Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Oulu Animeseminaari 2014 Cosplay Plans

Hello all!

Oulun Animeseminaari is soon here again and this year it will be held at Oulu's Kaupunginkirjasto (city's library) instead of the Valve building from last year. There is good reasons for the local change like that the previous local got too expensive and small to host this kind of event in. But there was also down sides to the event from this, like for example that the cosplay competition got cancelled, Dealer's Hall sellers are not allowed to sell inside the library thus making their sales very weather dependant. What I think was the worst of these restrictions for the majority of the people attending the event is that no weapons of any kind are allowed inside the library building. This is the library's word and it's absolute. Oh well, I heard from Shiro Samurai who found out from our aunt that there is seemingly a very nice photoshoot location nearby so we should pay it a visit. Also, the event is held the 8th-9th August.

Because of the "no weapon" rule at the library I just have to roll with a character who don't have a weapon and therefore decided on:


Silver (Rival) from Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver.
I finally -with a suggestion from Shiro Samurai- decided to cosplay Silver again out of all the simple cosplays I had in my wardrobe. The last time I cosplayed him was at Närcon Vinter 2013, whoopsie ~


Most likely I just wear my Groudon (Pokémon) hat or my pink shark one with casual gear. Right now it's leaning more towards the Groudon hat but we'll see.

See you at the seminar!

Frozen Angel out.


  1. Silver!! <3 Sisäinen Leafini/Greenini pitää tästä~

  2. Silver! I really didn't see that one coming! :'D But I approve~

    Groudon hat is fabulous! <3