Saturday, October 3, 2015

Future Cosplays - Game Characters!

Happy National Day Germany!

Today is another special day and this time it's Germany's National Day, also known as German Unity Day or Tag der Deutschen Einheit. The National Day is celebrated on 3rd October since 1990. Even though I don't have any blood ties to Germany it's still a very important country to me and I'm gonna celebrate this day - my way. But know what? I won't leave you guys out of the fun just like that! So go grab yourself a glass of beer and a tasty brezel, while I give you all a sneak-peek into 3 characters from the world of video, respectively online games, that I really want to cosplay!



Characters that was on the previous lists (here and here) won't be re-listed below. Also the characters on this list are in no specific order.


Character: Nikolai
Series: Luminous Arc

Alright, this colorful guy has been on my cosplay list for years and is still hanging on. He's not the kind of character whose personality would normally fall in line with my usual character preferences. Honestly, some of his traits would instantly make me fire him out of my cosplay list, but he is forgiven for having a more fleshed out story and one with darker elements to boot, in my opinion. The first impression you get of him is that he is a mix between a comic relief and a womanizer; he's hard to take seriously at first but he's actually very cunning. Nikolai was one of the few characters in the game who I couldn't predict and I like characters that takes you by surprise, surprisingly much. Despite having a personality that is 50-50 to me the selling point in him was definitely the design, it clicked many of my boxes.

Character: Lloyd Irving
Series: Tales of Symphonia

Seriously, who saw this one coming? No one? Naah, just kidding ~

Lloyd Irving is the main character from my favorite game Tales of Symphonia and he is my second favorite character after Kratos Aurion. I simply love this guy for many of his traits and what he stands and fights for; even his occasional stupidity has its own charm. Even though he is of rather generic main character material, this young swordsman goes through a shitlot and grows along the way to become an ambitious hero with a heart of gold. Lloyd might seem cliché but he is easy to project yourself into.
His design is not really tickling my fancy but I don't dislike it either; the hair, his dual wielding and his flying flappy things lärpäkkeet <3 makes it up for me. Oh and I really love some of his lines, they made a big impact on me.

Character: Prinz Eugen
Series: Kantai Collection


Alright, who fell off the chair now? Myself, definitely........ when I saw the design.
Anyone who remembers those days when I said that I'm never gonna crossplay again? Well, fuck that - said decision went to the wall the instant I saw this ship babe. I very recently got introduced to the world of SHIPS OF MASS DESTRUCTION Kantai Collection through random chance. My first impression of KanColle was something along the lines of "Okay, so girls got handsome boys in Touken Ranbu and boys got ship waifus in Kantai Collection. Alright, I guess it has to be fair, lol".
In case you didn't know, Kantai Collection is an online browser game with the characters being humanified versions of WWII battleships. I don't really plan to play the game but a couple characters were just too cool to pass up on. I have a big interest in history so it's always nice when I can mix my passions up.


This was all for this time and please don't jump to any conclusions regarding the third candidate. I'm aware that probably a big chunk of KanColle's fanbase are into it because of fanservice/lewdness (no offense to those that are) but I'm honestly more fascinated by the historical aspects and how the different ships have been turned into human designs. I also know that the character design might stir up some unpleasant emotions (because of WWII era and the Iron Cross) and I sincerely apologize for it. I've done my research about the matter and I'm gonna be respectful when I wear this cosplay in public.

Regarding the previous Future Cosplay post I decided to drop the anime version of Kratos' Judgment outfit. I did this mainly because I don't feel like wasting time and money on a costume that is fairly similar to the game version, which is the one I prefer anyway. Yupp, I gave this decision some serious thought.

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  1. Looking forward to the day we actually get around to pair cosplaying from Luminous Arc, bro! (it's been in the planning stage for so long...)

    I must admit that the first time you mentioned an interest to cosplay from KanColle I was, honestly, pretty damn surprised. It's cool that you've got the balls to try crossplaying once more and I can't wait to see the progress. All those ship parts will be quite the job though... x)