Monday, August 18, 2014

Nerdcon 2014 Summary


Nerdcon -the newly started con in Umeå- is now behind us and I together with my brave crew consisting of Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki arrived safely and victorious within the walls of our hometown after a tiresome and dangerous mission at the con...

Friday (pre-Nerdcon)

I left my apartment on Friday to go to Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki's place only to follow them out to the closest bus stop near their place pretty immediately I got there. We took the bus to Umeå and after too many hours we finally arrived at Umeå which is about 380 km south from our hometown. At Umeå we saw Hitsu waiting for us pretty immediately after that we got out from the bus and she drove the three of us to her apartment in the outskirts of the city. The rest of the day -for my part- went to mainly watch the three of them playing Super Smash Bros. and Mario Party (yeah, the first one) on Hitsu's Nintendo 64. I only played a few matches on Super Smash Bros. with character's I like to play with and watched the rest. I did this mostly to avoid rage editions on both games especially on Mario Party. Everyone who has played a Mario Party game at one point in their lives, knows that they are literally made to break friendships and get chairs thrown at you. No matter what you do against your fellow players in that game, you're either a dick or growing one on your forehead, period. Besides, I enjoy watching others play anyway so I don't mind at all having less game time. If you want to read about our gaming time feels and hilarious moments, take a look at Shiro Samurai's Nerdcon summary post here. After all the gaming time and all the laughing and TENTACLE! moments we decided to head to bed.

Now, to the actual con day...


I woke up at either 08:00 or 09:00 thinking that I'll be the one needing the least time to put on my cosplay makeup as I felt pretty confident doing the Levi (Attack on Titan) makeup now... I thought. When my company was done with putting their costumes on (including Hitsu) I was still trying to fix the makeup on my right eye. The makeup went smoothly to apply and I got the base part how I wanted it but I soon noticed that my right eye makeup wasn't even, compared to my left one and of course, I was bothered by it and wanted to fix it before heading out. I was the last one to put on my cosplay out of 4 and obviously, the last one to be ready and leave the house. With all of us done we left the building, climbed inside Hitsu's car and she drove us towards the city of Umeå or more precisely the con location. We got to the city quite fast and then we searched for a parking place where Hitsu could park her red car. She soon enough got the car parked and we headed towards the city and after a small walk we saw this:

The goal has been reached! Booyah!
We went inside and took the elevator to the floor the con was on -I think it was the 3rd floor- and outside the elevator to the left, we saw the Nerdcon ticket/information table! I picked up my Star Wars folder from the depths of my bag where my Nerdcon volunteer paper was safely guarded by Master Yoda, hihi. When it was my turn in the line I showed up my volunteer paper and in exchange for it, I got this badge band around my neck where it says that I'm a volunteer. Hehe, feeling special here <3

Photographer: Shiro Samurai

Mweheheh, sweet ~
I think the clock was somewhere around 10:00 or 11:00 when we arrived at the con and my work shift would start at 13:00 so I hadn't that much time to look around the con before I had to be at the information table to get work instructions. But I managed to take a peek inside the game room and the Dealer's Hall and snap one photo each.

Game room with some people playing.
Near the Dealer's Hall entrance.
After visiting said places I speeded my way to the cafeteria to see what it looks like and then I had to leave for the information table, get the work instructions and all that was left now, was to enter -cleaning- Levi-mode.

All the photos from here and forward are taken by Shiro Samurai

Captain Levi signing up for duty!
I was told that the cleaning job is pretty soft but I was pretty sure that would not be the case for me. I did different stuff ranging all from removing and replacing full trash bags to take care of the bottle and cans so that the con can take out the money by recycling them. During my shift I felt it was very "lazy" to just clean the visible dirt and trash so I took my blue friend and cleaned almost the entire building, just because I felt like it. Frankly, I have no clue how long I spent on cleaning the con local with what I had but at one point I arrived at the cafeteria -I took each place and room in order- and Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki (working at the same time as I in the cafeteria) took some picture proof. It must have been a funny sight seeing Levi in the cleaning crew!

Just arrived at the cafeteria area.
What? I'm just doing my job.
Meanwhile at the cafeteria selling table. Photographer: Me.
Cleaning time, cleaning time ~
More dirt!
The cafeteria was by far the most dirty place at the entire con.
During my working shift I lost count on how many times I was walking back and forth in the building, I swear! I never ran out of things to clean/take care of and every time I was done with one "cleaning round" and when I returned it was dirty again. It's not like I mind, after all I do enjoy cleaning. When the clock struck 16:00 my shift was over and I worked a bit over-time as my "complete round" was not done and I couldn't just leave something unfinished. A bit tired from the cleaning and a bit hungry our group left the con for a moment and followed Hitsu who led us to a Chinese restaurant near the con building. I ordered an appetizer as I wasn't so hungry that I could eat an entire meal. I really liked the shrimp rolls I had! Thumbs up for that restaurant and if someone wonders the name of it is Eurasia. With our tummies full we returned to the con. Despite having my working shift at its end I couldn't hold the organizer/clean-freak/nature lover within me in place, so I decided to scout around the con for bottles and cans in the wrong place, in other words - recyclable stuff in the trash and not in the "recycling shelf" where they are supposed to be. I really felt like doing this out of own will and interest as it really bothers me that the con loses money on this and it damages the nature too. So always when I walked past a trash can I would take a look at it -the Levi way- if there is something out of place in there. I had the Nerdcon crew giving me very positive comments about my will to work and help out despite being off-duty.

In the end I didn't mind working over my shift at all as I enjoyed helping people and keeping the place clean. I felt very good within for my work-despite-off-duty contribution. Have a WINNER picture á la Levi!

Mission complete!
After that the four of us was united we spent the rest of the hours at the con doing stuff we found interesting. Sadly, we missed the cosplay competition and the "Häst and Seek" game, which is your average Hide and Seek with a twist. You see, "häst" means horse in Swedish and the people hiding are wearing horse masks and the ones seeking after them makes funny/weird noises. We missed these two activities as they were during the time we had our working shifts. I would have really wanted to see the Häst and Seek one, but oh well no can do. Maybe next time. My remaining con time went mainly to scout after bottles and cans from the con's several trash cans and taking a closer look at the stuff that the Dealer's Hall sold. At one point I found and went to watch Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki play the very first Super Mario Bros. game for NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). Oh my the nostalgia waves! I didn't feel like playing back then so I remained as a silent nostalgia-sponge-bro.

Standing at the stage area facing the Dealer's Hall room.
Board game room.
These paper cutout Super Mario characters were scattered throughout the con's main area. Gay Luigi! <3
Intro screen for the NES Super Mario Bros. game. NOSTALGIA!
There was this one dojo game room with only fighting-based games. One a PS3 there, was a BlazBlue game on.
When I, Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki were volunteers the three of us got this cash check from the con crew worth 50 SEK that we could use to buy food/snacks from the cafeteria (we also got free entry to the event). I used up mine during my working shift when I took a small snack break and the two others reserved stuff for them (read: ramune soda) after me during one point before their shift ended, I think. We were at the cafeteria when they used up their remaining money in their cash checks. Hasakitsuki had a cup of coffee and we saw the results of the cupcake workshop that had been going on during the end of our working shift (I saw them making the cupcakes at one point near the end of my shift). While relaxing our last con minutes and when I still were on a bottle and can scouting round my pals just had to take a photo of me as Pullonkeräjä!Levi, hihi.

Who's your Levi now? ;)
After that, we just went to look after Hitsu and as soon as we found her we decided to leave the con for this year, head over to Hitsu's place to have a gaming night. It was getting late anyway. The con closed at 22:00 and we left a bit before 21:00 I think. Before leaving I left my "unfinished" bottle & can plastic bag to the Nerdcon crew and told them -if they are willing- to pick up the bottles and cans from the trash cans around the con before closing the con, if they want to get some free con money. The answer felt positive at least and my off-duty work was very appreciated. Once back at Hitsu's place, we talked mostly about random stuff and it just got too late to be gaming time so we headed to sleep. On Sunday morning we got up and just took the bus safely back to the walls within our hometown.

Overall, Nerdcon was a well organized, small but cozy event with a good atmosphere to match. I really look forward to work there again -hopefully- next year. I see if I can make some minor changes from this year's volunteer position until next time. I can't wait to cosplay the uniform version of Levi and run around a con and clean it, omg <3

Levi says bye for now!

Frozen Angel out.


  1. Aah cleaning!Levi was such a sight. xD Nerdcon was so cozy and nice; let's go next year as well if we can! :'D


    Siivooja-Levi ois varmasti kyllä ollu aika näky :D Jos jäät Traconissa jonnekki siivoomaa ni voin huudella perään "Heichou me ollaa lomalla!" :D