Tuesday, April 14, 2015

3 Years of Cosplay Blogging - Birthday Give-away!

~ Please read everything before commenting ~

Hello all followers and readers of this blog!

Today marks the 3 years anniversary of my cosplay blog and I'm really happy to see it still being alive and active. I mean, when I created this blog back then on the 14th April 2012 I was pretty sceptic that this blog wouldn't last long as I am someone who is not so fond of writing regularly about updates and such. So yeah, I guess I found an interest to write throughout the years and keep the blog rolling, and hey! It's about one of my favorite writing subjects - cosplay. The amount of followers I have had me surprised too as I didn't expect anything on that part to be honest, apart from friends who knows me to stalk me here, haha. But hey, this is a give-away post from me to you wonderful readers and followers who have helped me to keep this cosplay blog alive!

This time the prize up for grabs is a pair of lenses from the Super Pinky brand, namely the Super Pinky Bright Red!

Zoom on lenses. Photographer: Shiro Samurai.
Super Pinky Bright Red, lens box and case is included.
These lenses have plano prescription, authentic, unopened and bought from the site Honeycolor.com.

To participate in this give-away you need to be a public follower of this blog -be one of my current 49 readers- and leave a comment either about what you like on my blog or what you'd like to see more off, as I think this could be very interesting for me to know what you peeps enjoy. When you write your comment please don't forget to write your e-mail in it, so that I can contact you if you happen to be the lucky winner! :)

Since I am the one who is paying for the shipping costs in this give-away, I'm sorry to say but there will be a country restriction to where I can send the prize. This time only followers from these countries can participate:

~ Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Germany ~

This give-away is running from 14th April to 31st May and the winner will be announced at 1st June.

That's all for this time and good luck to everyone! Feel free to spread the word around to your friends and other geeks!

See ya! *waves*

Frozen Angel out.


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