Monday, January 13, 2014

My Top 3 Future Genderbend Cosplays!

Welcome back!

During the past months I've read many different opinions about genderbending characters at to get an idea of what I can expect to hear when genderbending cosplays myself. The thing is, I really want to cosplay some characters of the opposite gender mostly for their design but also personality. I don't cosplay female characters for personal reasons, I did it once with Prison!Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach) and I will never do it again.

There is so many different opinions about genderbending at the thread that I looked at but it seems like many people there are more "hyped/curious" to see female characters as male versions than vice versa, why this? At the thread, many disliked that male to female genderbend cosplays many times end up being a "slutty" or "sexy" version of said male character. Even if the character doesn't wear revealing clothing or anything fitting to be turned into that, to begin with. I don't mean to say that it's wrong to do these versions, cosplay what you want and have fun! If you like showing off and are proud of your body, do it! No one's stopping you. But I personally like it when the design at least stays close/similar to the original character and is recognizable, be it male or female genderbend that's my two cents in this area. I'm not gonna tell anyone to stop their creativity when it comes to genderbending, just have fun with it! People have very different reasons to genderbend and they all should be accepted as well as the fact that some dislike it and others like it. Now when my opinion about genderbends is behind, I will reveal my Top 3 future genderbends - female to male versions.

It's countdown time! ~

3. Peorth from Ah! My Goddess

As a big Ah! My Goddess fan, one could only see the cosplays coming at one point in my cosplay life. What to say about Peorth? I know that she is the "Goddess of Fanservice" to probably many out there, but in the 36 volumes of Ah! My Goddess I've read so far -Finnish release- I honestly never saw her as a walking "sex bomb". Instead, I saw her as an interesting person with hell of guts and attitude to get what she wants. I love her for that. The problem for me when it comes to Ah! My Goddess is that almost all the characters that have -in my opinion- an interesting design, are women... no Goddesses! Thus making it difficult for me as a male cosplayer to cosplay these ladies. Ever since I came across that design of Peorth I just had to cosplay it, somehow! That is probably her least revealing outfit and in my opinion by far her most beautiful/Goddess-like one. I can just imagine what that outfit can be turned into on a male version of her! Hohoho <3

2. Lind from Ah! My Goddess

Anime version.
More Goddesses! This time a more badass one and the only one that immediately caught my interest when she showed up in the manga. Why Lind? She and Peorth share some traits in common that just makes me love them! Like that they both are cool, strong and have an attitude. However, I see Lind as a bit more emotionally detached and cautious than Peorth even though she is caring deep within. What is even better is that Lind is the only character in Ah! My Goddess who has a weapon and is a born fighter and her weapon is a damn axe to boot! So, a badass battle Goddess with attitude and an axe to back it up, this just can't be wrong! Besides, that design shouldn't be too much of a problem to make a male version of either! I actually have some ideas already!

1. C.C. from Code Geass

Straitjacket version.
Could one be so madly in love and interested in a character's design and why they wear it, so badly that they end up watching 50 episodes of an anime? Yes! My main reason for watching the entire Code Geass anime was to find out why C.C. is dressed like that and her story. I did find out and holy banana cake this anime's ending made me cry! Something that very, very seldom happens to me when I'm watching something. Code Geass is a masterpiece and definitely worth seeing and C.C. is taking the Top 1 spot on this list with ease. I already have the design ready, it just need some small adjustments.

See you and thanks for reading! Do you have any genderbend cosplay plans? Share them! <3

EDIT: For quite some time ago, I changed two characters on this list. If you are interested to see which ones got changed and to whom, check out this list.

Frozen Angel out.


  1. Oh this is really interesting. I dont have anyplans my self to genderbent anyone or maybe I do you got me thinking of a, maybe case.

    I do also belive people tend do more sexy genderbent for the reason it shall show it is a genderbent but you can be sexy in clothing too.

    But I dont see that much that people genderbent with female to male with would be awesome to see how these characters turn out if you do them. they have really good potential and I blelive CC would be awesone to see.

    So I may do one genderbent deends on if I can come up to a good desing and also I need to Gijinka version also at the same time XD

    You got me to thinking about it now <3

    1. Ahaha, great! Tell me if you run into one you want to do :)

      True! I know, that´s what I read too and why many people are more "curious" about FtM genderbends than vice versa, as I wrote in the text. I have Peorth´s design ready (might change parts of it later), Lind is in the thinking process and I have some clue how I want to do it and C.C has also a design ready needs some changes though.

      Thank you for your comment!

    2. Well that is true, it will be fun to see them when they get done. =D

  2. Awesome character choices bro!! I look forward to seeing your male designs and final genderbend cosplays of them. =D Expect the Goddess ones to take a while longer to make since they are Fujishima designs, after all. :^)

    1. Thank you! I designed Peorth a few days ago and have some thoughts about Lind, C.C is also done I just need to change a few things on it. Í´d gladly show you someday on Skype!

    2. You're welcome, bro! It sounds like you've made great progress. I am really stoked to see your designs for all three, so I'll have to hit you up on Skype soon!