Friday, February 6, 2015

Casual!Jean Kirstein Preview

Welcome back to another preview folks!

This time I will just do a quick preview of my Casual!Jean Kirstein cosplay from Attack on Titan that I will debut at Desucon Frostbite for the first time. However, in this preview I won't wear the lenses for Jean as I forgot to put them to soak yesterday nor his actual pants as I still have them to sew. I will definitely have these missing parts once I'm at the con so no worries. Let's go!

Cosplayer: Frozen Angel (Casual!Jean Kirstein)
Photographer: Shiro Samurai

Dammit Eren! xD
Hope you enjoyed this small preview. See you at Desucon Frostbite!

Frozen Angel out.

1 comment:

  1. I'm so used to seeing you as Levi so even now when you cosplay Jean I see Levi with Jean's hair lol. XD

    Good luck with speed-making the pants!