Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Suit!Levi Preview

Hello all!

For some time ago I ordered a gray shirt from eBay that looked just like the shirt that Levi from Attack on Titan wears and it was in my size! I was very happy to see this auction on eBay and placed a bid right away and later I won the whole thing when being the only bidder, sweet. I have been waiting eagerly for the shirt to arrive so that I can take some preview photos of the cosplay before debuting it and guess what? The shirt arrived yesterday! Also during the same day I called Shiro Samurai if he could photoshoot me at the building where he and Hasakitsuki lives. Said building is built during the period of WWI and would therefore fit very well with the architecture and environment seen in the Attack on Titan anime and manga. So yes, that's right! I put on my cosplay today, had an awful 2 hours makeup rage where I kept failing too much while trying to get the makeup to look somewhat good on me. I decided to test my new Rimmel waterproof ink-ish makeup on the same run as it seemed cool and I wanted to try it out... only to have the fucker leaking and getting inside my left eyelid and making it itch and hurt so bad that I wanted to drown my head in the toilet! No kidding, I was raging.

Once done with the makeup and achieving a "so-so" result I decided to roll with it and not bother more even if I'd like to, when I weren't really satisfied with the result. I just couldn't keep it up as the more makeup I applied and later removed, the more it started to itch and hurt in my left eye and the area near it, especially. This is why my makeup look messy and I apologize for that. But I will practice the Levi makeup a few times before debuting the cosplay at my next con which will be Närcon 2014. That's right! You folks are going to get a before debut sneak-peek at one of my Närcon 2014 cosplays which is - Suit!Levi from Attack on Titan.


Cosplayer: Frozen Angel (Suit!Levi)
Photographer & editor: Shiro Samurai

It's time for Attack on Crack! In other words...

Bonus Pictures!


You think the derps were good? Have a gif!

You like? Good! Have another one!

That's it for today and I'm off to kill some titans before heading to bed, see you ~


  1. Those gifs, I can't breathe. XDDD

  2. Hong kongin lentokentällä oli jotain sua vastaan aamulla, koska kun yritin avaa tätä ni wi-fi katkes saman tien :'D
    Mut hei, hyvältä näyttää! Mulla käy välillä kans tota samaa et menee nestemäistä kajaalii silmäkulmaa, se ei oo kivan tuntusta >_<

  3. Wow, so cool photos! Especially the third one (shot from above) looks like real life Levi :3 And because those gifs I'm laughing my ass off right now XD

  4. Niiin hyvää kuvalautaa tuli <3 Levi sopii sulle tosi hyvin! Ja nuo gifit on kauniita! 8D

  5. I almost peed my pants because of the gifs. Really. XD
    You look really good as Levi, needs moar shoots! (and moar derps, huehuehue)