Monday, September 8, 2014

Damaged Boots & Golden Katanas!


It's time for a repair post peeps!

On Saturday the 30th August I took the bus to Kemi to leave my Attack on Titan boots in for reparation at Sun Suutari -a store that repairs damaged shoes- in Kemi with Sacchan as my company, as she knows the town better than I do. At Sun Suutari they told us that they would have the boots repaired and all at Wednesday next week (3rd September) and I figured that it would be easier if just Sacchan picked them up from there. It's easier this way when she will still be in Kemi that day and I can just pick up them from her later. This later turned out to be Friday last week (5th August) when she feat. boots came to visit my place again. I got my darlings boots back (with better reparation than I had thought, woohoo!) and we just had another geeky weekend ahead of us. Like usual we had gaming time, fredagsmys and a photoshoot at Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki's place. When Saturday came, Sacchan put on her -possibly- Sunday cosplay and I took my newly bought golden paint with me and we headed out towards that very familiar building by now.

At their place I went to fetch my Keisuke Sannan (Hakuōki: Shinsengumi Kitan) swords and went outdoors to start the painting process á la gold coating! Meanwhile I was painting Shiro Samurai was photoshooting Sacchan somewhere. 

Photographer: Shiro Samurai

This little thing split in two when Shiro Samurai cosplayed Keisuke Sannan and borrowed my swords. I don't remember which con this was at.
I just used Karlsson's Klister to glue it in place. Let's see how you do Karlsson!
I'm outdoors painting the second layer. Will start with the handle afterwards.
Painting the first layer on the handle. This takes time and patience!
Sword in its default color to the right and painted one to the left.
Oh yeah, one thing! When I bought these swords from eBay back in the day, they were labelled as "Kaoru" instead of "Sannan". Luckily I knew what Sannan's swords looked like so I had no problems identifying them. I wanted to mention this so that you peeps who have thoughts of buying or want to buy a prop online, knows that it's not always that the listed character name on the prop is correct (or any other information for that matter). Anyway, you should self be very aware of what your needed prop looks like before buying so that you can tell if it's really the right thing that you're ordering or placing a bid on. We all know how much it sucks to get the wrong item for the money that you could have used for the right one.

By that day I painted one of the swords -the shorter one- and today, I decided to start on the other one! This time I do it from home and the photographer is myself.

Second and final layer. I'm doing a thick layer of color so that I don't need to do as many layers as on the first sword.
Filling in between the ribbons. This is careful shit man!
I worked on the coloring from around 15:00 to 19:20 with some small breaks and letting what I had recently painted dry. Meanwhile letting the last layers of the paint dry I went to take a photo of my Attack on Titan boots just to show you peeps what they look like after the reparation.

Better than expected! Great!
I'm not concerned about the damaged look on them, I actually like it and I think that it fits in the show as well! C'mon after killing all those titans and flying all over the place there's got to be a damage somewhere showing their effort ~

Now when my swords are on my living room table -with the newly painted one drying- I went to snap a photo of the finished work!

Well, I guess that's it.
Alright, with the swords done I'm ready for Tracon! See ya!

Frozen Angel out.


  1. It was at Desucon. This weird accident, aka I had no idea how and when it broke because I was careful all the time when traveling. :C

    Nice to see that the boots are back! And you made the Sannan swords a bit more color accurate too!

    I wonder why you couldn't wear those zori though. That kind of toe derp never happened to me. :S I've heard of someone else having the same problem but I guess it was because they either had a too small shoe size or the hanao (thong) was too tight/small.

  2. Wow, this painting sure took long. But it's worth the patience, they look much brighter now! Happy to see an upgrade of Sannan. ;)
    Dem boots too. x)