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Desucon Frostbite 2015 Summary

Hello there!

Desucon Frostbite 2015 is now behind us and it was held at Sibeliustalo in Lahti, Finland the 13th-15th February in other words during last weekend. For some reason I ended up not enjoying the con as much as I had thought I would. Anyway, here is my Desucon Frostbite 2015 summary.

Mine, Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki's long journey towards southern Finland started like usual, with us taking the train there from Kemi train station. Nothing worth mentioning happened on the train except that we all were more or less feeling crap for different reasons and I was sleep deprived and so was probably the rest of my company. We took the train on the 12th February so that we would arrive early in Lahti on the 13th, as Frostbite would first open its doors around evening. The first day was a half day at the con. Yeah, Desucon Frostbite is one of Finland's few cons that are 3 days.


When our trio arrived in Lahti Shiro Samurai got some directions from Serenity how to find her apartment as she wanted us to stay at her place during the Frostbite weekend. Shiro Samurai and Hasakitsuki knew her since summer Desucon last year but I didn't, so I just felt like a stranger visiting another stranger, haha. It didn't take long until we found her apartment and I'm happy how welcoming and nice she is! As soon as we arrived the three of us made our beds and crashed in them for a few hours until it was time to start putting on our cosplays for the con. However only I and Hasakitsuki put on cosplays for the first day and my cosplay for the day was Original Casual!Germany from Hetalia. I'm happy that my costume was a casual one. As I really doubt that I would have the energy to put on a proper costume during that day. With all of us ready -6 persons- we left for the con and once we got there, there was this one sight that surprised us all. It was a Finnish con and there was a looong line to get your con bands. Here I and Shiro Samurai thought that the line system was "Swedish cons only" but seemingly we had it wrong. Luckily it moved fast.

Almost as soon as we got inside the majority of my company decided to go and watch a movie called Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled from Paradise. I didn't really care, sure I heard that it was good afterwards but I just didn't feel like watching it. Instead I spent some time with Karri and later Firith who was cosplaying an Original Butler version of France (Hetalia). We didn't find our missing Belarus and we started to assume that they wouldn't show up when the clock had passed 19:00 which was the meet time. The two of us went at one point to the photo studio upstairs to at least have a photo or two taken, as we both wanted to have a memory of the meet that ended up being a pair cosplay, hah. Shiro Samurai just wouldn't have time to photoshoot us anymore as he was watching the movie which was longer than I thought. Oh well, we got two great photos!

Cosplayers: Frozen Angel (Original Casual!Germany) & Firith (Original Butler!France)
Photographer: Kyuu Eturautti

The both of us were surprisingly positive over how good the photos looked and neither of our faces derped. Awesome! The rest of the con evening I spent by chatting with Firith and it was interesting how fast we sparked a deeper connection/understanding towards each other. On the other hand there wasn't much to do at the con as the Dealer's Hall would first open on Saturday, so learning to know thy enemy is a great way to kill your time effectively! ;)

We left the con when everyone in our group became tired and we all -still 6 persons- slept at Serenity's apartment. It was a bit crammed but it didn't hinder me from catching a good sleep.


I'm not sure what time we got up but I think it was around 9:00 in the morning. At first I was wondering if I should put on my Jean Kirstein (Attack on Titan) or Luka Crosszeria (The Betrayal Knows My Name) cosplay when Hasakitsuki was putting on their Sasha Blouse (Attack on Titan). I was a bit tempted to go as Jean as it would be nice to have the Attack on Titan cosplay group already on Saturday but then it hit me - Shiro Samurai didn't have his Suit!Levi with him and that meant no group. Besides, for me it would feel pointless to drag Luka's sword all the way to Lahti and then not cosplay him on the main day. So I rolled with Luka anyway. I don't regret myself, I got my photo taken more than expected which felt awesome when you're cosplaying someone from an obscure show.

When we arrived at the con I went to roam the main area and soon afterwards the rest of my company disappeared somewhere. I lost track of them for a while but I made a new friend instead! One that likes similar types of shows and characters -even to a more deeper level- woop woop! In other words, something that never happens to me!

Konoe from Lamento: Beyond the Void.
Alright first off, you pretty much never see Lamento cosplayers here in Finland/Sweden and I was really surprised to actually see one live. The two of us ended up speaking for a while and sharing recommendations, show preferences and such. It was a pleasure to speak with you! Hopefully we will meet again and perhaps have a pair cosplay someday in the future! ~

After our chat I went to look after my company and I found them later on after scouting for a while. I kept losing and finding them throughout the day but this way I also had the chance to learn to know some new people during the con day. I was surprisingly social on this day.

Luke fon Fabre (Tales of the Abyss) on the left and Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia) on the right.
Part of main area.
Maijin Buu from Dragon Ball.
Part of the Dealer's Hall.
Main area also.
Main area seen from the second floor.
At one point during the day our group went to buy something to eat from the nearby residing S-market. I had the usual triangle bread but it was better than expected. When we came back Shiro Samurai offered me a quick photoshoot on my Luka Crosszeria cosplay. That costume needs photos seriously. Last time photoshooted at Tracon 2013, ehehe.

Cosplayer: Frozen Angel (Original Casual!Luka Crosszeria)
Photographer & editor: Shiro Samurai

With the photoshoot over and done with I hurried inside as I was freezing and waited for the rest of my company to be done photoshooting. When it had started to become dark I saw this cool Riku cosplayer!

Riku from Kingdom Hearts.
The clock started to near 18:00 and our trio was considering leaving the con for the day. No one of us had the motivation, hype or the energy to stay much longer. So we left and I tell you, it felt great to be away from the noise.


On Sunday I decided to not put on my Casual!Jean Kirstein cosplay as I felt weak and semi-sick. I just didn't have the energy for it. However, I will just debut Jean at another con during the year. So I went to the event with casual clothing, my Jean wig on -as my hair looked like crap- and this black-pink cat ear headband. My entire Sunday went to take photos of the cosplayers I didn't have a picture of yet and some more overall photos and of course visiting the Artist's Alley that I had completely forgotten about the previous days.

Main area when you're coming from the entrance.
Aqua from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.
Shiki from Togainu no Chi.
Suzaku Kururugi (left) and Lelouch Lamperouge (right) both in their School versions from Code Geass.
Main area seen from the third floor.
Attack on Titan group.
Oh and this time I only found one thing to my liking when it comes to merchandise from the con and it was from the Artist's Alley. Hah, I don't even remember the last time I bought something from Artist's Alley, was it during Animecon 2012? Dunno.

Desucon Frostbite ended at 16:00 but they closed their doors at 17:00 so our entire company left a tad bit earlier so that we would have enough time to buy provisions, eat proper food and packing our stuff without stressing. We still ended up stressing but we got to the train station and train in time - which was delayed. The trip back for my part was downright torture. I got sick in the train, had pains pretty much everywhere, coughed like crazy, fever and I couldn't sleep even for a minute. I went crazy with the pain and every minute on the train felt like an eternity.


I like trains. NOT!! >8C

That's all for this time around. See you.


See a photo of yourself in this post? Want it? Just send me a mail and I will send the photo to you in its original size! My mail address is You can also contact me if you took my photo during the con.

Frozen Angel out.

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