Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kemi's Manga Day - I'm the Captain!

Hello everyone.

Yeah, I know that I'm later than usual to publish my cosplay plans for my next event that is the small manga day event held in Kemi the 11th October, in other words this Saturday. I have my reasons for not writing this post earlier and one of them is actually that I have been sewing the missing parts of the costume that I will wear at manga day. The parts themselves aren't hard or anything, it's just pants and an assflap waist skirt and I finished the waist skirt yesterday evening and the pants a couple of days ago at mom's place. I have no progress photos this time. Alright then, so who will I cosplay? I can start with mentioning that my "costume" is not a full costume it's just something casual-ish that I threw together with parts from a future costume. My character of choice is -surprise!- Levi from Attack on Titan (yeah, I'm totally hyping this show to hell and back <3) and I will look like this during the manga day hours:

Cosplayer: Frozen Angel (Casual!Levi)
Photographer: Shiro Samurai

By the way, since this was a super quick preview I didn't bother with makeup except for the eyebrows which is a must. Also, if someone wonders the fabulous shirt is ordered from the site Designbyhumans. They have a very nice t-shirt selection, check them out if interested! The shirt was ordered to me by my friend SipsiNekku and her friends. Thank you!

Bonus Picture!

I just had to, okay?

Fabulous bitches!
 Frozen Angel out.


  1. The face on the bonus pic... XDDD

  2. I really love your look on the second pic, so serious! :'D I like this outfit anyway, the T-shirt is so cool. ~
    That bonus though. XD Is it a derp face or a rape face? x)