Saturday, May 17, 2014


Hiyah all!

Cosvision - a con held in Turku, Finland for the first time this year and one I did not attend despite having an interest in the con. I had an interest in the con mainly as it was labelled to be a con having focus on cosplay. The con was held last weekend (10th-11th May) and even if I did not attend it, my bro Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki gave it a go. Before they started their trip to Turku I asked if they could for a keychain of Levi (Attack on Titan) or C.C. (Code Geass) as I'd like to have one of these characters on my main bag to make it more geeky. During one of the days Shiro Samurai called me and told me that he saw this one seller who had a Boo (Super Mario) lamp for sale and he asked me if I was interested. Of course I was interested when the price on it wasn't that bad -actually cheaper than I expected it to be- and because it's Boo! I like Boo as a character! How could I not want a Boo lamp on my working table that shines up when you get close to it? Shiro Samurai also told me that he saw Attack on Titan keychains there too but they had all the characters from this one particular set except Levi, meh. Anyway! He bought the Boo lamp and I went to visit them later to pick it up after they had returned home from the con.

Today, I checked what batteries I would need for the lamp and went to buy the right kind of batteries right away, I just had to test it out! Once back home I went to read about the battery type I bought (and others too for that matter) before testing it out, just to have some understanding and knowledge in this area and what I should do if something happens to screw up. After all the reading I decided to roll with what I have for now and test them.

Prepare for geeky pictures in 3, 2, 1 ...

Unlit Boo lamp along with the batteries I bought for it.
I really like this lamp and how it functions! Let me explain how this lamp works. The Boo lamp stays unlit if you do any of the following:

-  Have it on OFF mode (duh!)
- When you're out of its "sense" zone
- When you're still for a moment while being in its "sense" zone including still and small movements

If you want Boo to light up and "notice you" just do the opposite to what I wrote above and Boo will look like this:

Yo, saw you!
When I took the photos it was very light outside so it doesn't show so well what Boo looks like when it's light up, so I took it with me to the entrance of my apartment where it's darker.

The light up color is actually more purple-ish.
As the title suggests, I can summon this lamp up with two words and a picture:

That's all for my geeky lamp post and this left me once again wondering why Shiro Samurai always runs into the coolest stuff at cons when I'm not at the con myself! I mean, he found that fabulous Waluigi cap for me and now this Boo lamp! Damn!

Until next time!

Frozen Angel out.


  1. You're like "I wanted a keychain but got a lamp". :'C höhöh x)

    But OMG this Boo lamp is even cooler than I thought it would be when it's power on! So friggin' sweet! I think I love this thing! 8D *coughshouldhavekeptitcough* XD eiku

  2. aika makee! empä tuommosta nähny conissa : D
    Mäki muistan nähneeni SnK avaimenperiä, ja mielestäni siellä oli levi o_O ehkä ne sit oli loppunu

  3. That lamp is so awesome >w< and cute. I love it =D

  4. Voi että on sievä lamppu, itsekin tykkäisin! :)
    Itseasiassa itsekin olisin halunnut sen Levi-avaimenperän, mutta kun sunnuntaina Omoin pöydille palasin, niin jäljellä oli vain Eren, Sasha sekä Mikasa *yksinäinen kyynel*