Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Nerdcon 2015 Cosplay Plans

Hey there!

I've been bouncing back and forth if I should go to Nerdcon or not this year, at first I planned to but then I wanted to participate more in this one historical event in town about the town's role during WWI. Yes, history was one of my favorite subjects at school and this time around I wanted to actually be a part of the whole project, namely having a role to play. Last year this event was cool and I dig the feel of it and ever since I came back from Germany during summer I've been waiting for this year's event. Days and weeks kept passing since I came back to Sweden and I started to really wonder why I haven't gotten any information about my role, as the event was drawing very close. I started to get worried if they had forgotten about my character and I decided to call them several times only to have them pushing my practice time forward to the SAME WEEK as the actual event. They also told me that they had somehow expected me to fully improvise my role, okay? Sure, I don't mind improvisation if I have some knowledge in the area I'm improvising but my theatrical experience is pretty much at zero, even if I have some stage experience from my time at the music high school. Having pretty much zero time to practice before the event, barely any knowledge about my character and especially how to play it, just put me in a stressful, disastrous situation. I felt I could no longer do my character justice -I always want to do my best- as I just won't have enough time to learn to know my character, how to play it and just simply get into character. With everything being a mess around me when it comes to my role, I had to cancel it and turn the direction towards my original plan - attending Nerdcon. This is sad as I would have loved to get a bit more into theatre (as I have an interest in it) and of course, participating in the event but no can do when the information is just lacking. I wish the coming years with this WWI themed event (2014-2018) are better structured and organized here in town -if they happen- as I'm still hoping to take part of it at least once.

Anyway, the past days I've been thinking what to cosplay at Nerdcon and it didn't take long for me to figure that one out. This is what I will roll with this time!


Casual!Jean Kirstein from Attack on Titan.
I originally had plans to debut Jean at Desucon Frostbite this year but since I felt weak-ish during the day that it was supposed to happen, I had to move his debut to a future con. Now, when I decided to head to Nerdcon I think he's just the perfect guy for a comfy, easy and recognizable Saturday cosplay. Besides, I still have the lenses for him and I want to use them at least one more time before it's time for us to part.


I already know what I want to look like on Saturday and it won't neither be a cosplay or an Original Character. I won't spoil what I'm gonna wear but I'm looking so much forward to it, as I haven't really worn this outfit so much as I'd like to and I love it so <3

As you might have noticed Nerdcon is two days this year and not just one. But just like back in 2014 I decided to once again apply for the con's volunteer crew -as I enjoyed it last time- but this time I'm gonna be an activity controller and make sure that the con activities are rolling as they should. I'm also supposed to help congoers who are lost to find to the right place/activity and other various tasks the Nerdcon crew needs help with. I look forward to see what Nerdcon is like this year as they have changed their location to Midgårdsskolan (school) instead of the one they were in last year. They are getting bigger and wanted a bigger location. As always Nerdcon is still based in Umeå, Sweden and I will be going there together with Sacchan, Shiro Samurai, Hasakitsuki and our -lost-found- childhood gamer friend Marcus and possibly Sacchan's little bro as well.

Yes, I'm thrilled and excited for a con again as it's been a while I were at one the last time!

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