Saturday, December 6, 2014

Future Cosplays - Anime & Manga Characters!


Happy Independence Day Finland!

Yepp, today is Finland's Independence Day! As the country reached its 97th year of independence, wooohoo! I'm a Finn myself who lives in Sweden and I look forward to enjoy this day to the fullest either alone or with some friends! But it's not written in my scheme of the day to leave you peeps out of the fun! So go fetch your karvalakki and a bottle of Moomin lemonade as I will give you folks a sneak-peek into 6 characters from the realms of anime & manga that I'd love to cosplay someday in the future!

Also does anyone remember this dream cosplay list that I did back in April featuring my top 5 dream cosplays at that time? Well, let's face it. That list was done in April so it has become outdated and old by now and I have no plans on updating it or making new ones. I have during the past months realized as a cosplayer that I just simply can't put a "rank" on a cosplay in my cosplay list. Why? Because I love them all for very different and unique reasons. They're all awesome in their own way! But I must be honest with myself and say that Kratos Aurion's Judgment/Cruxis outfit from the game Tales of Symphonia is still by far my number one dream cosplay, as he's very dear to me as a character. With that said and out of the way, I will continue towards the purpose of this post - the future cosplay sneak-peek!


Because here they come!


Characters that was on the April list won't be re-listed below. Also the characters on this list are in no specific order.


Character: Edward Elric
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

That's right! I will open this post with Edward Elric the fullmetal alchemist
who lost almost everything important to him due a terrible mistake he made. This little guy has been peeping up behind the taller guys on my cosplay list for a long time now. He has also managed to stay stable on my cosplay list after the several filterings my list has been through, as if he was made out of metal. What made me love this guy -apart from his deep character and story- was the way he handled his enemies. Edward Elric isn't your average anime hero who beats the bad guys to save the day. No, he knows how to save the world by understanding how it works. I have also been very encouraged to cosplay him as some people, both friends and people from the Internet, says that I would make a really good Edward Elric - height accurate to boot!

Character: Kratos Aurion
Version: Judgment / Cruxis
Series: Tales of Symphonia: The Animation

As a die-hard Kratos Aurion fan, I have it as a goal to cosplay every official outfit of this mercenary available -save for the kimono one that Shiro Samurai wants to do- including the anime version of his Judgment/Cruxis attire. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to bother cosplaying the anime version when I will be doing the game version of said outfit, as they're technically the same. After some thought I decided to add this anime exclusive version to my "Kratos outfits that I want to cosplay someday" list. Why? Just take a look at it and compare it to the game version and you will soon notice that they're actually pretty different. I don't mind cosplaying this version at all, as it would probably be the best preparation experience I can get before starting with the game version. The more versions of Kratos I cosplay, the happier I am!

Character: Levi
Series: Attack on Titan

Surprised to see Corporal Levi on my cosplay list? No? I thought so. Everyone who likes Attack on Titan and especially Levi as a character, won't have a hard time figuring out why he's on my list. It's simple because he has a personality I really like, is plain awesome, badass and -wait for it- short. Yupp, I am always very happy to find short badass characters to fill my cosplay list with and Levi is far from an exception. Oh and that uniform is like a drug to me. Seriously, half the reason I watched those 25 episodes of the anime's first season was because of dat uniform! Gewd that jacket and boots!

Character: Germany
Series: Hetalia 

With Hetalia being my most recent anime that I watched it also means that Germany (human name: Ludwig Beilschmidt) is the newest guy to march straight into my cosplay list. There is several reasons why he ended up there as well. One of those is that as soon as I saw him in the anime's first episode of Axis Powers, I couldn't help taking an instant liking to his character. The more I watched the anime, the more I realized we had in common! Germany as a character is pretty much me in a nutshell; but trapped in a historical parody anime! This gentleman and his fellow allies Japan and Italy managed to put several smiles on my serious and stern face.

Character: Michael
Series: Angel Sanctuary

Picture from the manga.
Michael is the only character from Angel Sanctuary who's still on my list after that the main character Setsuna Mudō fell out. As I haven't completed the manga yet, I can't say for sure who is my favorite character as the story is very unpredictable. At this point Uriel stands as my fave but Michael is a close second. However, when it comes down to cosplay, I would easily lean towards cosplaying Michael than Uriel. This is because Michael would fit my height much better than Uriel who's very tall. I also find that outfit of Michael's to be much more appealing than any of the ones that Uriel wears in the show. Last but not least, I also prefer Michael's weapon of choice over Uriel's.

Character: Luka Crosszeria
Series: The Betrayal Knows My Name

Picture from the manga.
When I'm considering possible future cosplay candidates, there is this one thing that can almost instantly rocketfire a character to my cosplay list and that's the character's design. In other words, what they are wearing. Luka Crosszeria, the handsome badass demon from the Uraboku * show is a perfect example of just that - a design which gave him an instant ticket to my cosplay list. Just like the Angel Sanctuary manga I haven't completed Uraboku yet. But ever since I saw Luka in the manga for the first time, I had a very strong feeling that he will be my favorite character by far. So far he is. The only problem I had with Luka -when it comes to cosplay- is that I had a surprisingly hard time to decide which one out of his many cool outfits I want to do the most! Trust me, this only becomes an issue if said character pretty much only have designs that you like! Even if he ends up not being my fave at the end of the manga which I don't think will happen I would still have a very good reason for cosplaying him.

* Uraboku is the shortening of the show's Japanese name Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru.

That was all for this special day and I hope that you folks enjoyed this post! Because now I'm off to celebrate Finland's Independence Day! See you!

Frozen Angel out.


  1. Oh so many interesting cosplay plans. Also Or you will be perfect as Ed ^___^ That is one i must see live later on =D Also you will fit for the other ones also =D

  2. Voi ed <3 mulla oli joskus suunnitelmissa cossata ihmis-Alia. Se nyt on vähän jääny tosin l'D

  3. Man, this Levi gif really got me. XD How many of these do you actually have in store waiting for their time? x)
    I want to see you as Ed! I'm sure it'll be cool. :)