept working on the Link cosplay today. The progress went smoothly forward and I won't stress anymore with this guy as I already know that I won't get him done for Närcon. I will just keep working with the costume like usual and debut Link at a future con instead. Anyway, off to the day's progress!

I started the day with cutting out the sleeves out of a fitting brown fabric. I did this on my own, yay! Mom said that I'm getting more independent now.

Sleeve pattern put in place.
Sleeve pattern cut out. I use a pen to mark the centimeters, I suck at cutting straight, yet.
Once when I was done with the cutting I went to pick up things that I will need for the costume, prepared them, marked the holes on the v-shaped collar meanwhile waiting for mom to show up. I needed to ask one thing, when done with the preparations I went to help mom with various tasks.

Ribbon preparation and tools to make the holes with.
Holes marked. This wasn't the final placement.
When I got my answer I went to sew the sleeves together with the overlock machine as it's a boss.

Sewing the sleeves together with overlock machine.
Both sleeves done.
I was told that it would be a good idea to iron some interfacing fabric under the lining on the v-shaped cut. This to prevent it from fraying or damaging the fabric when doing the holes. I went to prepare that right after the sleeves.

Interfacing fabric ironed in place. Gosh I had to be careful when the area was so small!
As soon as I was done with the ironing I returned to the sleeves when I needed to zigzag them at their upper parts to prevent fraying.

Sewing process going on.
Both sleeves zigzaged, the needle is there to point out the front side of the arm.
Now it's the hardest part left - to attach the sleeves to the shirt without having it to show my upper skin. There is no skin showing on the official images -he has a brown shirt under the green cloth, according to me- so no skin showing for me either! Mom was like "How does this work... ?" at first when she looked at the outfit. But she just put it in place like you would do for a regular sleeve -almost- and told me to sew it, it was a test and none of us knew what the outcome would be. Either it worked or not. Off to sew it!

Sleeve put in place by mom.
Sewed in place by me, seriously looks like a cake or something!
Sleeves in place, it went well!
During the evening I went to search for a specific pair of shoes, which could work either as a temporal pair of shoes for the con or as a boot cover base. I think I found a suitable fabric instead of the one mom sold earlier but just those shoes... I couldn't find them anywhere! Luckily mom found at late evening a pair of black shoes which I could use temporally. I just need to sew a boot cover to the upper part of the shoe and feast it with a rubber band in place on the temporal shoes.

See you later!

Frozen Angel out.