Thursday, July 16, 2015

I'm Not Really Human - Change of Genderbend Plans!

Welcome back folks!

The last weeks I've been in Germany -where I was almost a month- and while being there, I gave my cosplay list some serious thought. So I went thoughtfully through my entire list once again, reflecting over each and every character on it, if I still wanted to cosplay them. A few dudes left my cosplay list this time just like last time, these were mainly characters that I didn't care that much about anymore. They just stayed on the list for months and years without me barely realizing that they were still there, lol. However, it wasn't only the dudes on my list that were in for a change - two of my planned genderbends from my last genderbend post got changed as well! And this post is about to tell you which ones!

This is what happened:

Peorth from Ah! My Goddess.

Lind from Ah! My Goddess.
got changed to:

Dizzy from Guilty Gear.

Milla Maxwell from Tales of Xillia.
Okay, so why did this change happen? The main reason for this change is that even if I really like the ladies in Ah! My Goddess they both lacked something I find very important in the characters that -very often- end up in my cosplay list - story and character development. Character development and story is pretty much non-existent in both Lind and Peorth which is really sad, this is the main reason why I replaced them. Another one is that I just couldn't come up with a design that I liked for any of them, which is a bummer as well. However, when I considered genderbending Dizzy I immediately got a very clear image of exactly what I wanted my Dizzy to look like and boom, it's already down on virtual paper just waiting to be brought to life. Those wings though, this will be swag <3

Milla Maxwell is a character I've been taking more and more interest in, after hearing from some friends of mine -who knows Tales of Xillia- what kind of character Milla is. Yes, I haven't played the game but I plan to read the manga and if I can play Tales of Xillia from start to finish at a friend's place, I gladly play it. Tales of Xillia is also one of the few newer Tales of games where the design actually spoke to me and I just have a feeling that I will like Milla as a character. For the genderbend design, I have quite an idea what I want my genderbended Milla to look like. It's mostly the armguards and the boots that have my brain go 360 otherwise I'm pretty sure of my design. Oh and I can't really call myself a Tales of fan if I only cosplayed from one game, right? ;)

I was also really happy to find out -by surprise- that both Milla and Dizzy have red eyes! I bought red lenses for quite some time ago and I have been in a serious lack of red eyed characters since I bought them. Now I have two more to my list! ~

One last thing I really like about Milla and Dizzy - they both aren't humans and have supernatural powers of some kind.

That's all for now, see you later alligator!

Frozen Angel out.

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