Monday, February 10, 2014

Kitacon 6 Cosplay Plans

Hi there peeps!

This year I will attend Kitacon in Kemi, Finland which is held the 1st-2nd March. Kitacon is one of the few cons that I will attend this year and I plan to hit the con together with my usual cosplay company which is - Sacchan, Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki. I've heard from Shiro Samurai that the building isn't the same as last year so we'll see what happens with our photoshoot plans. Oh and I look forward to meet Thaki and his brother at Kitacon!

I'm done talking so let's head over to what I will actually cosplay there!


Pre-Game!Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia.

Uryū Ishida from Bleach.
Our little group of four decided to cosplay whatever we feel like for Saturday and we all agreed to go as characters from Bleach on Sunday. We want to have a small Bleach group and experience some nostalgia.

Frozen Angel out.

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