Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Levi Makeup Test

After recently seeing and reading Sacchan's Mikasa Ackerman makeup post, I got reminded that I also have a character from Attack on Titan that I want to cosplay and whose makeup I should try out and write a post about. My character of choice is -as some of my friends and readers already know- Levi. To be honest, I didn't really like him in the beginning but started to like him more and more as the story proceeded in the anime and now he's my favorite character. The reason why I picked him mostly -apart from actually liking the character myself- started when I asked Prince and SilverRacoon that if I cosplay from Attack on Titan, who should I cosplay? Both of them said immediately Levi and that I should really do him. This ignited the start of the cosplay spark for the character. Levi gets even more cosplay points from me when I noticed that he's a short badass character, which means that I can cosplay him with the height I have, at ease.

Now when you guys and gals got some background information why I picked the character, let's move on to the photos!

Cosplayer: Frozen Angel (Levi)
Photographer: Shiro Samurai

First off, this is what my makeup looks like. I'm pretty satisfied with it for being my first try, hence I'm a bit meh about the eyebrows. Gonna practice more before debuting the cosplay for sure. Oh and I decided to wear military-ish clothing to match the series theme better -not like I mind it at all- and having it look more acceptable on the character as well. I don't imagine Levi in a pink payama directly, haha.

Eyes open.
Eyes closed.

The second I took a cleaning mop in my hand I became a different person.


My trusty pals.
I clean the shit out of you!
I saw that dirt you tried to hide!
Offer your hearts to... Ajax? xD
I had a hard time keeping a serious face during those photos. Really.

Myself (to photographer): You just can't keep a serious face when you pick up cleaning articles with this character and try to look soldier-serious with them! The second I finished that very sentence my face looked like this:

Perfect dear face, well done! I love you so...
When the "photoshoot" was over I wanted to have my weapons, err... these things.

Levi gusta.

Mind if I clean your shoes before you leave? ~

Frozen Angel out.


  1. Awesome, you really do look quite a bit like Levi. This cosplay is going to be glorious.

  2. Levi sopii sulle tosi hyvin! :) Tosi onnistunut meikki ja nuo kuvat kyll piristi miun päivää! xD Kiitoksia!

  3. Dem bonus derps. xD <3 I'm dying here!!

    The make-up came out pretty well for a first try, just practice a bit more before the con to get a "cleaner look" (*looks at eyebrows*) and it will be fabulous. Also it's nice you get to cosplay a character every once in a while who's actually short and still awesome; at least with Levi no one can come and give you the "too short for [insert character here]" crap that you've told me you've had before. That sucks. If someone gives you shit just shove the cleaning mop up their arse. ;)

  4. Dem faces are gold, period XD
    Can't wait to see the uniform version! And the random roleplay huehuehue. Thanks for the laugh with dat cleaning stuff though ;)

  5. Oi ihana, päivän pelastus nuo siivouskuvat xD! (vaikka en Attack on Titania olekaan katsonut, pari hahmoa nimeltä tiedän) Hienosti sopii Levi meikki sinulle!

  6. Heichooooou~
    T. Krista

    hyvältä näyttää, ja varmasti vielä paremmalta jahka saat oikeet kuteet :)

  7. Bro, you make one awesome Levi!! Nice work pulling him off. :D Love those intense cleaning pics! hahaha!!