Monday, February 9, 2015

Lens Review: Princess Pinky Twilight Brown

Hello all.

During last weekend, I was at mom's to sew the missing pants for my Casual!Jean Kirstein (Attack on Titan) cosplay and during the Saturday Shiro Samurai put my lenses to soak for said cosplay. Today I decided to try them on and see how well I like them - it's time for a lens review of the Princess Pinky Twilight Brown.

Note: Even if the name says brown these lenses are actually more to the gold/yellow side.

Photographer: Shiro Samurai

Lens bottles.

The following photos are taken either indoors or outdoors during a cloudy winter day in February.

One lens in to show enlargement.
Outdoor, back against light.
Outdoor, facing light.
Somewhere indoors.
Flash photo indoors.
Facing window indoors.
Bathroom light.
Close to bathroom lamp.
In the kitchen, lights off.
Distance picture in the kitchen.
Lens review:

Color: 8/10 
Color is great and opaque, it shows well.
Comfort: 5/10 
I didn't find these so very comfortable. I do feel them in my eyes and my vision is almost constantly blurred. They are still durable.
Design: 5/10
The pattern is nice and simple.
Enlargement: 2/10
There is a very small enlargement. Good if you have small eyes.
Naturalness: 5/10 
The color is not natural but they are barely enlarging and have a natural pattern. I mean who has golden or yellow eyes as natural eye color?
Opacity: 8/10 
The color coverage is great, it's clearly an yellow/golden color.


Anyone out there who knows of a brand that sells comfortable golden lenses with not so much enlargement? I would gladly try other brands to find more comfortable lenses for my future golden eyed cosplays. I'm very grateful for suggestions and recommendations. Thank you!

Frozen Angel out.


  1. I think these lenses might be your best choice bro, sorry to say but yeah. xD All other golden/yellow lenses that I know of are all notably enlarging and might look too big on you - Hanabi Gold, Cherry Gold, Snow Gold, Tofi Gold etc from I.Fairy are all very big.

    If you don't want enlarging lenses I think you're either stuck with Twilight Brown or the crazy/animation lenses; but the latter aren't natural for shit so you maybe don't even consider them. xD

  2. Nice lenses! I think these are really good as far as naturalness is concerned; on the distance pic it just looks like your eyes are naturally golden/yellow. Yeah naturally.
    It's a shame that they aren't so comfy... :c

  3. I have worn these myself and I have to agree they arent very much comfortable -_- maybe after some time if you use them often, i think the blue ones from the same series were abit more comfortable? But they looks really good on you :) they look neither nautral or too crazy. If I could I would recommend different kind of yellow lens but I havent worn yellow lens for a very long time!