Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Desucon Frostbite 2015 Cosplay Plans

Hello, hello!

Desucon Frostbite will be my first con of the year 2015 and it will be held during 13th-15th February in Lahti, Finland. The train ticket and the convention ticket was bought around the end of December. Oh and the last time I was at Desucon Frostbite was during 2012 -first Frostbite- so I am very curious to visit the con again and see how it has grown during the past years! Here is what I will cosplay!


Original Casual!Germany from Hetalia.
Ever since I finished watching Hetalia somewhere around the end of 2014 I wanted to cosplay Germany from it as I instantly liked him as a character. However, I won't have time to do his uniform yet, so I decided to -once again- start with an original casual version. So I just went through my wardrobe and I found everything that I needed and would fit for him there, including blue contact lenses. The lenses were originally bought with another character in mind but since they have the right color for Germany, I gladly use them for him as well. Yaay! I also made a Hetalia cosplay group at here, if anyone is interested to join, as we hope to get as many cosplayers as possible. I'm so excited!


Original Casual!Luka Crosszeria from The Betrayal Knows My Name.
The Saturday cosplay was for the longest time the blank spot on my cosplay plans list as I had absolutely no idea as who to go as. One thing's for sure - I want something that stands out a bit more than my two other cosplays. I went through all my completed cosplays and later I decided on Luka Crosszeria as my Saturday cosplay. Just felt like cosplaying Luka as I haven't cosplayed him since Tracon 2013 and well, that's quite some time ago. Besides I have some new updates on the costume that I want to try out and see what they look like, so I'm curious now.


Casual!Jean Kirstein from Attack on Titan.
On Sunday my usual con company wanted to cosplay from Attack on Titan as we've been hyping the show for a while now. We want to cosplay from it together and our time is now. In our group, Shiro Samurai will do Suit!Levi so I had to quickly decide for another character that I want to cosplay from the show. However, I have been planning to do another character from the show besides Levi, as I really like the good, varied cast of characters from Attack on Titan. After some thinking I decided on the hors-- errh, Jean Kirstein as I like him as a character and his hair is cool. Yeah, I picked the horse and it's amazing. So during Sunday you will see me as Casual!Jean Kirstein along with Suit!Levi and Casual!Sasha Blouse.

That's my cosplay plans and see you at Desucon Frostbite!

Frozen Angel out.


  1. Oh yes am I curious about Frostbite too! Haven't been to it since 2012 either (oops) so it's gonna be interesting to compare if anything has changed!

    Looking forward to the Attack on Titan cosgroup!
    Just tell me if you need a photoshoot for the other cosplays too, I'll try to get my hands on another camera lens before the con!

  2. Huu, Jannea cossailet! : D melkeen voisin kristialla mukaan (jos vaikka viimein saisin tehtyä loppuun ton sen casuaalin...), vaikkakin sunnuntaille oli toinen hahmo mielessä, mutta sitä voin toki photoshootataki joskus eriksee. mutta kattotaan l'>