Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Green Hero Process Part: 7

Hey all!

The last days I've been having this cosplay hype going on and it's all thanks to Skecon that is during next weekend. This hype has brought new life to my inspiration-somewhere-I-don't-know that gave me the kick needed in my ass to finally start working on Link again and get him done this year, seriously. With the weather being very nice the whole day today, I took my bike and biked my way to mom's place in Finland and started to work on Link's sword there.
At first stepdad showed me how to use the main tool that I was going to use and then I tried it. I used it a bit wrong at first so stepdad returned and told me how to hold and use it properly with very good examples and explanation. After this I started to work on my own again. It's all about how to use something and getting used to how it works for the best results.

Stepdad milled one side quickly as a demonstration and I continued on the other side on my own. First side of the blade.
Later when I'm more satisfied with my grinding (still the same side of the blade).
I took a small break and went to have some tea and bakery outside together with mom and stepdad. After that I went to continue working on the other side of the blade until it was time to eat proper food and after that pancakes. After having my first pancake I took a food break and went to work with the sword again. This time I started to grind the handle -I was done with grinding the blade- so that it would have more of a round-ish shape. I don't want it completely round though, I just want it so that the handle is comfortable to hold.

I did it faster than expected. One side done.
I repeated the process on the other side of the handle and the bottom part of it. When I was done for today I went indoors changed out of my working clothes and took a picture of the entire sword from today's progress.

Both sides of the blade are milled and the handle is as well. Next time I will sand and paint it.
I can't believe that almost an year has passed since the last Link progress post! TIME Y U NO SLOW DOWN?!

See you.

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  1. OHMAIGLAWD you actually did some Link (linker, hihi asssaaa) progress! :D Long time no see hah!
    It's coming along great so far, I hope you get him done for this year! It would be about time and I seriously want to see the whole costume finished. Keep at it!