Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Walpurgis Time!

A few days ago I were at mom's place together with Valkoinen Samurai and Hasakitsuki where we helped mom with the donut baking and the making of sima. Sima is a traditional drink that we in Finland drink during Walpurgis and the taste of sima can't really be described, it's a very specific taste but it's one of my absolute favorite drinks of all time, that I can say for sure. During Walpurgis mom said that people sometimes dress up, so guess what this hints to a cosplayer? A good excuse to cosplay! So today I put on my C.C. (Code Geass) wig for the first time because I wanted to see how long it is on me and if the wig works for the design that I had in mind for my genderbend version of C.C. and it did work! Great! Apart from the character wig the rest of my clothes weren't anything special, they were just something I threw together and found in the geeky part of my wardrobe. The character is no original character or anything. Once I had my fancy clothes on I kept waiting for Valkoinen Samurai and Hasakitsuki to arrive at my place and once they arrived, we headed pretty much immediately to the beach area near my apartment to have some photos of the three of us.

Photographer: Valkoinen Samurai

The wig and the way I have it on the pictures are pretty close to how I want to have it on the actual cosplay. I might do some small changes if I feel like it later.

When we arrived at the beach area we noticed that there was a lot of people gathered there and it didn't take long before I and Valkoinen Samurai figured out that it was the "Maj brasan" (May bonfire) that was the reason behind the amount of people. Maj brasan is something that we have here in Sweden (I'm not sure about Finland) every year during Walpurgis day and the Maj brasan itself is a huge pile made of countless tree branches and other wooden stuff that are meant to be burned. While the whole thing is on fire people are standing around it, watching it burn, warming themselves and generally enjoying their time. We stood near the Maj brasan ourselves a few times to warm us up during the photoshoot because the wind was really cold. Once we were done with the photoshooting the three of us went to my place to have some donuts with sima and to play some Monster Hunter together.

Nothing more for today, next time is a lens review!


  1. There's no sima in Sweden, just sayin'.
    Also if the link is supposed to be to my other blog I'm not even sure if I will write about the making process, maybe just post a few pics if anything; I'm not sure at all. I'll see about it but now I need to sleep.. zzzz...

  2. Vähän niinkun vappu-kokko siis? Ei taida olla meillä suomessa tuollasta, ainakaa täällä kaukana etelässä :'D
    (en ees tienny et vapulle oli joku enkunkielinen sana, höhö)

    1. En itsekään ole nähnyt Suomessa ja kyllä vapulle on enkunkielinen sana, sain tämän itse tietää Valkoiselta Samurailta.

    2. hämmennyt. Eli siis Puella Madokassa ne tappelee Vappuyötä vastaa... ei ihme et haluuvat tuhota sen xDDD