Saturday, January 31, 2015

Original Casual!Germany Preview


Almost as soon as I posted my Desucon Frostbite cosplay plans I wanted to do some kind of either makeup or preview post of my Original Casual!Germany (Hetalia) cosplay. However, this didn't go as planned at all during the first couple of days after that the cosplay plans was posted because well, I got an infection derp in my left eye. Luckily the infected area doesn't really annoy me or hurt unless it gets touched at somehow and I seemingly got a more persistent infection to boot just before the con, blööööörgh. This has kept me at bay from doing any kind of makeup test and contact lens reviews as I don't want to risk more eye derp. After some thinking and talking with my company and visiting the health care center in town, I decided to do a preview of said cosplay anyway. When it comes to the character makeup I won't do the one that I originally thought up for the character, instead I will do one that won't touch the infected area just to be on the safe side. For the lenses part, I guess I won't find out until I try. If I feel any discomfort during the preview at the infected area, I will just do the cosplay without lenses at the con hopefully not. Now, let's move towards the preview, shall we?

Bist Du bereit?

Cosplayer: Frozen Angel (Original Casual!Germany)
Photographer & editor: Shiro Samurai

Coming to see you at Desucon Frostbite!
Outside the snow was cold, really cold.

Bonus Pictures!

I think my butt just became one with the snow pile I'm sitting on! Brrr...
Just wiping off some snow from my clothing and my face had other plans, of course.
Eherm, let's get serious again.

Right now the eye infection is almost goners and might as well be before Desucon Frostbite. Oh and I totally love how smooth and easily everything on this costume was to put on during the morning. The wig went on with absolutely no itching and it even did the small extra job for me to boot (it's a lacefront wig by the way), lenses went in very quickly and they are very comfortable. It's the EOS brand's New Adult Blue lenses that I will review some other time. Last but not least my makeup was successful and I am very satisfied with it. I even wonder if I should stick with this makeup style for Germany as I'm pretty sure that my other idea won't look as good on my eyes as this one does. What do you think about my eye makeup peeps? Any advice or ideas for the character?

That's all for this preview.



  1. I think the make-up is pretty good as is, but if you want to try something more then maybe you could try to contour/put shadows on your face a bit more to get a more rugged/older look. I think Germany is one of those characters in Hetalia who appear more adult/serious so looking the part might add that little extra. ;) Maybe try putting some dark brown close to the eye area too, I don't know...?

    Also the bonus pic on which you sit on the snow, oh god the face tells a thousand words. XD "Ei helvetti nyt tais pallit jäätyä..." :-DD

    1. Thanks for the make-up tips bro! I will try them out someday in the future. Yepp, it's true that Germany is one of the more serious/adult kind of characters.

      Couldn't help it! It was just so darn cold to sit on that damn pile of snow! x'DD

  2. The last pic is so sweet, it makes me feel happy for the special someone. :)
    Otherwise, I'm surprised by how good the wig looks on you! I was thinking this kind of wig would be risky to wear but lolnope. Your outfit looks appropriate too, like it could just as well be official. Nice! I thought that the EOS New Adult Blue would be more discrete but they are vibrant, good to know. Fits the character too.
    And I'm happy your eye derp got better. Such stress just before the con! D:
    ...Dear lord, the derp pics... XD