Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Backpack Scouting!

Yo peeps!

Once again I told Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki to look for things that I might be interested in when they left for Desucon (6th-8th June) last weekend in Lahti, Finland. Just like the last time when they were in Cosvision they didn't found any of the keychains that I had been looking for. Instead they did found something better - much better! Oh and I actually told them to look after what they found this time but I didn't expect it to be that awesome! As the title suggests yes, they went on a backpack search scouting and returned with this:

I think I died, dat Levi backpack! <3
What it looks like inside.
Main pocket opened. It says Mofancy on the inside fabric.
Backpack tag that came with it. I believe it being original going after the quality and price of it.
I think most of my readers already know that I'm currently into and hyping about Attack on Titan and Levi is easily my favorite character from the show -so far and I believe will stay- and it feels great to finally have a proper bag featuring a character you really like that you can carry around with you to cons. I will use this bag only as a con bag and yeah, I gave my Hakuōki: Shinsengumi Kitan bag that I bought from Närcon last year to Sacchan and wanted a new and bigger one with a character and show more dear to me.

Yesterday Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki returned home from the con so I went to fetch the Levi backpack up from them along with some Japanese candies that they also bought for me that I wanted. They told me to search the bag to find the candies so I did. I found them.

Japanese green tea & toffee candies. Normally I don't like green tea stuff at all but these are good!
But I kept checking the backpack's pockets and noticed a surprise inside one of the pockets and I think I died at how fabulous Japanese candy bags can be!

Jean Kirstein on the front cover.
All-in-all this is what I got this time:

For those of you who are curious about the price of the Levi backpack it was 49 € and it's totally worth it! If you love Levi, the design of the bag (as I do, I love how clean it is!) and Attack on Titan. Levi leviää kaikkialla eiku ~

See you! 

Frozen Angel out.


  1. Oh God, I want that backpack too! ≧ω≦ But I have to save money for my school books and more stuff, so... And that SnK candy bag, asdlaondjvnujc ~~ Did the candies taste good? :3

  2. Näin noita snk karkkeja täällä ja mun on ehkä pakko ostaa niitä l'D

    Psst täältä löytyy avaimenperiä, voin napata jos haluat ;)

  3. It was a bit hard to let go of the bag because it's so comfortable to carry and awesome. XD I wonder what the SnK candies taste like!