Sunday, January 4, 2015

Store Review - Asakura Japan (Pokémon Plush)!

Hello all!

To start this year I will write a store review about an eBay seller and this seller is Asakura-Japan. This review is not a sponsored review as I have written it out of my own will and interest as I think the seller really deserves it. That's that and let's get down to the review now, shall we?

So during the end of December I had a nostalgia kick and was browsing eBay in search of a legendary Pokémon plushie from the 3rd generation of Pokémon, with said generation being my favorite of the franchise ever since I was a kid. I am one of those peeps who's not so keen about bootlegs/fake/pirated goods or whatever you want to call them and well, this is a problem as these bootlegs are more or less everywhere, even in anime conventions. Myself, I buy the majority of my geeky needs at eBay or any other site that sells anime/game related goods and while doing this, I need to have some kind of knowledge how to tell a bootleg apart from an authentic item as I don't want to waste my cash on bootlegs. At times this can be really hard especially when it comes down to Pokémon plushies, as these tends to be more well-made. I am especially careful about this when it comes to plushies and figurines.

When I asked Shiro Samurai if he knew any seller at eBay who sells authentic Pokémon plushies I was shown Asakura-Japan's store. I browsed through the store and decided later on a Kyogre plush. Asakura-Japan sells mainly Pokémon and Studio Ghibli goods and they have a big variety of goods ranging from chopsticks to backpacks and much more. They are also Japanese and based in Japan so all of their goods comes straight from Japan. Japan as a country does not allow bootlegs into their own as they are very strict with this, which is awesome if you ask me. Asakura-Japan sends their Pokémon goods straight from one of the Pokémon Centers in Japan, which guarantees an authentic item as Pokémon Center stores are only based within Japan. After only one week after that I placed my order at Asakura-Japan's store which can be found here, I received my plushie. Yeah, one week, one freakin' week from Japan to Sweden which is like, crazy fast! I went to fetch the package the next day I got the information about it arriving in town, opened it and inside the most epic plastic bag ever was my Kyogre plush just waiting to be taken out! <3

Kyogre plush from the front. It's about 30 cm wide from fin to fin and 8 cm tall.
From above.
View from the back side.
Tag zoom, it says Pokémon Center.
Here comes the most epic plastic bag ever!

Pokémon Center bag with one side featuring Xerneas and Yveltal.
The other side is featuring the generation 6 starters and of course, Pikachu.
I am absolutely satisfied that I bought my plushie from Asakura-Japan as it's one of the best eBay experiences that I have had so far, if not the best! Asakura-Japan gives you excellent and personal service, something I wish there was more of at eBay. They are very helpful and kind and sends items incredibly fast. Asakura-Japan is absolutely a pleasure to work with and I will definitely buy from them in the future and I hope that you will check and help them out too! :)

See you!

Frozen Angel out.


  1. Oh that is so nice looking Kyogre plush really good find and the just seeing but the pic it is quality in it is amazing. Need to see if that ebay shop have something of my liking too late on =D

    I feel so bad when it comes too buying stuff and not check them out first, and see the signs if they are legit or not. But then watching a video I can say almost every Plush anime/manga related I have are fake, which makes me sad. But I love them anyway. I think I will stop buying plush on convention for that reason and other stuff if i don´t see the marks that should be on them.
    So i feel tricked but not at the same time.

    But still that Kyogre plush is so wonderful I am envy you for having it <3

    1. Do it! Inform me if you find something to your liking, I am curious! :D

      Did you search for information about your plushies and found out about them being bootlegs or? Yeah, that's why I'm very seldom buying plushies from cons nowadays as they often tend to be fake. This varies of course from con to con, so you just have to be careful and know how to tell them apart before buying. I mean, I have bought legit plushies at cons too! :)

    2. I will
      Yes did so searching on them and it a bit tricky. But I think most of the are bootlegs. They miss one tag that they would probably have, if they were the real deal. They do have a convincing tag, but seem to miss a tag that should been sew in to them. But I do need to see more in too it. Only one of my plush have a sew in tag from that company and the paper tags are different on them. So guessing that the ones with out the extra tag are even if the company names in on them on the paper tag are fake. My guess really and don´t need to be true. Also I do have two that are just weird in a way hard to tell if they are real deal or not.