Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cosplay Repair - Kratos Aurion


So those of you who have read my Närcon 2013 Summary post knows that my Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia) cosplay took some damage at the convention. Wondering what's up with that cosplay right now? Well, I have been fixing and working with it during the last weeks more or less and today he's finally ready for Tracon 8! Sweet!

This is what I fixed on the cosplay:

- Sewed new rubber bands to the back of the shoes.
- Glued the metallic part back to the sheath.
- Used wire and glue to fix the shape of the wig.
- Re-painted and gave a completely new look to the sword.

Progress will not be uploaded by date but by different "parts".

Sword - Sheath:

The metallic part loose from the sheath.
I turned the sheath cloth inside-out and sewed the corners to give it the correct shape, so that the metallic part can be attached later.
Sewed and correct side showing. Notice the v-shape.
Metallic part attached with silicone. I hope it holds now.

Blade of the sword sanded with sandpaper, to make the surface even for spraying later.
Zoom on the sanded blade surface.
Zoom on the handle. Notice the dirt and coloring.
Zoom on top. This needs to be fixed as well.
Covered the areas of the sword that I don't want silver colored. Preparing.
Spray painted the blade silver. The other side's colored surface got stuck on the commercial which left some marks on it.
Old handle ribbon getting removed... by force! Karlsson's Klister (glue) sure is keeping things in place!
Ribbon removed, handle sanded and sprayed with gray paint. The color happened to reach its way to the red top...
... and the blade! Asdfsdf! Even if it was properly covered and put in place.
Painted but I dislike the failed "red on the gray area" let's fix it.
Top covered with newspapers the best I could. I sprayed the handle again with the gray paint.
Just look at that top after the minutes or careful newspaper placement! Didn't work for shit!
Top painted again. Not perfect but better than last time (I went to pick up a better pencil as well).
The new ribbon color.
Tried to glue the ribbon in place with fabric glue at first but it didn't work. Then I glued it with Karlsson's Klister and hell yeah, way to go!
Ribbon progress, I tested it first without glue to see if I could get the pattern right.
Almost done with ribbon progress!
Handle done and zoom on ribbon pattern.

Sword when done 2009, no spray paints used.
Sword make-over 2013, with spray paint.

What the rain damaged spike should look like.
I have been thinking about using wire to get the spike to stand up as I heard from my friend Sabi that it works well and is sturdy, they used it for a costume too. So I went with a thicker wire and worked with it until I got the desired shape. Took me a few tries. Thanks for the tips and advice Sabi <3

Fallen spike put back up with the help of wire.
This was also my first time working with wire on a wig. I also fixed some of the front hair with glue so that they keep their place. Sadly I have no pictures of that and the wire tries, why? You know, you shouldn't hold a camera when you have glue everywhere on your hands... almost. But I am satisfied with this!


Gray-thing glued in place, it was loose. Old damaged rubber bands also cut off from both shoes.
Ripping off the rests of the old rubber bands.
Ripping complete.
New rubber bands cut out. 27 cm each.
One side sewed in place.
First shoe done.
Process repeated and both shoes done.
 Tracon 8 is soon here, I'm coming!

Frozen Angel out.


  1. The sword turned 20% cooler for sure.

  2. The repairs to your Kratos cosplay turned out nicely bro! :^) I can see that you really put a lot of work into them, as they look completely restored now! Excellent job ^o^