Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tales of TUUUUUI ~

Don't ask about the title you will have your explanation later in the post, hihi ~

There has been this one weekend that I've been eagerly looking forward to since the end of March. Why? Because my good friend Sairu-Chan will visit me again during that weekend and this weekend just happened to be the Easter weekend, so Easter just got 20% more geekier for us! We pick our weekends when it works for the both of us and this time it just happened to be the Easter weekend without any of us being aware of it when we decided upon it, heh. So what did we geeks do during Easter? Well, like the previous geeky-times we had fredagsmys, played Tales of Symphonia (Nintendo GameCube version) with our cosplays on and cried - visible or inside - while playing the game during that one specific event *sob*

Sairu-Chan also played some Mad Father and The Crooked Man both being horror-games on her laptop at one evening while I watched her play and sort of shit myself on The Crooked Man when the enemy, well...The Crooked Man showed up (dem images *shivers*) but hence I really liked the Mad Father character - Dio. Apart from gaming, fredagsmys and TUUUUUUI we also decided to have a photoshoot with our Tales of Symphonia cosplays because Sairu-Chan took her Sheena Fujibayashi cosplay with her this time. We put on our cosplays during Friday morning and dragged ourselves to the small beach area near my apartment to have a photoshoot together with Valkoinen Samurai as our photographer and Hasakitsuki.

Cosplayers: Jäätynyt Enkeli (Kratos Aurion) and Sairu-Chan (Sheena Fujibayashi)
Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai

Oh and if anyone noticed, the contact lenses that I have for my Kratos cosplay this time is not the same ones that I have been using earlier. I decided to discard the old ones (they started to get very dry and blurry fast) and bought new ones called Volte Brown instead and they are much more comfortable, I have you know! More about the lenses in a later post.

Could we be serious all the time? Absolutely not when Valkoinen Samurai started to swear at all the random photobombers in the background and it didn't get better when Sairu-Chan suddenly outbursted with "Nakkivene!" out of nowhere and started to hymn the melody to the song...and everyone tagged along without even knowing how it goes and got it stuck in our heads!

Bonus Pictures!

Have a gif!

I like winds capes ~
Oh, you still wonder what TUUUUUI is? Well, let me sum it up for you:

D´aaaaw! <3
Tui, tui ~
Eherm, we're so in-character here. But TUUUUI ~
 I don't know if it's only me and Sairu-Chan that uses TUUUI but it's pretty much saying "aaaaw" if you didn't figure it out.

Oh and one more thing...

Until next time.


  1. Kiituksia viel mukavasta viikonlopust! :'3
    TUI <3

  2. Oh you two look so good! :) And those chibi dolls are too damn kawaii :3

    1. Thank you! The plushies are dear to me ^^

  3. This picture of Kratos holding Sheena is really cute ~
    And love the flying cape :D
    But I seriously can't get over the last picture.
    (And Blogger trolled me so I had to re-write this comment 9 times FFFFFUUUUUUUUU)

    1. Thanks! It´s hard to come up with good picture ideas because Kratos and Sheena barely talk/interact with each other during the game, which is sad.